Justin Raimondo, RIP

On Thursday, June 27, Justin Raimondo passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 67. Justin was a lifelong fighter for peace and liberty. In 1995, he co-founded Antiwar.com with Eric Garris. He served as Antiwar.com's editorial director and top columnist, writing over 3,000 articles for the website. He can never be replaced and will be missed by countless numbers of fans and followers. Read his Antiwar.com obituary here. More remembrances will follow in the days to come.

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Updated June 27, 2019 - 9:56 PM EDT
Antiwar.com's Justin Raimondo Dies at 67
Senate to Vote Friday on Trump Iran War Authority
  Bipartisan House Amendment Would Block Iran Strike
  Senate Advances Bill to Push Back on Trump's Saudi Arms Sales
  Poll Shows Strong Majority of Americans Oppose Attacking Iran
Trump on Iran War: 'I Don't Need Exit Strategies'
  UAE: 'We Don't Have Evidence' That Iran Carried Out Tanker Attacks
  Trump Says 'No Boots on the Ground' for Iran War
  FM Reiterates: Iran Will Never Seek a Nuclear Weapon
  Iran Says Saving Nuclear Deal Not Its Problem
Pompeo: US Prepared To Exit Afghanistan
  US Military Says 2 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan Ambush
NATO Demands Russia Destroy Cruise Missiles
  Council of Europe Restores Russia's Voting Rights
NYT Admits It Sent Story to Govt for Approval
Twin Suicide Attacks Rock Tunisia
Israeli Ambassador: Palestinians Must Accept Surrender
1/3 in US Support Preemptive Nuke Strike on North Korea
item Korean War at 69: Truman, Treaties, and Bricker Amendment  by Joseph Stromberg
item Arms Dealers & Lobbyists Get Rich as Yemen Burns  by Barbara Boland
item Trump May Be in Too Deep to Avoid War With Iran  by Patrick Cockburn
item Shine, Perishing Republic  by Justin Raimondo
item The Donald's Latest Iranian Caper – Sh*t-Faced Stupidity  by David Stockman
item One Cheer for Trump on Iran  by Thomas Knapp

