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Updated September 4, 2019 - 9:28 PM EDT
Saudi Arabia Deploys More Troops to S. Yemen
  UN Details Yemen War Crimes, Says US, UK, France, Iran Complicit
  Yemeni Mercenaries Say Their Saudi Fighting Days Are Over
  Congress Can Still Stop US Support for the War on Yemen
Iran Has One Condition for Trump Talks
  US Launches Persian Gulf Patrols, Raising Stakes With Iran
  France Would Give Iran $15 Billion in Credit for Nuclear Compliance
Taliban Kills 16 in Kabul Attack
  Taliban Attacks: We Enter Talks With US 'From a Strong Position'
Hong Kong Leader Withdraws Extradition Bill
item Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Forever Wars Truly Forever  by Dimitri Simes Jr.
item A Congo Conspiracy: Who Killed Dag Hammarskjold  by Stephen Kinzer
item The Quincy Institute Opposes Endless Wars. Why Should That Be a Scandal?  by Stephen Wertheim
item Holding ICE and Israel to the Same Standard  by Michael Arria
item US Needs High-Level Diplomacy With Iran  by Shahed Ghoreishi
item A Society Is Only as Free as Its Most Troublesome Dissident  by Caitlin Johnstone

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Sen. Jack Reed Urged to Push for US Pullback in Yemen
Joe Biden Says He Was Against the Iraq War Shortly After It Started, but He Didn't Mention It Until 2005
Senator Wyden: Prison for Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Should Be Considered
Iran Oil Tanker Pursued by US Turns Off Tracker Near Syria
Japan Won't Join US-Led Maritime Coalition in Persian Gulf
US Hits Iran Space Agency With Sanctions Over Missile Work
New Iran Nuclear Deal Violation Would Send 'Wrong Signal': French Diplomatic Source
Iraq Daily Roundup: American Bomb Expert Among 11 Killed
ISIS Rigs Cows With Explosives in Failed Attack on Iraqi Forces
Anti-Aircraft Defenses Intercept Drones Attacking Syria's Hmeimim Airbase
At Least One Killed in Two Motorbike Explosions in Syrian Border Town
Syrian Kurds to Remove Fortifications From Turkish Border
Syria's Idlib 'Slowly Disappearing', Turkish President Says
Netanyahu to Extend Jewish Sovereignty to All West Bank Settlements
Israeli Election – Through Eyes of Palestinians Who Can't Vote
Israel's Rafael Acquires Drone Manufacturer Aeronautics
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Hosts Talks Between Warring Yemeni Allies
Lebanese Bank Hit by US Sanctions Says Deposits Insured
Turkish Minister Threatens Istanbul Mayor Over Ousted Kurdish Mayors
Brexit Vote Result: Boris Johnson Demands Election After Rebel MPs Seize Control of Commons Agenda
Conservatives Who Voted Against UK Government Will Be Expelled From Party: Spokesman
Quick Win for Zelenskiy as Ukraine Parliament Strips Lawmakers' Immunity
Russia Jails Opposition Protesters for Violence Against Police
Lockheed Makes Its Pitch to Polish Industry in Exchange for
F-35 Deal
Bulgaria Condemns Russian Exhibit Lauding WW2 'Liberation' of East Europe
Kongsberg Reveals Planned Bid for Hungarian Air Defense Contract
Trump May Score Symbolic Victory in Long Fight With Germany Over NATO Spending
Changes Across Europe Could Spell Delays for Military Deals
Maduro Alerts Venezuela Military, Citing Colombian Threat
Venezuela's Guaido Backs Use of Satellites to Track Guerrillas Crossing From Colombia
Four Colombian Soldiers Reported Killed in Ambush by Drug Gang
The War at Home
Palestinian Harvard Freshman Denied Entry to US Arrives for Start of Semester
Trump Moving Forward to Divert $3.6b From Military Projects for Border Wall
Increasing Allied Role in Space a 'Priority' for Space Command Head
Is Military Stealth Technology Useless?
Troops of the Future May Ditch Night-Vision Goggles in Favor of Eye Injections to See in the Dark
US-China Trade War
Trump Wanted to Double China Trade Tariffs After Latest Retaliation
Some Retailers Resist Price Hikes on Tariff-Hit Goods, Casabella Founder Says
Huawei Accuses the US Government of Threatening Its Employees
China Claims Fentanyl Progress, Desires Tariff Relief in Trade Call
China/Hong Kong
China's Xi Urges Party to Prepare for 'Long-Term' Struggle
Hong Kong Leader Says She Never Discussed Resigning With Beijing
A Rift Reportedly Opens Between Hong Kong Prosecutors and Police as Protests Continue Unabated
Representative of Romanian Embassy in Afghanistan Dies After Taliban Attack in Kabul
Threats Remain in Baghlan, Afghanistan Despite Reinforcements Arrival
Pakistan Won't Initiate Military Conflict With India: Imran Khan
Decades After Fleeing, Kashmiri Hindus Still Fear Going Back
Bone Found in Abandoned Oil Drum Belongs to Missing Thai Activist
Thai Police Arrest Suspected Bomb-Maker in Bangkok Blasts
Is Nabil Karoui Set to Become Tunisia's First Prisoner-President?
Tunisia's Presidential Campaign Kicks Off Ahead of Snap Elections
Sudan's PM Calls for US to Drop 'Terror' Blacklisting
Sudan's PM Selects Members of First Cabinet Since Bashir's Ouster
Bomb Explodes Under Bus in Mali, at Least 14 Killed
South Africa Vows Crackdown on Xenophobic Attacks After Five Die
Burkina Faso Coup Leaders Given Lengthy Jail Sentences
Ethiopian Opposition Parties Threaten Election Boycott
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