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Updated October 14, 2019 - 9:24 PM EDT
Kurds, Damascus in Deal in Russia-Backed Talks
  Syrian Troops Enter Northeast Syria to Try to Resist Turkish Invasion
  Kurdish Officials: Hundreds of ISIS Fighters Fled After Airstrikes
Trump Orders Pullout of US Forces From N. Syria
  US Says Turkey Deliberately 'Bracketing' US Base in Northern Syria
  US Defense Secretary: I Can't Put Forces Between Turks and Kurds
18 Years: An Afghan Generation Knows Only War
  Afghan Policeman Kills Three Officers in Insider Attack
  Battling Security Guards of Rival Afghan MPs Kills Civilian
Iran's President Has Video Footage of Tanker Attack
Trump Defends Green Beret Who Killed Unarmed Afghan
item Mainstream Media Suddenly Care About Syrian Civilian Casualties  by Brett Wilkins
item Rep. Matt Gaetz Bashes Meghan McCain's Call for Never-Ending War  by Jose Nino
item War in Afghanistan Turns 18, and No One Notices  by Sonali Kolhatkar
item Why the Syrian Kurds Aren't Necessarily Our Friends  by Scott Ritter
item Pull Them All Out of Syria, Now  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Why Military Build-Up, or War, Isn't a Solution to Economic Woes  by Robert Moore

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Hunter Biden Quits Chinese Firm's Board
Civil Liberties Groups Sound Alarm Over Online Extremism Bill
Apple CEO Cook Defends Removal of Police-Tracking App Used in Hong Kong
Activists' Phones Targeted by One of the World's Most Advanced Spyware Apps
On Turkish Frontline, Fear of Criticizing Operation
Thousands Flee, Hospital Closed After Bombings in Northeast Syria: Aid Groups
Turkey 'Bombs Convoy of Foreign Journalists and Aid Workers
Eight Killed in Turkish Border Town in YPG Attack: Governor's Office
Fourteen Killed After Turkish Strike in Ras Al Ain
Senior Female Kurdish Political Leader Killed in Ambush in Syria
ISIS Women Attack Security at Syria Camp
Monitor: 104 SDF Fighters Killed Battling Turkish Attack
YPG/PKK Committed War Crimes in Syria: Turkish Official
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Kurdish Militant Attack in Syria
Turkish-Led Forces Seize Highway 30 Km Deep Into Syria
Pro-Turkey Rebels 'Execute' Nine Civilians in Syria, Monitor Claims
Car Bomb in Syria's Qamishli Killed Three: Security Forces
Northern Syria Camp for Displaced to Be Moved After Shelling: Kurdish-Led Authority
Turkey Sets Sights on Key Routes in Syria Amid Offensive Against Kurds
US and Syria/Turkey
US Could Pull Bulk of Troops From Syria in Matter of Days: Officials
Democrats to Offer Resolution Demanding Trump Reverse Syria Decision
Report: US Shared Intelligence With Turkey That May Have Been Used to Target the Kurds
Trump Releases $50 Million to Protect Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Syria
US House Foreign Affairs Leaders Seek Protection of Kurds in Syria
Mnuchin Defends Delay in Sanctions Against Turkey: 'This Is a Complicated, Developing Situation'
Global Reactions
Turkey Says It Expects Solidarity From NATO Against Threats
Russia, China Block UN Text Demanding Halt to Turkish Offensive in Syria
Germany Bans Weapons Sales to Turkey Over Syria Offensive
NATO Ally Norway Suspends New Arms Exports to Turkey
Iran Offers to Mediate Between Syrian Kurds, Turkey
Syria Must Be Freed From Foreign Military Presence: Putin
France Says Securing Its Military in Syria as US Begins Withdrawal
Netherlands Becomes Second NATO Ally to Suspend Arms Sales to Turkey Over Syria Offensive
France Says Suspends Weapons Sales to Turkey
Lebanon FM Wants Syria Back in Arab League
Iran Offers Warning After Mysterious Tanker Attack
Saudi Arabia Says It Is Not Behind Iranian Tanker Struck in Red Sea
Iran Ready for Talks With Saudi Arabia, With or Without Mediation
UAE's Secret Mission to Iran
Iran Unveils New Tank-Killing Ground Drones
Iran Releases Widow of Iranian-Canadian Who Died in Jail
Iran Says It Discovered a Natural Gas Reserve That Could Create $40 Billion in Revenue
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed in Random Attacks, Strikes
Baghdad Increases Probes Into Protest Bloodshed Following Sistani's Call for Accountability
