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Updated June 13, 2019 - 9:30 PM EDT
Two Oil Tankers Attacked in Gulf of Oman
US Senate Upholds Arms Sales to Bahrain, Qatar
  SecDef: US Arms Saudis to Prevent Russia, China From Arming Them
  Yemen's Houthis Strike Saudi Airport, Wounding 26 Civilians
  No Houthi Military in Three Key Yemen Ports for Past Month
Netanyahu: More Preemptive Attacks on Syria
  Syria Won't Admit Chemical Weapons Investigators
  Syrian Kurds to Halt Wheat Shipments to Govt Territory
Mossad Is Involved in Anti-Boycott Activity
  Israel Blocks Gaza Fishermen Over Airborne Firebombs
US Strike Wipes Out Afghan Security Forces Unit
US and Poland Sign Joint Defense Declaration
Japan's Abe Warns of Armed Conflict Amid US-Iran Tension
UK Home Secretary Signs US Extradition Order for Assange
item Peace Is a Word That the West Has Taken From the Afghans  by Vijay Prashad
item Bolton's Long Goodbye  by John Kiriakou
item WHO Sanitizes Israeli Responsibility for Gaza Killings  by Maureen Clare Murphy
item The Immigration-Bigotry-War Nexus  by Thomas R. Eddlem
item Is Russia Testing Nuclear Weapons in Secret?  by David Axe
item America's Legacy of Regime Change  by Stephen Kinzer

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After Trump's Arms Sales End Run, Graham Says Revoke Emergency Powers
Kim Sends Sister, Letter to Break Ice With S. Korea
Trump Wants MLB to Pressure Cuba to Give Up Support for Venezuela
Ex-UN Chief Tells Nuclear Powers to Get Serious About Disarming
Israel Attempting to 'Wipe Out' Palestinian Identity in East Jerusalem: Report
Israel Says Drone Penetrates Its Airspace From Lebanon
Sick Gaza Child Caught in Israeli Permit System Dies Alone
A High-Tech Facelift Takes the Sting Out of an Israeli Checkpoint – but Not Out of the Occupation
Palestinians Urge Egypt, Jordan to Reconsider Going to US-Led Conference
Iraq, Lebanon to Stay Away From Mideast Peace Conference
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
US Sanctions Iraq-Based Firm, Says It Backs Iran's IRGC
Russia and Turkey Broker Ceasefire in Syria's Idlib: Russian News Agencies
Syrians Furious After Facebook Deletes Posts Mourning Revolutionary Icon
Middle East
Rouhani: Japan Wants to Continue Purchasing Iranian Oil
Turkey Says Has Already Bought Russian S-400 Defense Systems
Hong Kong
British PM May Says Hong Kong Extradition Must Be in Line With Sino-British Declaration
Hong Kong Protesters Vow to Keep Fighting Extradition Law
Hong Kong Police Fire Pepper Spray at Protesters Amid Scuffles
Current Hong Kong Protests Are Much More Than Extradition Law
Key Taliban Member Among 52 Others Killed in Zabul: Governor
Afghan Govt Criticized for Freeing Taliban Prisoners
Rebels Ambush Indian Soldiers in Kashmir, Six Combatants Dead
India Officials Stop Amnesty International Event in Kashmir
India Abusing 'Lawless' Detention Act in Kashmir: Rights Group
Indian Cops Strip, Torture Journalist for Covering Train Derailment
Indian Police Raid ISIS Cell Links to Sri Lanka Bombing Mastermind
India to Launch a Defense-Based Space Research Agency
US, Allies Accuse North Korea of Violating UN Cap on Fuel Imports
Philippines Denounces Chinese Fishing Boat for Collision
Scores More Kazakh Protesters Arrested Despite Dialogue Call
Trump's 'Secret' Mexico Deal Captured by Photographer
Journalist Killed in Southern Mexico, Another Kidnapped
Mexico Says National Guard Deployment to Southern Border Starts on Wednesday
Venezuela Introduces New Banknotes as Inflation Soars
El Salvador Says It Was 'Bargaining Chip' in Mexico's Migration Deal With US
The Expensive F-35 Disaster
The Hidden Troubles of the F-35
Spain's Military Still Has Eyes for the F-35 Despite European Fighter Push
Trump Shows Off F-35 Fighter to Polish President Duda
FAQ: Your Guide to Understanding How the Military Rates F-35 Technical Shortfalls
The War at Home
Team of American Hackers and Emirati Spies Discussed Attacking The Intercept
Huawei Cancels Laptop Launch After Being Hit With US Ban
Huawei Files Ex Parte Brief Protesting FCC Actions to Block It in the US on National Security Grounds
Trump Still Hasn't Officially Nominated Patrick Shanahan More Than a Month After Saying He Would
GOP Chairman Dismisses 'Phony' Report of Trump Second Guessing Shanahan Nomination
Mothers: Air Force Stumbled Amid Child Sex Assault Reports
Despite Trump's Guantanamo Threats, Americans Who Joined ISIS Are Quietly Returning Home
Feds Lost Track of Criminal Alien Informants: Inspector General
Navy Probe Rules Vice Admiral's December Death in Bahrain a Suicide
Sudan Generals 'Will Not Restore' Internet Because It Poses a Threat
Trump Administration Names Veteran Diplomat Donald Booth as Envoy for Sudan
Sudan's Foreign Ministry Summons British Ambassador
Gunmen Attack Two Ethnic Dogon Villages in Central Mali
Mali Govt Revises Attack Death Toll to 35, Down From 95
Mali Government and Locals at Odds Over Latest Ethnic Attack Death Toll
Governor Sacked After Mali Massacre
Boko Haram Attack on Cameroon Island Kills 24
Egyptian Court Sentences 296 to Prison on Terror Charges
Ghana Says Its Forces Rescued Two Kidnapped Canadian Women
Swedish Police Find Suspicious Object in Town Hit by Blast
Swedish Appeals Court Overturns Bombing Plot Conviction
Trump Elevates Poland at Expense of Germany
Burden Sharing With US Is About More Than Military Spending: German Conservative
Russian Police Detain More Than 500 at Protest Over Journalist
Catalan Leaders Deny Violence, Call for Dialogue as Trial Ends
Austria to Shut Saudi-Backed Religious Dialogue Center in Rights Protest
Moldova Crisis Sparks Calls for EU Help in Ending Tensions
Ex-Military Lawyer Faces Supreme Court in Australia Leak
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