74 years ago this week, the US dropped two atomic bombs on almost a quarter of a million innocent civilians.

First use of nukes by the United States is "on the table." That is the official policy of the United States government. Last week's Democratic debates made clear that is unlikely to change under the leadership of either party.

Americans must be informed of this truth, and must be informed to act. Antiwar.com works to inform Americans of these truths.

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Updated August 10, 2019 - 3:46 PM EDT
US, Taliban Likely To Sign Peace Deal Next Week
Trump Agrees With Kim Opposition to War Games
  Trump Predicts New Kim Talks After Receiving 'Beautiful Letter'
  North Korea Fires Short-Range Ballistic Missile: South Korea
Fighting Continues in Aden, Complicating Yemen War
  World Food Program Deal With Houthis to Resume Yemen Deliveries
Pentagon Lobbies Against Bogus Syria Pullout
10,000 Protest in Kashmir as India Steps Up Crackdown
US to Germany: Spend More on Defense or We Pull Troops
item How the CIA Aims to Keep a Footprint in Afghanistan  by Stefanie Glinski
item Who's Afraid of Tulsi Gabbard?  by Matt Taibbi
item The Meaning of Israel's Housing Demolitions in East Jerusalem  by Jeff Halper
item There's No Good Reason to Stay in Syria  by Dave DeCamp
item Biden Is Doubling Down on Iraq War Lies  by Stephen Zunes
item North Korea Dislikes That US Plans to Occupy It  by Bernhard

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Nagasaki Mayor Urges Japan to Sign UN Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty
Somalia Says Blind Female Suicide Bomber Killed Mogadishu Mayor
Seoul-Tokyo Trade War Puts Military Pact at Stake
Brazil's Bolsonaro Says US Has Approved Son's Ambassador Nomination
The War at Home
Trump Threatens Retaliation Over Travel Warnings Against US
Republican Lawmaker Seeks to Muzzle Students Critical of Israel
St. Louis Man Gets 5 Years in Prison for Terrorist Support
Arkansas Man Charged With Helping Al-Qaeda
Cyanide Bombs: US Says It's OK to Kill Wild Animals With Deadly Poison Bombs
US Lawmakers Push Back Against Possible Trump Foreign Aid Cuts
US Military
Congressman Claims Evidence Links Lyme Disease to US Military Bioweapons Research
USS Serpens: The Last Coverup of World War II?
Texas University to Build $130m Complex to Test Army's Combat Tech
Warrant Officer Charged With Stealing Over $2 Million of Military Gear From Fort Bragg
Kashmir: Civilians Severely Wounded in Pellet Gun Attacks
Kashmir Journalists Frustrated by Communications Blockade
Pakistan Urges US to Do More to Help End the Kashmir Standoff
Pakistan Suspends Final Rail Link to India Over Kashmir Dispute
Pre-Dawn Food Run Then Rush Home: Kashmir Under Curfew
Kashmiri Soccer Players Anxious Over Communications Crackdown, Lose Touch With Families
Occupied Kashmir Issue Should Be Resolved According to UN Resolutions, Bilateral Accords: Chinese FM
China/Hong Kong
Trump Says US, China Still Talking on Trade but Not Ready for a Deal
Trump Says US Government Won't Do Business With Huawei
Chinese Reports on US Diplomat in Hong Kong 'Have Gone From Irresponsible to Dangerous': State Dept
South Korea Picks New Envoy to US Who Called Trump 'Treacherous'
'The Threat Now Is Fake News': Thai Army Chief Describes 'Hybrid War'
Bangladesh Must Investigate Rife Torture: UN Rights Body
Russians Rush to Buy Iodine After Blast Causes Radiation Spike
Russia Explosion: Five Confirmed Dead in Rocket Blast
Nine Hurt in New Blasts During Cleanup at Russian Military Arsenal in Siberia
US-Based Experts Suspect Russia Blast Involved Nuclear-Powered Missile
Russian Protesters Hurt in Police Crackdown Seek Redress in Courts
Cyprus' Rival Leaders Ready to Meet UN Chief to Seek Peace Again
Iran Says Any External Military Presence in Persian Gulf Source of Insecurity
Mark Esper, Defense Secretary, Prods South Korea to Join Persian Gulf Mission
Iran Warns Israel Against Aiding US Mission in Strait of Hormuz
After Trump Rebuke, France Says It Speaks for Itself on Iran
Security Firms Replace UK Guards on Ships Fearing Iran May Try to Kidnap Them
US Verdict Allowing Seizure of Iran-Linked Manhattan Skyscraper Is Overturned
Aden Clashes Continue, Risk Making Yemen War 'Even More Complex'
Brother of Yemen's Houthi Leader Killed by 'Saudi Aggression': Rebels
Israeli Leaders Promote West Bank Annexation in Wake of Soldier's Killing
Palestinian Authority Urges Israel to Avoid Collective Punishment for Soldier's Murder
Jerusalem Mosques Close in Solidarity With Al-Aqsa for Eid
Israel Says GPS Disruptions in Airspace End
How Israel's Religious Right Is Now in the Driving Seat
Iraq Daily Roundup: Mortar Fire in Diyala Province; Seven Killed in Iraq
Foreign Jihadists on Death Row Out of Iraqi Govt Hands: PM
Attack on Turkish Post in Syria Injures Two Soldiers
Syrian Constitution Body Could Convene Soon: Russian Envoy
Syria Frees Canadian Man Held Since Last Year
Middle East
Rights Groups Question 'Sincerity' of Canada's Review of Saudi Arms Deal
Lebanon Demolishes More Syrian Refugee Shelters: NGOs
Libya's UN-Recognized Government Accepts Vacation Ceasefire: Statement
Libya: LNA Accuses Emir of Qatar of Financing Tripoli Militias
Chad: Intercommunal Conflict 'National Concern' After 37 Killed
Sudan Protest Leaders Will Not Join Transitional Council
10 Turkish Sailors Kidnapped Off Nigerian Coast Freed
Eritrea's Military Service Still 'Repressive' Despite Peace Deal: Human Rights Watch
Panama Ex-President Found Not Guilty of Political Espionage
Argentine Ex-Army Chief Acquitted of Military-Era Kidnapping, Torture
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