Iraqi Activists Complain of Privacy 'Violation' as Security Services Monitor Phones
Two Yemeni Civilians Killed by Houthi Sniping Operation
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Say 'Spy Drone' Shot Down in Hodeidah
Saudi Arabia
Saudi King Approves US Military Deployment
Putin Says No Reliable Information About Who Attacked Saudi Plants
71 More Gaza Protesters Injured, 33 by Live Fire
Palestinians Split by Walkback on Tax Revenue Collected by Israel
Lebanon Says Israel Sent Drone Over Hezbollah Area in 'Violation of Airspace'
Ecuador Govt, Protesters Agree Deal To End Deadly Unrest
Journalist's Killing Fuels Ire of Haiti Protesters
Venezuela Denies Entry to Guatemalan President-Elect, Scuppering Meeting With Opposition Leader
US Meets Taliban in Attempt to Revive Afghanistan Talks
Taliban Welcome Trump's Call to Bring US Troops Home
Top Government Official Assassinated in Kabul
Unknown Gunmen Assassinate a Prosecutor in Afghanistan
Airstrike Kills Four Militants in Western Afghanistan
Explosions Wound Five in East Afghanistan
Separate Gun Attacks Target Afghan Government Officials
Afghan Consulate in Peshawar Is Closed Over Pakistan Police Actions
Dasht-E-Archi District of Kunduz Cleared of Taliban: Afghan MoD
At Least Five Injured in Grenade Attack in Kashmir's Srinagar Amid India Clampdown
Indian Soldier Killed in Kashmir in Pakistan Firing
Amid Lockdown, India's Modi Assures Kashmir Situation Will Normalize in Four Months
China, Locked in Trade War With US, Agrees to Tackle India's Trade Deficit
Donald Trump Says 'Substantial Phase-One Deal' Reached in China Trade Talks, New Tariffs Delayed
Will China's Revised Cybersecurity Law Put Foreign Firms at Risk of Losing Their Secrets?
Chinese President Xi Jinping Warns That Anyone Trying to Split Any Part of Country Will Be Crushed
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Police Hunt for Radical Anti-Government Group Trying to Use Extortion
In Hong Kong, All Trust Gone Between Police and Protesters
US Company Supplying Tear Gas to Hong Kong Police Faces Mounting Criticism
As It Happened: Policeman Slashed in the Neck Amid Citywide Protests in Hong Kong
Canadian Police Took Down a Hong Kong Protester. Here's What Happened
Uzbekistan Repatriates 64 Children of 'Terrorists' From Iraq
Rakhine Rebels Abduct Dozens After Storming Myanmar Bus: Army
North Korea Demands Japan Pay Compensation for Sinking Fishing Boat
Out of Space at Home, Singapore Warplanes Rehearse Bomb Runs in Idaho, Utah
Nine Members of Same Family Killed in Attack in Egypt's Sinai
Egypt's News Agency: Security Kills Militant in North Sinai
Sudanese Rebel Groups Seek Peace After Years of Fighting
Bashir's Billions and the Banks That Helped Him: Sudan Fights to Recover Stolen Funds
Mortar Bombs Strike Somalia's Mogadishu Airport, Six Injured
At Least 10 Kenyan Police Killed by Bomb Near Somali Border
16 Killed in Burkina Faso Mosque Attack: Security Sources
Thousands of Nigerian Hunters Prepare to Chase Boko Haram
Eritrean Soccer Players Who Defected Say They Live in Fear
Spain: Catalan Separatist Leaders to Get 'Up to 15 Years in Jail'
Thousands March in Barcelona Against Catalan Independence
Pressed by Trump Over Defense, Germany Says Can Pay More for NATO Running Costs
Kosovo Officials Hospitalized After Opening Ballot Boxes
Norway's F-35s Have a Problem With a Unique Piece of Gear
Macron Seeks to Slow EU Expansion in Blow to Balkan Aspirations
France Joins Cyprus for Naval Maneuvres Amid Turkey Gas Dispute
The War at Home
Rand Paul: Troops in Saudi Arabia Create 'Magnet for All the Crazy Jihadists Around the World'
The Army Let Hundreds of Soldiers Rejoin the Service After Being Kicked Out for 'Adverse Reasons'
Gabbard Slams New York Times Profile of Her
Trail Blazers Deny BDS Pressure Ended Relationship With IDF-Linked Company
Massachusetts Activists Defeated an Unconstitutional Anti-BDS Bill Last Year. It's Back Anyway.
Trump to Tap No. 2 State Dept. Official as Russia Ambassador
President Trump Tweets That Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin Mcaleenan Is Stepping Down
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