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Updated June 12, 2019 - 8:40 PM EDT
Senators Clinch Votes To Rebuke Saudi Arms Sale
  US Wants Saudi Progress on Khashoggi Murder Probe by October
  How a History of US-Saudi Ties Turned Into Billion-Dollar Arms Deals
  Boris Johnson Allowed UK Arms Sales to Saudis After Yemen Bombing
Cholera Surge Stalks Yemen's Hungry, Displaced
  Conditions for Civilians in Yemen Worsen After Stockholm Deal
US Falsely Claims Iran in Breach of Nuclear Deal
  European Officials Frustrated Over Faltering Iran Nuke Pact
Trump Received 'Beautiful' Letter From NK's Kim
  Trump Would Oppose Using CIA Informants Against N. Korea's Kim
US Agrees to Send 1,000 More Troops to Poland
DoD Formally Asks UK to Extradite Assange
US Halts Training Program for Turkish Pilots
Top Court Won't Reconsider Gitmo's Indefinite Detentions
item Why Does the US Need Trolls to Make Its Iran Case?  by Jason Rezaian
item Kushner as Colonial Administrator: Let's Talk About the 'Israeli Model'  by Ramzy Baroud
item Russian Media Solidarity for Golunov Contrasts With US/UK Press on Assange  by Bryan MacDonald
item How War Created Taxation  by Luke W. Henderson
item America's Fear-Based Foreign Policy Needs to Go  by Daniel L. Davis
item Israeli Envoy Says Occupation Like US in Germany and Japan  by James North & Philip Weiss

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Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Predicts Trump and China Trade Deal
Israel Lobbies German Govt to Enforce Motion Defining BDS as Anti-Semitic
Kosovo Gives Bill Clinton a 'Freedom Medal'
Egypt, Jordan, Morocco to Attend US-Led Palestinian Conference
Rare Gunfight Breaks Out Between Israeli Army and Palestinian Security Forces
Israel Further Reduces Gaza Fishing Zone After Fire Balloons
Report: Israel Plans to Entrench Annexation of East Jerusalem
Americans 'Should Not Foot the Bill' if Israel Were to Annex West Bank, Buttigieg Says
Advocates Reject Proposed US Business Fund as Way to Thwart Palestinian Rights
Israel and Lockheed Martin Sign F-35 Maintenance Deal
Palestinian Leaders Call Friedman a 'Threat to Regional Security' After He Justifies West Bank Annexation
Iraq Daily Roundup: Grenade Attack in Baghdad; Six Killed Across Country
Replacing Oil Wells With Solar Panels in Iraq
New Iraqi Kurdish President's Cousin Succeeds Him as Regional Prime Minister
Syrian Air Defenses Thwart Israeli Missile Attack in Southern Syria
Turkey Says Killed 10 Kurdish Militants in Syria's Tel Rifaat Region
Syria Violence Interrupts Food Distribution in Some Areas
US Imposes Sanctions on Syrian Businessman With Ties to Assad
Russia Plans to Deliver Missiles to Turkey in July; US Takes Dim View
Turkey Chafes at US Pressure Over Russian Defenses
Training for Turkish F-35 Maintainers Will Proceed Despite Pause for Turkey's Student Pilots
Middle East
IDF General Warns Lebanon Will Pay 'Heavy Price' for Working With Hezbollah
US Resident Released From Iran Custody Says It Eases Tension
Envoy Says Sudan Talks to Resume as Strike Suspended
Amnesty Warns War Crimes Continuing in Sudan's Darfur
UAE Communicating With Sudanese Opposition and Military Council
Boko Haram Attack Kills at Least 26 in Cameroon
Mali Massacre Victims Included 24 Children
South Sudan Jails Prominent Economist Over Media Interviews
Liberia President Offers Talks After Protests
African Activists Urge Eritrea's Leader to Launch Reforms
Ghana Opposition Leader Arrested as Kidnap Suspect: Police
Russia Sanctions Debate Deepens Germany's East-West Divide
France: 9 Children Among Returned Citizens Who Fled Syria
The War at Home
Congress Members Tried to Amend Tax Code to Report BDS Supporters to IRS
US Troops, Civilian Defense Workers Get Political Reminder
Lockheed, Pentagon Reach Handshake Agreement on Next F-35 Lot, Paving the Way for an $80m Jet Next Year
China/Hong Kong
China Mum on Trump-Xi Meeting as Huawei Says Sales Slowing
Trump to Sign Executive Order to Streamline Biotech Regulations Amid US-China Trade War
Trump Presses China to Reverse Stance on Structural Reform if It Wants Trade Deal
US Seeks to Help Countries Boost Key Minerals' Output to Reduce Reliance on China
China Says Hong Kong Matters Purely an Internal Affair
Hong Kong Protesters Block Access to Govt Headquarters
Roadside Bombing in Kandahar Leaves Six Dead
Taliban-ISIS Clashes Displace Over 13,000 Families in Afghanistan's Nangarhar
47 People Rescued From Taliban Prisons in Baghlan, Kunduz
Fort Bliss General Going to Afghanistan
US Envoy Working on Four 'Pillars' for Afghan Peace
Kazakh Activists Call for More Protests Over Presidential Vote
Post-Poll Violence Toll in India's West Bengal Rises to 15
ISIS Group Claims Involvement in Kashmir Gunbattle
Pakistani Politician Arrested in London Amid Probe of Speeches
9 Shot Dead in 2 Gunbattles in Mexico's Sonora State
Trump Insists There's More to Mexico Migrant Deal, Waves Document as Proof
US-Mexico Migrant Deal Includes Regional Asylum Plan
Rights Group Says Mexico Puts Activists on Trial to Win Over Trump
Mexico Says Guard Deployment Beginning, Forms Migrant Team
Venezuela Says 17 Arrested and Charged Over Anti-Maduro 'Coup'
Trump Says He's Considering Giving Venezuelans Asylum
Colombia Ex-Rebel, Wanted in US, Sworn in as Congressman
Nicaragua Frees 56 Imprisoned Protest Leaders Under New Amnesty Law
Moldova President Scraps Parliament's Dissolution in Standoff
Rival Governments Vie for Power in Moldova Political Crisis
Albania President Stops Elections, Gets No-Confidence Vote
Albania PM Urges EU to Deliver on Membership Promise
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