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Updated August 12, 2019 - 8:56 PM EDT
US-Taliban Talks End, No Deal, More Talks Likely
South Yemen Separatists Seize Control of Aden
  South Yemen Ceasefire Takes Hold, Talks Planned
  South Yemen Fighting Exposes Rift Between Saudi, UAE Forces
  Saudi Airstrikes Kill Nine Civilians, Mostly Children, in N. Yemen
N. Korea Threatens to Leave South Out of Talks
  Trump Agrees With Kim's Opposition to US War Games
70 Combatants Killed in Fighting in Syria's Idlib
US to Germany: Spend More on Defense or We Pull Troops
Israeli Military Claims 'Large-Scale Attack' Thwarted
item NBC Blames Russia for Drawing Attention to Racist Incidents  by Dave DeCamp
item Creating a Spectacle of Slaughter at the Movies  by Tom Engelhardt
item The US Shouldn't Play Endless Whack-A-Mole in Syria  by Bonnie Kristian
item China Is a Paper Tiger  by Justin Raimondo
item Hair-Trigger Nuclear Alert Over Kashmir  by Eric Margolis
item Accept Reality: North Korea Will Remain a Nuclear State  by Doug Bandow

More Viewpoints

Huawei Launches First Product With Own Operating System
FBI Investigating Epstein Death in Manhattan Jail
Army Biowarfare Lab That Tests Ebola and the Plague Failed Safety Inspection
Denmark: Capital Hit by Second Blast in Four Days
India's Kashmir Clampdown Pushes Some in Pakistan to Discuss Rejoining Militants
Queues Form in Srinagar as Cut-Off Kashmiris Face Growing Food Shortages
As Pakistan-India Tensions Flare, a Child Mistakes a Bomb for a Toy
Pakistan Says Will Move to UN Security Council With China's Support Over Kashmir
Kashmir: Abrogation of Article 370 Challenged in India Supreme Court
China/Hong Kong
China Tells UK to Back Off After Minister's Call for Hong Kong Probe
Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas as Protesters Hit and Run
North Korea's Tactical Weapon Resembles US Army's Tactical Missile
Pentagon Chief in Mongolia to Strengthen Military Bonds
Sonia Gandhi Returns to Lead India's Beleaguered Congress After Son Rahul Quits
Thousands Defy Crackdown in Moscow's Biggest Protest for Years
Moscow Acknowledges Mysterious Rocket Explosion Involved Nuclear Workers
Ukraine Searches Vessel Over Fuel Delivery to Crimea
One Hurt in Norway Mosque Shooting, Suspect Arrested
Romania: Tens of Thousands Rally Against Government in Bucharest
Three Belgian Women Flee Morocco After Receiving Decapitation Threats
UN: Car Bomb Kills Three UN Staff Outside Mall in Libya
Rocket Fire Hits Libya Airport, Breaking Eid Truce
Clashes Kill Three Civilians in Sudan's Darfur
Somalia: Al-Shabaab Move to Influence Somalia Polls
As Many as 40 Killed and 260 Injured in Yemen's Aden: UN
Saudi-Led Coalition Hits Zones That Pose Threat to Yemeni Government
Yemeni Official: UAE Won in Aden, Saudi Arabia Silent Over 'Slaughter'
Yemen's Houthis Attack Saudi Abha Airport With Drones
Iran's Navy Chief Warns Any Israeli Presence in Gulf Could 'Spark War'
Iran Unveils 'Upgraded Missile Defense System'
'Come Be My Slave' – Israeli Rabbi at Military Academy Says Palestinians Should Be Enslaved
Israeli Fire Kills Four Palestinians on Gaza Border
Hamas Distances Itself From Terror Attack, Wants to Keep Israel Truce
Israeli Forces Fire Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Inside Al-Aqsa on First Day of Eid
Israel Systematically Blocks International Scholars From Reaching Palestine
For First Time in Years, Abbas Visits West Bank Refugee Camp
Israel Nabs the Two Suspected Killers of Soldier; One Has Hamas Ties
Iraq Daily Roundup: US Service Member Among Seven Killed in Iraq
Iraq Reinstates Over 13,000 Policemen Previously Fired After ISIS Seized Mosul
Syrian Army Takes Strategic Town From Rebels in New Advance
A Swarm of Armed Drones Attacked a Russian Military Base in Syria
Officer in Mexico's New National Guard Killed in Shootout
Bomb Damages Colombia's Cano Limon Crude Pipeline
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Justin Raimondo
China Is a Paper Tiger

Dave DeCamp
NBC Blames Russia for Drawing Attention to Racist Incidents

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
Justice or Militarism: US Army Regulations Might be Stricter Than the in the NYPD

Scott Horton
Tulsi Gabbard's Chance to Make the Race About the Wars

Ted Snider
Why Won't Maduro Let US Humanitarian Aid Into Venezuela? History.

Sheldon Richman
America's War Culture

Lucy Steigerwald
Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

David R. Henderson
War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

Ran HaCohen
Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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