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Updated June 18, 2019 - 9:19 PM EDT
Boeing Out, Raytheon In: Shanahan Quits SecDef
US Sending Another 1,000 Troops to the Mideast
  Pompeo: US Continues Diplomacy, Doesn't Want Iran War
  Iran Promises to Guarantee Gulf Security, Urges US Forces to Leave
  US Releases New Tanker Pics as Allies Seek Evidence of Iran's Guilt
  Senator Tom Cotton Calls for Strikes Against Iran
Iran Announces Plan to Surpass Enrichment Cap
  Iran Says It Dismantled a US Cyber Espionage Network
Venezuela Poll: Maduro Support Surpases Guaido
  Venezuela's Guaido Grapples With Case of Alleged Corruption
Russia Thwarts US Cyber Attacks on Its Infrastructure
Pompeo Defends Trump on Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Yemen Official: UAE Planning Coup Against President Hadi
item Crowdstrike Never Produced Final Report on Alleged Russian Hacking  by Ray McGovern
item US Sanctions: Economic Sabotage That Is Deadly, Illegal, Ineffective  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Mohammed Bin Salman's Fake Anti-Extremist Campaign  by Ola Salem & Abdullah Alaoudh
item Be Skeptical of Alleged Naval Provocations  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Pence Goes to War: America Will Be Fighting Forever  by Philip Giraldi
item If Trump Doesn't Want a War With Iran, He Should Stop Pushing Iran Towards War  by Daniel R. DePetris

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Ecuador Denies Galapagos Islands Will Host US Military Base
Mistrial Declared for Libyan Man Accused in 2012 Benghazi Attacks
Sharer of New Zealand Mosque Shooting Video Gets 21 Months
China, US Military Clash Over Djibouti Airspace
US Military Releases New Images From Tanker Attacks
Iran Says if It Decides to Block Strait of Hormuz, It Will Do It 'Publicly'
Iran Accuses Saudis of Militaristic Approach in Middle East
Israel Urges Snapback Sanctions on Iran if It Breaches Uranium Limit
Iranian Oil Minister Denies Any Disagreement With President Rouhani
Iran Will Leave Non-Proliferation Pact if EU Fails to Save Nuclear Deal
Iran and Russia Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Energy Cooperation
Yemen's Houthis Launch Drone Attacks Towards Saudi Abha Airport
UN Food Chief Warns Aid Suspension in Yemen Likely to Start This Week
UN Food Agency Accuses Yemen's Houthis of Diverting Food Aid
'Decaying' Oil Tanker Off Yemen Coast Threatens Massive Oil Spill, Says UN
Iraq Daily Roundup: Anti-ISIS Air Strikes; 23 Killed
Rockets Hit Iraqi Base Hosting US Forces Near Baghdad
Iraq Looking at Options in Case Gulf Oil Route Cut: Spokesman
Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Warns Politicians to Form Government Within 10 Days
Civilians Injured in Car Bomb Blast Near Qamishli Asayish HQ
HTS Rocket Fire Kills 12 People South of Aleppo
Congress Expands Pentagon Aid in Syria to Cover ISIS Prisoners
US Says Could Sanction Turkish Defense Firms Beyond F-35 Suppliers
Opposition Says 'Injustice' Will Galvanize Istanbul Voters
Liberman: We'll Force Gov't With Likud, Blue and White to Block Ultra-Orthodox
Israel Stops Children From Seeing Dads in Jail
Gaza Unemployment Soars as Medicine Stocks Hit Zero
Welcome to Trump Heights, the Israeli Town That Doesn't Exist
White House Will Not Invite Israeli Officials to Bahrain Event: Senior US Official
Arab League Head Warns No Mideast Peace Deal Without Palestinian State
Qatar to Distribute New Gaza Aid Funds
US Military
Boeing CEO Admits 'Mistake' Made in Handling Cockpit Warning System Before Fatal Crashes
Navy Contaminates Local Groundwater and Sewer System in Maryland
US Air Force Successfully Flies Its Newest Hypersonic Missile on Its Mighty B-52 Bomber
Army Paratrooper Killed in Vehicle Rollover in Alaska
Morsi's Final Moments: Deposed President Told Judge He Had Secrets to Share
Muslim Brotherhood Says Morsi Death Was 'Full-Fledged Murder', Calls for Mass Funeral in Egypt
Egyptian Authorities Refuse Morsi's Burial in Family Cemetery
Amnesty Int'l Urges Fair Egyptian Inquiry Into Morsi's Death
Is Egypt Using Syrian Refugees as a Bargaining Chip With Europe?
Egypt Agrees to Pay Israel $500 Million to End Gas Dispute
Triple Suicide Attack Kills 30 in Northeast Nigeria
At Least 161 Dead in Northeast Congo in Apparent Ethnic Clashes
US Pouring Millions Into Somalia Despite Concerns Over Dependency on Aid
Mozambique Says Two Border Police Killed in Shooting Incident With South Africa Soldiers
Sudan Protesters Urge Return to Night-Time Rallies Over 'Massacre'
Chadian Rebel Chief Arrested in France on War Crimes Inquiry
In Algeria, Conservatives Weigh in Against Pressure for Western-Style Democracy
China/Hong Kong
Huawei Founder: US Crackdown Will Cost the Company $30 Billion
China's President Xi to Visit North Korea This Week
China Won't Allow Hong Kong Leader to Step Down Despite Mass Unrest: Hong Kong Official
Troop Pullout Timeline Key for Intra-Afghan Talks
Afghan Taliban Wrap Up Talks With Chinese Officials
Afghan Villagers Pull Out of Govt's Operation Burnham Inquiry Into New Zealand SAS Raid
Pakistani Activist Known for Criticism Killed in Islamabad
Pakistan's Top Court Halts Execution of Mentally Ill Inmate
South Kashmir: Major Killed, Car Bomb Hits Army Vehicle in Valley
India Blocks Kashmiri Song on YouTube
'Systemic Failure' of UN Ahead of Myanmar Military Crackdown
Turkmenistan Leader Promotes Son to Provincial Governor
76 MEPs Back Catalan Separatists Blocked From European Parliament Credentials
France Vows to Help Ukraine Peace Efforts
Russia Drops Extortion Charge Against Editor After Outcry
Deploying US Troops in Poland Wholly Defensive, Ambassador Says in Riposte to Russia
Spain Joins France and Germany in Race to Build Europe's Next Combat Jet
Central America
US Restores Some Central America Aid but Vows No More Without Migrant Action
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