Justin Raimondo, RIP

On Thursday, June 27, Justin Raimondo passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 67. Justin was a lifelong fighter for peace and liberty. In 1995, he co-founded Antiwar.com with Eric Garris. He served as Antiwar.com's editorial director and top columnist, writing over 3,000 articles for the website. He can never be replaced and will be missed by countless numbers of fans and followers. Read his Antiwar.com obituary here. More remembrances will follow in the days to come.

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Updated July 5, 2019 - 9:30 PM EDT
White House Argues Legal Pretexts To Attack Iran
  British Royal Marines Seize Iranian Tanker in Gibraltar
  Iranian Guard Commander Calls to Seize a British Ship
  Spain Says Iranian Tanker Was Seized by Britain at US Request
Libyan Guards Shot at Migrants Fleeing Airstrike
  UN Security Council Condemns Airstrike on Migrant Center in Libya
Israel Preparing Large-Scale Gaza Military Op
  How Israel Systematically Hides Evidence of 1948 Expulsion of Arabs
US, Taliban Rewriting Draft Deal on Withdrawal
UAE Building Huge Militia Army to Undermine Yemen Govt
North Korea Seeks Sanctions Relief Even in Limited Deal
item Here's How Democrats Can Defeat Trump: Be Radically Anti-War  by Mark Hannah & Stephen Wertheim
item Requiem: Justin Raimondo,
 by Carl K. Savich
item What AOC and Her Critics Are Missing About the Border Crisis  by Dave DeCamp
item Putting the Warriors on Terror on Trial  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Give Nuclear Freeze a Chance  by Bonnie Kristian
item Blame America Too for Our Ruptured Relations With China  by Doug Bandow

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Rep. Justin Amash Quits Republican Party
Putin Warns That Militants Are Flowing Into Libya From Syria's Idlib
France Moves to Make Companies Block Hate Speech Online
Pompeo: Hour Has Come for Peace in Afghanistan
EU Consults Nuclear Deal Partners as Iran Warns of New Steps
Bolton Welcomes Britain's Seizure of Tanker With Iranian Oil
Tehran Fumes as Britain Seizes Iranian Oil Tanker Over Syria Sanctions
Iran Says 'Active Resistance' Is an Antidote to Trump's Warnings
Turkey Offers to Mediate Between US, Iran
Iran Will Only Negotiate With US if Supreme Leader Gives Nod
Ballistic Missile Hit Yemen's Marib Governor House, Houthi Rebels Blamed
Yemen's Houthis Attack Saudi Jizan Airpor
Iraq Daily Roundup: Anti-ISIS Operations in North and West; 24 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi PM Takes a Gamble With Move on Iran-Backed Militias
Iraq Detaining Thousands in 'Degrading' Conditions: Human Rights Watch
Middle East
80% of Palestinians Believe Arabs Have Abandoned Them, Poll Shows
Erdogan Says a US Refusal to Give F-35s to Turkey Would Be 'Robbery'
Saudis, Kuwait Make Progress on Talks to Resume Oil Output in Neutral Zone
Sudan Military Council, Opposition Reach Power-Sharing Agreement
Canadian Firm's Lobbying Contract With Sudan Military Rulers May Face Police Probe
Somalia Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Guinea Over Somaliland
Former Egypt Presidential Candidate 'Faces Imminent Death' in Prison
Ethiopia Faces More Conflict With Ethnic Group's Push for Region
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Suicide Bomb Blast in Tunis
Political Void Crimps Nigeria's Stocks, Rattles Investors
Putin Says Ready to Step Up Dialogue With US Over Disarmament: Paper
Putin, After Three Days, Says Fire-Hit Russian Submarine Was Nuclear-Powered
Russia Protests Over G20 Map It Says Showed Disputed Islands as Japan's


Kosovo Temporarily Bans Serb Officials From Entering Country
Decree Puts New North Macedonia Name on Army Uniforms
Justin Raimondo Remembered
Associated Press: Gay Rights, Antiwar Activist Justin Raimondo Dies
San Francisco Chronicle: Justin Raimondo, Longtime Antiwar Activist and Writer
CounterPunch: Godspeed Justin Raimondo, You Brilliant Son of a Bitch
Kelley Vlahos: How Justin Raimondo Made Me a Braver Writer
National Review Obituary of Justin Raimondo
Renowned Anti-War Writer Justin Raimondo Passes Away at 67 (LibertyConservativeNews.com)
Pat Buchanan on Justin Raimondo’s Passing
In Memoriam: Justin Raimondo (Chronicles Magazine)
Lew Rockwell on Justin Raimondo's Passing
Justin Raimondo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Heavy.com)
The War at Home
Trump Says His Generals Are 'Thrilled' With His Fourth of July Salute. Their Silence Suggests Otherwise.
A Look at the Military Hardware in Trump's Fourth of July Celebration
US Asks Federal Court to Throw Out Huawei Lawsuit
Japan Export Curbs Take Effect as South Korean Officials Protest
Australian Student Released From North Korea Says He's 'Very Good'
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Leader Seeks Meeting With Students After Mass Protests
Britain Denies Supporting Violent Hong Kong Protests as China Media Slam 'Western Ideologues'
Pakistan Army Accuses India of 'State-Sponsored Terrorism'
India Says Pakistan's Crackdown on Militant Group a 'Cosmetic Step'
Pakistan PM to Meet Trump for Talks on Improving Ties
'Government Go-Slow', as Pakistan's Anti-Corruption Drive Bites
US, Taliban Disagree Over Group's Name in Draft Deal
Bangladesh: 9 People Sentenced to Death for '94 Hasina Attack
Venezuela: UN Report Accuses Maduro of 'Gross Violations' Against Dissenters
Mexico Says Political Conspiracy Behind Police Protest
Dozens Arrested in Rio for Murder, Extortion of Petrobras Contractors
Australia Proposes to Ban Extremists' Return for 2 Years
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