It may seem like Deja Vu, but it's not. The Pentagon and the White House are threatening Iran, preparing for war, and fabricating charges. The mainstream media are on board.

Remember 2003 and the Iraq War? They were all in on a war that led to massive death, destruction, and chaos that is still reverberating today.

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Updated May 15, 2019 - 8:36 PM EDT
US Evacuates Iraq Embassy Over 'Iran Treat'
UK General: No Sign of Threats From Iran, Proxies
  US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Urges Response 'Short of War'
Trump Dismisses 120K Troops for Iran War Story
  Iran's Supreme Leader Says There Will Be No War With US
US Ambassador: Israel Is On the Side of God
  Israel Increased Settlement Spending Immediately After Trump Elected
Saudi Pump Stations Attacked by Houthi Drones
Trump: China Will Pay Aid to Our 'Great Patriot Farmers'
Pompeo: Russia Must Prove They Won't Meddle in 2020 Vote
Manning Issues Dire Warning About Assange's Arrest
item War With Iran Would Spell End of the Republic  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Saudi Oil Tanker 'Sabotage' Is a Dangerous Moment in US-Iran Tensions  by Patrick Cockburn
item Biden's Ukraine Scandal Is His Policy, Not Personal Interests  by Leonid Bershidsky
item From Boeing to E-Ring: Shanahan Is Industry's Man at the Pentagon  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item Now You See It, Now You Don't  by Karen Greenberg
item For Iranians, the War Has Already Begun  by Elham Pourtaher

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Trump Is Edging Toward a Disastrous War With Iran
Sen. Chris Murphy & Rep. Jim Himes
Pete Buttigieg Accused of Anti-Semitism After Calling Out Adelson's Influence
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Says She'd Drop All Charges Against Assange, Snowden
Defense Bill Includes $15m to Study Space Force
San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Technology
The War at Home
Democrats May Fund Parts of Trump's $4.5 Billion Border Request
Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective Defies Unlawful 'No Trespass' Order
Marine F-35B Suffers Millions in Damages After Runway Bird Strike
Under Pressure, Pentagon Publishes a Contractor-Fraud Report
The Navy's Probe Into Sky Penis
Afghan Prison Riot Leaves 4 Inmates Dead, Injures 33 Including 10 Police
Officials Begin Review of US Civilian Assistance to Afghanistan
North Korea Says Ship Seizure by US Violates Spirit of Trump-Kim Summit
Philippines Gives Thumbs-Up to Duterte as Loyalists Dominate Election
Election Rally Leaves Several Injured in India
Sri Lanka Police Arrest 23 for Targeting Muslims After Easter Bombings
Kazakhstan, Lebanon to Boost Military Cooperation
A Third of Thailand's Appointed Senators Linked to Military, Police
Macron Wants to Meet Libya's Haftar to Push Ceasefire
Libyan Parliament Designates the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization
Sudan Transition to Last Three Years: Military Council
Violence Overshadows Sudan's Transition Push
Sudanese Protesters Dig in After Bloody Night Puts Pressure on Talks With Military
5 Killed, 9 Injured in Mogadishu Car Bombing
Ex-Somali Colonel Faces Civil Trial in Virginia Alleging Torture
Four Catholics Killed in Another Burkina Faso Church Attack
Roadside Bomb Blast Kills 3 Nigeria Soldiers Near Damboa
Niger Soldier Wounded in Koutoukale Prison Attack Dies
Cameroon: UN Warns Crisis in Anglophone Cameroon Worsening
Venezuela Top Court Accuses More Lawmakers of Treason as Congress Building Blocked
Iran: Trump 'Dragging' Tehran to 'Devastating' and 'Unnecessary' War
US Believes Iran Proxies May Be Behind Tanker Attacks, Offers No Proof
Bernie Sanders Says War With Iran Would Be 'Many Times Worse Than the Iraq War'
UN Says Hodeidah Withdrawal 'Executed, Partly as Agreed' by Parties
Motorbike-Riding Gunman Kills 2 Yemeni Soldiers in Taiz
US Leaders Speak
Gaza Artists Hold Anti-Eurovision Concert in Building Destroyed by Israeli Attack
A Bloody Weekend in Gaza
Gaza Fisherman Clings to Dream of Return to Jaffa Home
Whatsapp Users Targeted by Israeli Spyware – Here's What You Need to Know
ISIS Attacks Two Political Party Members; Five Killed in Iraq
ISIS Burns Crop Fields in Iraqi Kurdistan After Farmers Refuse to Pay Tax
Iraq Plans to Build 1st Satellite in Coordination With France
Rebels' Shelling Kills 6 Civilians in Syria's Aleppo
Turkey and Russia Discuss Reducing Tension in Syria's Idlib
Intensified Clashes Between Turkish Troops, PKK Claim Lives From Both Sides
Early Version of US House Bill Seeks to Bar F-35 From Turkey
Small Turkish Islamist Party to Field Candidate for Istanbul Mayor
UK Troops May Get a Ten-Year Limit for Prosecution of War Crimes
Spanish Court Says Jailed Catalan Separatists Can Be Sworn in to Parliament
US Senators Offer Bill Targeting Russia-Germany Pipeline
Pentagon Tells EU Not to Block US Companies From Defense Pact
EU Peacekeepers Warn Serb Leader Against Dividing Bosnia's Armed Forces
One Dead as Gunmen Attack Mexico Resort
Mexico Creates Database of Clandestine Graves
Mexico Finds 337 Bodies Since Lopez Obrador Took Office in December
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