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Updated April 24, 2019 - 9:03 PM EDT
SEALs Told Not To Report Chief for War Crimes
  Navy SEAL Charged With Iraq War Crimes Probed in Death of Afghan
Kudlow Says End to Oil Waivers Won't Hike Prices
  Iran's Parliament Labels Entire US Military as Terrorists
  Google Disables Iran's Press TV Accounts Without Prior Warning
ISIS Claims Sri Lanka Attacks, Offers No Evidence
  Sri Lanka Warned of Threat Hours Before Suicide Attacks
UN Report: War Has Set Back Yemen 20 Years
  Bernie Sanders Seeks Override of Trump's Yemen Veto
Saudis Behead, Crucify Shia in Mass Execution
Libyan Forces Push Hafter's Troops Out of Tripoli
Sisi Wins 'Sham Referendum' Extending Rule
Syrian President's Instagram Account Reactivated
Lockheed Posts $14 Billion in Sales for 1st Quarter 2019
item Notre Dame of Gaza: Our Mosques and Churches Are Also Burning  by Ramzy Baroud
item Will Trump Go to War With Iran?  by Curt Mills
item Fewer Americans Want to Serve in the Military. Cue Pentagon Panic  by William M. Arkin
item The Palestine Marathon  by Jen Marlowe
item Debunking the 'Assange Is a Russian Agent' Smear  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Secret History of US Defeat in Syria  by Patrick Lawrence & Sharmine Narwani

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Daniel Ellsberg Speaks Out on the Arrest of Assange
Lockheed, Frustrated With USAF, Eyes Foreign Sales
Bowing to US Demands, UN Waters Down Resolution on Sexual Violence in Conflict
Former Marine Connected to North Korea Embassy Raid to Appear in Federal Court
China Complains to US Over End to Iran Oil Sanction Waivers
US Making a Mistake Politicizing Oil: Iran Oil Minister
France Says Iran/Instex Mechanism Is Making Positive Progress
Continuing Anti-ISIS Operations; Five Killed in Iraq
UN Panel Pays $240m to Kuwait Oil Firm for Iraq War Losses
Alcohol Shops in Mosul Reopen Two Years After Its Recapture From ISIS
ISIS Steps Up Attacks on Pro-Assad Troops in Syria's Badia Desert
Assassinations Rock Southern Syria
Army Shelling Kills Seven Civilians in Syria's Idlib: Monitor
Netanyahu Calls for New Golan Settlement Named for Trump
Israeli Forces Shoots Blindfolded, Handcuffed 16-Year-Old Palestinian Boy in West Bank Village
White House Adviser Kushner Says Trump Middle East Plan to Be Unveiled in June
Dozens of Palestinian Demonstrators Call on UN to End Gaza Blockade
Arab League Agrees to Rescue Palestinian Economy
Israeli Minister Condemns Sanders' Remarks on 'Racist' Netanyahu Government
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Executes 37 in Connection With Terrorism
Saudi Executions: Executed Included Some Arrested as Juveniles
White House Aide Kushner Says Has Urged Saudi Prince to Be Transparent About Khashoggi Killing
Middle East
Turkey's Election Board Rejects Objection for Decree-Dismissed Voters
In Another Act of Doublespeak, the UAE Creates a 'Ministry of Possibilities'
Lebanon 'Ready' to Demarcate Maritime Border With Israel Under UN Supervision
Northern Ireland
New IRA Apologizes for Journalist's Killing in Northern Ireland, Police Release Woman
Revulsion in Northern Ireland Over Riot, Fatal Shooting
Putin Views Launch of New Submarine to Carry Nuclear Drones
Spanish General Election Candidates Clash Over Catalonia
Ten Kosovo Women Under House Arrest After Returning From Syria
Top French Court Rejects Syria-Based French Jihadis' Repatriation Demands
Prominent Sudan Protester Says Revolution Seeks Removal of Whole Regime
African Summit Gives Sudan Military Three Months for Reforms
Washington Backs 'Legitimate Demand' for Civilian-Led Sudan Govt: US Official
Migrants in Libyan Jail Were Reportedly Seriously Wounded in Shooting: UN
UN Says Over 260 Killed in Libya Battle as African Leaders Meet
Libya: EU Officials Hope Trump Will Pull Support for Haftar
EU, France Split on Libya as Khalifa Haftar Strikes Tripoli
Men With French Passports Crossing From Libya Are Linked to Haftar: Tunisian Source
Mali Jihadists Say Base Attack Was Revenge for Village Massacre
Algeria's Army Chief Hails Judiciary for Anti-Graft Move
Protesters, Police Clash Ahead of South Africa Polls
Ugandan Singer and Presidential Hopeful Says He Is Under House Arrest
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Easter Bombings Were Retaliation for Christchurch Mosque Shootings, Official Says
Sri Lanka Military Gets Special Powers After Deadly Bombings
ISIS Publishes Photo It Says Shows the 8 Sri Lanka Bombers
'Torture Is Rife': Rights Experts Warn Against Harsh Crackdown After Sri Lanka Bombings
FBI Assisting Sri Lanka Authorities With Probe of Bomb Attacks
Sri Lanka President to Change Defense Heads After Attacks
24 Civilians Rescued From ISIS Custody in Afghanistan
Afghan President Ghani Wants Women's Active Role in Peace Jirga
General Says Marine Killed by IED in Afghanistan Could Have Lived if He Wore His Seat Belt
Afghan Human Rights Commission Notes Spike in Civilian Deaths Amid Peace Efforts
US an Interested Bystander as Kim Takes the Slow Train to Vladivostok
Myanmar's Top Court Rejects Final Appeal by Jailed Reuters Journalists
One Killed as Indians Vote in 3rd Phase of National Elections
China Shows Off New Destroyer as Xi Views Naval Parade
Pakistani Policeman Assigned to Escort Polio Workers Killed
Philippines' Duterte Gives Canada 1 Week to Take Back Garbage or 'We Will Declare War'
Venezuela's Dueling Diplomatic Corps in Tug-Of-War for Embassies, Access
Mexico Mayor Kidnapped, Killed
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