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US Envoy: Trump Committed to Campaign to Oust Venezuela's Maduro
House Approves $383 Billion Spending Package
Trump Reassures Tokyo He Will Stick With Security Pact: Japan Government
UN Expert Calls for 'Moratorium' on Spy Tech Sales
Egypt Officials Threatened Morsi Days Before Death
Iran Is Not Looking for War With America: Iran President
Foreign Secretary Hunt Says Cannot Envisage Britain Joining US-Led War With Iran
US Envoy Says Trump Leaving Path Open to Iran Diplomacy
US Targeted Iranian-Backed Militia Group in Cyberattack
Iran's Rouhani: US Sanctions on Khamenei Futile as He Has 'No Foreign Assets'
Russia's Lavrov Says Situation Around Iran Headed Toward Dangerous Scenario
Trump Accidentally Named Dead Iranian Leader in Sanctions Announcement
Iran Foreign Minister Accuses Bolton of Plotting for War
Contradicting Trump, Top Putin Adviser Says US Drone Downed in Iranian Airspace
Iranian Fishermen 'Find Remnants of Downed US Drone'
Middle East Scholars: An American Attack on Iran Would Be an Unmitigated Disaster for the US, Iran, and the World
In NATO Debut, New Pentagon Chief Aims to 'Internationalize' Iran Effort
Iran Guards Kill Kurdish Opposition Fighter, Injure, Arrest Others Near Turkish Border
ISIS Head in Yemen Captured by Special Forces: Coalition
Yemen's Houthis Attack Military Positions at Saudi Abha and Jizan Airports
Saudi Arabia
UK Suspends New Arms Export Licences to Saudi-Led Coalition
Khashoggi Fiancee Says US 'Ethically' Responsible to Seek Justice
Saudi Arabia Must OK Nonproliferation Standard: US Energy Secretary
Saudi-Led Coalition Intercepted Houthi Drone Launched Toward Residential Area
South African Sisters Describe Saudi Detention and Complain to UN
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Trump Looks to 'Maintain His Engagement' in Meeting With China's Xi at G20
US Hopes to Re-Launch China Trade Talks, Won't Accept Conditions on Tariffs: Official
Chinese Banks Respond to Report on US Subpoenas Over North Korea Sanctions
Britain Bans Sales of Tear Gas to Hong Kong After Violence at Protests
Hong Kong Activists Crowdfund for Anti-Extradition Bill Voice at G20
Solomon Islands Plans Due Diligence Tour on Taiwan Ties
Afghan Rivals Challenge Ghani's Legitimacy, Renew Call for Interim Govt
Afghan Forces Recapture Faryab's Bilcheragh District
Pompeo Arrives in India Amid Trade Tensions
Indian Police Arrest Kashmir Newspaper Publisher Over 1990 Case in Midnight Raid
Duterte Plays Down Chinese Ramming of Filipino Fishing Boat
Russia Says Military Plane in Venezuela to Service Equipment
UN Votes to Establish Political Mission in Haiti
US to Deploy Up to 89 DHS Agents to Guatemala
Mexico Vows to Identify Thousands of Remains, 'Worst Legacy' of Violence
Netanyahu Mulling Canceling Election
Israel Tightens Screws on Gaza
Palestinian Refugees Say Trump Cannot Bury Right of Return
Extremist Jewish Power Party Leaves Right-Wing Alliance Ahead of Elections
Money Talks in Trump's Mideast Plan – but Can It Pave Way for Peace?
Kushner Says Israeli-Palestinian Deal Will Not Adhere to Arab Peace Initiative
Israel Restricts Power to Gaza After Balloons Spark Fires
Long Line of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Bids Precede Trump Push
Israel Drops Charges Against Palestinian Falsely Accused of Raping Israeli Child
As Gaza Approaches 2020 'Uninhabitable' Deadline, Palestinians Strive to Weather the Collapse
Israel's SpaceIL Says It Won't Try Second Moonshot
Iraq Daily Roundup: Kirkuk Operations Turn Deadly; 16 Killed Across Iraq
Trump Wants to Use Iraq to 'Watch' Iran. Baghdad Says Not So Fast
Iraq, UN in Talks Over Prosecution of ISIS Prisoners in SDF Detention
German Firms Sent Weapons-Grade Chemicals to Syria Despite Sanctions: Report
UK F-35BS Flying Combat Missions Over Syria, Iraq
UN Asks Russia for Answers About Bombed Syria Hospitals
Turkey's Leader Vows to Heed 'Messages' of Istanbul Election
New Istanbul Mayor's Star Power Could Be a Challenge for Erdogan
US Issues Turkey New Warning Over Russian Missile Purchase
Turkish Court Frees Charged US Consulate Worker From House Arrest
Turkish Court Remands Businessman Kavala in Jail
Egypt Rounds Up Prominent Leftist Activists, Journalists
Egypt Officials Say Militants Kill Six Police in North Sinai
Battle for Tripoli Appears Destined to Grind on in Libya
UN Says Thousands Flee Congo Violence, Seek Asylum in Uganda
Mauritania Cracks Down on Two Opposition Parties After Election
US to Consider Sanctions in Case of More Sudan Violence
South Africa's State-Owned Defense Firm Struggling to Pay Wages
NATO To Endorse Measures Against Russia Over Missile Treaty
Former Armenian President Kocharyan Arrested for the Third Time Over Protest Violence
The War at Home
US Frees Air Force Vet Accused of Being Mercenary From Libya
Despite Massive Shows of Air Power, Nearly 40 Percent of Marine Ospreys Are Not Mission Capable
Micron Resumes Some Huawei Shipments, Shares Rise
Woman Accused of Aiding ISIS, Double-Crossing US, Faces Up to Life in Prison
Bahrain, Poland, and Romania to Acquire Lockheed's Army Tactical Missile Under $562 Million Contract
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