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Updated May 25, 2019 - 9:51 PM EDT
Trump in Fake Emergency to Sell Arms to Saudis
  Saudi Airstrike Hits Yemen Gas Station, Kills Eight Civilians
  How US Weapons Ended Up Hitting Hospitals in Yemen
  Houthis Target Saudi Airport for Third Time
US Blames Iran for Tanker Sabotage, Rocket Attack
  Trump: 1,500 More US Troops Goint to Mideast
  State Dept Misses Deadline to Explain Iran Report Discrepancies
North Korea: New Talks Requires New Approach
  Bolton: North Korea's Missile Tests Violated UN Resolutions
  Congress Seeks Oversight Over US-North Korea Talks
US Charges on Assange May Slow Extradition
  Some Prosecutors Disagreed With Assange Espionage Act Charges
  New Assange Indictment for Things Journalists Do All the Time
Britain: Theresa May Resigns Over Brexit
item US Again Accuses Syria of Chem Attacks, As Last Story Crumbles  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Remember the Maine! Also the Arizona and the Maddox!  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Washington Has Become a Warmonger's Paradise  by Paul Pillar
item Why Do We Fight? How Do We Fight?  by Col. Douglas Macgregor
item Impeachment Should Be on the Table if Trump Bombs Iran  by Gene Healy
item Palestinians Cannot Be Bought Off  by Muhammad Shehada

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Russia Could Take New US Troop Deployment to UN Security Council
Trump 'Friend' Boris Johnson Leading Race to Replace Theresa May
UN Raises Concerns Over Civilian Causalities in Armed Conflicts
Sen. Bernie Sanders Refuses to Apologize for Opposing War With Iran
NATO Gets More Aggressive on Offensive Cyber
The War at Home
At Amazon, Facial Recognition Ban Won 2% of Shareholder Vote
Trump Tried to Stop 'American Taliban' Lindh's Early Release From US Prison
Lawyer for Navy SEAL Accused of War Crimes Also Works for Trump Organization
Shanahan to Meet Chinese Counterpart in Singapore
Senate Confirms Army, Navy Chiefs
NASA Executive Quits Weeks After Appointment to Lead 2024 Moon Landing Plan
Well-Known Religious Scholar Killed in Kabul Explosion
Five Romanian Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
Afghan Senate Speaker's Advisor Arrested for Links With Terrorists
Car Bomb Targets Baloch Insurgents in Kandahar
US Forces Helicopter Makes Hard Landing in Helmand Province
China Accuses US Officials of Misleading Public on Trade War
Taiwan Changing Name of
De-Facto Embassy in US
Indonesian Opposition Submits Legal Challenge to Election Result
'We're Not Chinese Officers': Indonesia Fights Anti-China Disinformation
On Okinawa, US Military Accused of Contaminating Environment With Hazardous Chemical
Indian Forces Kill Leader of al-Qaeda Affiliate in Kashmir, Triggering Protests
Pakistan: Explosion in Quetta Mosque Kills 2
Thai King Opens First Parliament Since 2014 Coup
Estonia Signs Defense Agreement With the US
Spanish Parliament Suspends Jailed Catalan Lawmakers
Paris Authorities Investigating Explosion as Possible Terror Attack; 13 Injured
The War at Home
Belton (MO) Spec Ops Sgt Killed in Rollover Accident During Training Exercise
Saudi Arabia
Sudan General Vows to Back Saudis Against Iran 'Threats'
Oil Slick Spotted After Saudi Tanker Sabotaged
Yemen's President Hadi Accuses UN Envoy of Siding With Houthis
5 Pro-Govt Security Officers Killed in Fighting With Houthis in South
Iran Says Not Intimidated by US Military Deployment
Oman Trying to Reduce US-Iran Tensions: Foreign Ministry Tweet
Iraq Daily Roundup: Farm Arsons Leave Casualties; 21 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Protesters Urge Baghdad to Stay Out of US-Iran Showdown
USAID Pledges $17 Million to Develop Private Sector in Iraq's Nineveh
US Threatens to Impose Sanctions on NATO Ally Turkey
Islamists in Sudan Rally in Support of Islamic Rule
Sudan Protest Groups Calls for Strike Starting Next Tuesday
US Military Targets ISIS-Somalia in Fifth Airstrike Since April
Attacks on DR Congo Ebola Teams Kill Four Since Outbreak
Russia to Send Military 'Specialists' to Republic of Congo
Rockets Hit Hotel in Libyan Capital
Malawi Suspends Updates of Election Results After Disputes
Thousands of Algerian Protesters Demand Reforms, Presidential Vote Delay
Russian Army Helping Venezuela Amid US 'Threats': Moscow's Ambassador
Maduro Invites Huawei to Set Up 4G Network in Venezuela
Brazil: No Way Back for Maduro, Venezuelan Military Must Step In
29 Detainees Killed in Venezuela Police Station Cellblock Riot
5 More Killed in Gang Conflict in Western Mexico
Mexico Asks US to Hasten $5.8 Billion Aid to Central America
El Salvador Wartime Parties Suspend Amnesty Bill
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