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Updated June 23, 2019 - 9:56 PM EDT
US Carries Out Cyberattacks on Iran
Trump Says He Is Adding Sanctions to Iran
  Trump Told Iran of Imminent Attack, Then Offered Talks
  Iran Refrained From Blowing Up US Plane With 35 on Board
  US Intel to Congress: No Evidence al-Qaeda Is Helping Iran
MSM Faults Trump for Not Attacking Iran
  US-Iran Military Conflict Will Be a 'Lose-Lose Situation': Analysts
  Tanker Attacks in the Gulf – Evidence or Warmongering?
  Rand Paul: Iran War 'Would Be an Even Bigger Mistake Than Iraq War'
US Envoy: Iran Must Be 'Countered' in Yemen
FBI Was Warned That Manafort File Might Be Fake
item Media, War Boosters Slam Trump for 'Chicken' Response to Iran  by Barbara Boland
item Pompeo's Ignorant Claim: '40 Years of Unprovoked Iranian Aggression'  by Brett Wilkins
item Bolton Keeps Trying to Goad Iran Into War  by Peter Beinart
item Iran Had the Legal Right to Shoot Down US Spy Drone  by Marjorie Cohn
item For Iranians, the War Has Already Begun  by Elham Pourtaher
item Nuclear North Korea Wants Less Talk, More Action  by Doug Bandow

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Congress Wants the US Military to Challenge Russia With a New Arctic Port
Ecuador Judge Frees Swedish Programer Close to Assange; Probe Continues
Prosecutors Won't Drop Charges Against Navy SEAL Despite Medic's Admission
Morsi 'Killed' by Egyptian Government, Son Says
Iranian General Says US Was Warned Several Times Before Drone Was Shot Down
Iran Says It 'Responds to Diplomacy With Diplomacy, War With Firm Defense'
Iran Commander Says US Regional Bases Are in Range of Its Missiles
Iran Releases First Photos of Downed US Drone
The Drone Iran Shot Down Was a $220m Surveillance Monster
US Politics and Iran
Nearly Half of Americans Support Attacking Iran if They Attacked Ships
Pelosi Says White House Did Not Tell Her About Iran Strike Plan
US Treasury Head Warns Iran's Financial Sector
Airlines Avoid Parts of Iran-Controlled Airspace After US Regulator's Order
World Politics and Iran
Saudi Intelligence Chief Lobbied London for Strikes Against Iran
US Asks UN Security Council to Meet on Iran on Monday
Russia Will Help Iran With Oil if Payment Channel Not Launched
EU Concerned About Iran Situation, Support Talks: Merkel
Taliban Accuse US Troops of Helping ISIS Fighters
US Watchdog: Bad Spending Oversight Hampers Afghan Troops
Senior Afghan Politicians in Pakistan for Key Meeting
Kim, Xi Reach Consensus, to Develop Relations No Matter the International Situation
Black-Clad, Anti-Extradition Protesters Flood Streets of Hong Kong
Pompeo to Seek Stronger Strategic Ties With India Despite Trade Tensions
Pompeo Asks Pakistan to Do More on Religious Freedom
After Bruising Election, Indonesia to Vet Public Servants to Identify Islamists
2 Police, 2 Suspected Gunmen Killed in Western Mexico
Mexico Says National Guard Deployment Is Complete
Mexican Foreign Minister Says Mexico Will Meet With 19 Countries Over Migration Plan
UN Human Rights Chief Meets With Venezuela's Guaido, Maduro
US Imposes Sanctions on Four High-Ranking Nicaraguan Officials
Guatemala Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence Fight for Justice
Honduran Police End Strike as Protests Demand President Quit
The War at Home
Trump Intends to Nominate Esper as Secretary of Defense
Space Development Agency Head Exits Just Months Into Job
Indiana Man Gets More Than 8 Years in Prison in Terror Case
Americans Still Dying
Charlotte (NC) Army Paratrooper Killed in Vehicle Rollover in Alaska
Iraq Daily Roundup: Baghdad Mosque Bombed; 44 Killed or Found Dead Across Country
US Forces Prepare Evacuation Plan for Contractors From Iraqi Base
Disputes, Security Issues Threaten Iraq's $53 Billion Oil Deal With Exxon, Petrochina
Cancer Hits Residents of Iraqi Oil City of Basra
Protests Against Poor Services Re-Erupt in Iraq's Basra
Army Wraps Up Mosul Dam Mission, the 'Construction Project That Never Ends'
Explosion Targets Military Vehicle in SE Yemen, 5 Soldiers Killed
Yemeni Officials: Gunmen Attack Military, Kill 3 Soldiers
Saudi Arabia
Trump Talks to Saudi Crown Prince on Iran, Oil
US Envoy for Iran Meets Saudi Deputy DM in Jeddah
US Cannot Unilaterally Remove Turkey From F-35 Program: Turkish Defense Official
Pro-Kurd Party Clashes With Erdogan Ahead of Istanbul Vote
Turkey Could Face Consequences if It Doesn't Change Tack Concerning Cyprus, Says Greece
81 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Eastern Gaza Strip: Medics
US Mideast Envoy Greenblatt Says He 'Will Understand' if Trump's Peace Plan Fails
Hundreds of Jordanian Islamists Protest Against Trump Peace Plan
Jailed, Exiled, Missing: the Faces of Egypt's Opposition to Sisi
Tanzania Scolds US for Alert Warning of Rumors of Attacks
Libya: Tripoli Airport Suspends Flights After Rocket Fire
Wounded Soldiers Want Cameroon to End Separatist War
Thousands of Malians Demonstrate to Demand End to Massacres
Jihadist-Hit Burkina Faso Adopts Tough Law Covering Military Ops
Ethiopia Opposition See Dangers if 2020 Vote Delayed
Georgia and Russia Trade Blame Over Unrest as Crisis Brews
Georgia's Parliament Speaker Resigns After Violent Unrest
item British Airborne Forces Join NATO Allies in Show of Force to Russia
item Parents of UK Militant in Syria Spared Jail for Sending Cash
NATO Aims to Make Space New Frontier in Defense
Bosnian Prosecutors: 12 Bodies Found in War-Era Mass Grave
Weekend Reviews
item America's Legacy of Regime Change
item The Lands in Between: Russia vs the West and the New Politics of Hybrid War
item Pearl Harbor Unmasked: Robert B. Stinnett's Day of Deceit
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