Justin Raimondo, RIP

On Thursday, June 27, Justin Raimondo passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 67. Justin was a lifelong fighter for peace and liberty. In 1995, he co-founded Antiwar.com with Eric Garris. He served as Antiwar.com's editorial director and top columnist, writing over 3,000 articles for the website. He can never be replaced and will be missed by countless numbers of fans and followers. Read his Antiwar.com obituary here. More remembrances will follow in the days to come.

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Updated June 30, 2019 - 9:37 PM EDT
Trump-Kim Meet, US, N. Korea to Reopen Talks
Antiwar.com's Justin Raimondo Dies at 67
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US Tells Europe: Choose Between Us and Iran
  Additional US Fighter Planes Sent to Gulf Amid Iran Tensions
  EU Launches Trade Mechanism to Try to Save Iran Nuclear Deal
Senate Rejects Attempt to Curb Iran War Powers
  Pentagon Official: We Didn't Link Iran to Al-Qaeda in Hill Briefings
UAE Pulling Some Troops From Yemen
  US Blames Last Month's Saudi Pipeline Attacks on Iraq Militias
  8 Family Members Killed in Saudi-Led Airstrike in SW Yemen
US, Russia Agree to Try to Avoid an Arms Race
item How Justin Raimondo Made Me a Braver Writer  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item Bahrain Conference Is a Stab in the Back to Every Palestinian  by Aya Al Ghazzawi
item Eisenhower Called It the 'Military-Industrial Complex.' It's Vastly Bigger Now.  by Daniel Wirls
item The Day After: What if Israel Annexes the West Bank?  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Hybrid War Against Iran  by Vijay Prashad
item A Wounded Erdogan Could Be More Dangerous  by Conn Hallinan

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Iran Backtracks on Plan to Exceed Uranium Enrichment Limit Agreed by Nuclear Deal
United States Will Sanction Any Country That Imports Iranian Oil: Special Envoy
Iran Complains to UN Over US Spy Drone
China's Xi, Germany's Merkel Agree Iran Issue Should Be Resolved Peacefully
Chinese Envoy to Nuclear Talks Guarded on Buying Iranian Oil
Asia's Iran Oil Imports Fall to Lowest in at Least 5 Years in May
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Gulf Rulers Embrace Israel at Kushner's Bahrain Workshop
Iraq Daily Roundup: Basra Protests Turn Violent; Nine Killed Across Iraq
Fighting in Northwest Syria Kills Scores of Fighters
Turkish Military Shells Syrian Positions in Retaliation for Govt Fire
West Must Be in 'Driver's Seat' for Syria Reconstruction: Human Rights Watch
Turkey Politician Faces 17 Years for 'Insulting' Tweets
Istanbul's New Mayor 'Prepared' for Government Restrictions
Turkish Court Rules to Keep US Consulate Employee in Custody
Four Ukrainians Released From Separatist Captivity
Americans Still Dying
Soldier From New York's Finger Lakes Area Killed in Combat in Afghanistan
Soldier From Fresno (CA) Found Dead in Alaskan Barracks
10th Mountain Division Soldier From Texas Found Dead by Suicide at Border
The War at Home
United Technologies Shareholder Launches Rebellion Against Merger With Raytheon
US Takes New Steps to Prepare for Massive Space War
A New Report on Why Military Space Is So Expensive
Defense Contractor Consolidation a Security Concern: US Air Force Acquisition Head
China/Hong Kong
China Criticizes 'Negative Content' in US Defense Bill
China's Xi: Protectionism Is Hurting Global Trade Order
Chinese Military Gets Hong Kong Harbor Dock, Despite Tensions
Blast During Prayers in Afghan Mosque Wounds 11
Taliban, Pakistan Have 'Strong Interdependencies': Ghani
Fresh US-Taliban Talks Move Afghanistan Closer to Peace Deal
Pakistan Allows Afghan Refugees to Stay for Another Year
Pakistan's Army Chief Points to 'Fiscal Mismanagement' for Problems
Suspected Suicide Bombings in Philippine Army Camp Kill 7
Maoist Rebels Kill 3 Indian Government Soldiers, Young Girl
Army Helicopter With 12 Aboard Missing in Indonesia's Papua
Ethiopia's Intelligence Boss to Lead Military: PM's Office
Amid Ethiopia Unrest, Amhara Political Party Spokesman Arrested
Ethiopia on Edge in Heartland of Accused Coup Leader
US Supreme Court to Mull Punitive Damages Against Sudan Over Embassy Bombings
Tunisia Rallies After a 'Black Day', President's Health Improves
Eastern Libyan Forces Will Ban Any Flights From Libya to Turkey
Al-Qaeda Accuses Egypt of Killing Ex-President Morsi in Jail
Cameroon Opposition Leader Kidnapped Again
Algerians Brave Heavy Police Presence to Demand Transition
France Asks UN to Add Five to Mali Sanctions Blacklist
Trump Admin. Targets Maduro's Son 'Nicolasito' With Sanctions
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