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Updated June 25, 2019 - 9:42 PM EDT
Bipartisan House Measure Would Block Iran Strike
Trump: 'We Don't Need Any More Wars'
  Poll Shows Strong Majority of Americans Oppose Attacking Iran
  Trump: I Don't Need Congressional Approval to Attack Iran
  Senate Set to Bypass Iran Fight Amid Growing Tensions
  State Dept Looks to Create Anti-Iran Coalition
Iran Denies US Cyber-Attacks Had Any Effect
  Trump Sets More Sanctions on Iran, but Potential Targets Are Limited
  Iranians Say Their 'Bones Breaking' Under US Sanctions
US, Taliban Aim to Firm Up Date for Afghan Exit
Russia Warns of Repeat of 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
item No War With Iran, for Now – but Pompeo & Bolton Really Want One  by Gareth Porter
item Buying Palestine for Peanuts  by Ali Abunimah
item Boxed in by Neocons and Media, Will Trump Launch Iran War?  by Ron Paul
item Trump: War President or Anti-Interventionist?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The Night Donald Trump Became President  by W. James Antle III
item America: The Anti-Imperialist Empire  by Christopher A. Preble

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Hands Off

by Tim Black
Democrat O'Rourke Proposes 'War Tax' on US Families Without Military Members
We Can Hack Any iPhone, Israeli Spy Firm Claims
Clegg: No Evidence Russia Influenced Brexit Via FB
Maduro's Ex-Spy Chief in US Armed With Allegations Against Venezuelan Govt
Mexico Cracks Down at US Border With 15,000 Troops
Iran Says It Welcomes Any Defusion of Tensions in Region
Iran's Media Say New US Sanctions Based on 'Fabricated Excuses'
Iran's Zarif Says 'B-Team' Wants War, Not Diplomacy, With Tehran
Iran Uncovers Spy Team at Oil Ministry
Iran Says Downing of US Drone Was a 'Firm Response', Can Be Repeated
Iran and the US
Trump Is Willing to Talk to Iran, Top US Adviser Says
Trump Calls on Foreign Countries to Protect Their Own Oil Tankers
US Official: US Building Maritime Security Coalition for Gulf
Iran and the World
Iran Will 'Pay the Price' if Persists With Aggression, Saudi Minister Tells Le Monde
Israel Will Do 'Everything' to Stop Iran Going Nuclear: Netanyahu
Britain Warns of Accidental War Between United States and Iran
Oman Denies Conveying US Message to Iran Over Downed Drone
Europeans Warn Iran Against Reducing Nuclear Deal Commitments
International Energy Agency Concerned About Middle East Tensions, Stands Ready to Act
Iraq Daily Roundup: Fresh Anti-ISIS Operations; 24 Killed Across Country
Iraq Appoints Ministers but Govt Still Incomplete
IDF Soldiers Accidentally Open Fire on Nearby Troops During Exercise
Many Sticks, Few Carrots – Trump's Palestinian Policy
Palestinians Rally Against Kushner's Economic Peace Plan
Palestinian Protesters Carry Coffin for Trump's 'Deal of the Century'
US Pushes Palestinian Economic Plan Amid Doubts, Hostility
US to Unveil 'Economy First' Approach to Mideast Peace at Bahrain Conference
Trump Mideast Plan Hits Nerve in Lebanon, Stirs Old Fears
US Plan Will Not Lure Lebanon Into Settling Palestinians: Parliament Speaker
Turkey Stands by S-400s, Says F-35 Partners Disapprove of US
Turkish Court Tries Businessman, Others Over 2013 Protests
Saudi Arabia
Pompeo Discusses Ensuring Stability of Energy Markets With Saudi King and Crown Prince
Plotter of Failed Ethiopia Coup Killed, 182 Others Arrested
Ethiopia's Ethnic Militias in the Spotlight After Failed Coup
Sudan's Military Sidesteps Proposal for Civilian Rule
Sudan Protesters Dispute Generals' Take on Transition Plans
Sudanese Security Forces Use Violence to Disperse Student Protest
Cameroon to Prosecute Seven Soldiers Over 'Atrocity' Video
Don't Expect Debt Relief, United States Warns Africa
Mauritanian Opposition Rejects Presidential Election Results
Zimbabwe Ends Foreign Currency Use as Inflation Spirals
The War at Home
Trump Passed on Petraeus for Top Positions Over His Opposition to Torture
Doctor: Stabbing by Navy SEAL Could Have Killed Prisoner
US Tariffs on China-Made Consumer Tech Goods Seen Cutting Sales, Delaying Upgrades
Huawei's US Research Arm Builds Separate Identity
Huawei CFO's Attorneys Ask for US Extradition to Be Withdrawn
Texas Sending Another 1,000 National Guard Troops to Border
Another Military Service Member Securing Border Found Dead in Southern Arizona
New Defense Chief: Our 'Priorities Remain Unchanged'
Chechnya: Police Injured and Attacker Killed in Gronzy Stabbing Claimed by ISIS
Governor in Russia's Ingushetia Quits Following Protests
Russia Starts Army Drills to Respond to Central Asia Threats
Russian and Egyptian Ministers Discuss Closer Ties
Germany to Ban Exports of Side-Arms to Non-Allies
Pilot Dies After Eurofighters Collide in Northern Germany
Russia Threatens More Economic Pain in Standoff With Georgia
Thousands Rally in Georgia Against Government Promised Reforms
Belgian Man Charged With Terror Attack Plot on US Embassy
Sweden Detains Fugitive Chinese Official Again, This Time at US Request
Gunmen Open Fire at Mosque in Spanish Exclave Ceuta
UK FM Hunt Pushes for Defense Spending to Rise by a Quarter
Bosnian Serbs Pull Reserve Police Plan Under Western Pressure
Pakistani Envoy Praises New Round of US, Taliban Talks
Islamabad Vowed Shift in Its Afghan Policy: Politicians
Taliban Once Again Threatens to Target Afghan Media
Kashmir Separatists Ready for Talks, Indian Government Says
India, US Nearing Industrial Security Pact for Defense Tech Transfers
Trump Has No Plans to Meet With North Korea's Kim During South Korea Visit: Senior US Official
North Korea's Kim Not Ready to Denuclearize: US Intelligence Agency Chief
China/Hong Kong
China Says Both US, China Should Make Compromises in Trade Talks
Protesters Block Hong Kong Building Access, Plan New Action
In Vietnam, US Citizen Gets
12-Year Sentence for Trying to Overthrow State
Arsenal Fire in Kazakhstan Injures 46, Prompts Evacuation
Sri Lanka Ex-Defense Secretary Faces Charges Over Security 'Lapses' Before Easter Attacks
Myanmar Blackout May Be Cover for Gross Human Rights Violations: UN Investigator
Mexico Cracks Down at US Border With 15,000 Troops
Mexico Newspaper's Printing Director Dies After Attack
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