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Updated October 15, 2019 - 8:57 PM EDT
Syrian Troops Move To Resist Turkish Invasion
  Turkey, Rebels Signal Intention to Attack Syrian City of Manbij
  Kurds, Damascus in Deal in Russia-Backed Talks
Trump Threatens to 'Destroy' Turkish Economy
  US Troops, Diplomats Withdraw From Northeast Syria
  As Tensions Grow, So Do Questions About US Nukes in Incirlik
Saudis Take Control of Yemen's Aden in Power-Sharing Deal
Iran's President Has Video Footage of Tanker Attack
Trump Defends Green Beret Who Killed Unarmed Afghan
Spain Attacks Protesters, Imprisons Catalan Separatists
item The Kurds and the Sticky Wicket of Foreign Entanglements  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Does the US Need a Space Force?  by William D. Hartung & Mandy Smithberger
item 'No Friend but the Mountains': A History of US Betrayal of the Kurds  by Brett Wilkins
item Endless Afghanistan: War Without Justification  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Is the Interventionists' Era Over for Good?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The Saudi Crown Prince's Crippled Agenda  by As'ad AbuKhalil

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CIA, FBI Computers Used for Wikipedia Edits
Atlantic Council Raked in Funding From Hunter Biden's Corruption-Stained Employer
Russia to Conduct Sweeping Drills of Its Nuclear Forces
Moratorium Day October 15, 2019: The Day That Millions of Americans Marched
Turkey Widens Invasion as Syrian Army Returns to Northeast
US Diplomatic Team Has Left Northeast Syria: US Official
Syrian Observatory: Government Forces Deploy to Ain Issa in Northern Syria
Russian Defense Ministry Denies Report Accusing It of Bombing Syrian Hospitals
Turkey Says It Is Acting in Self-Defense in Syria
Mercy Corps Suspends Northeast Syria Work, Evacuates Foreign Staff
Global Reaction
EU Governments Limit Arms Sales to Turkey but Avoid Embargo
Britain Accused of Putting Trade Deals Before Condemnation of Turkey
Czech Republic Halts Arms Exports Licenses to Turkey: Interior Minister
Kremlin Tells Turkey to Ensure Syria Operation Is Proportionate
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed; Another Ammo Dump Explodes
Iraq Aims to Unify Peshmerga Forces With Iraqi Military: Minister
Iran Urges Diplomacy to Lower Tensions, but Decries Tanker Incident
First Photos of Damaged Iranian Tanker Released
Iran Says It Captures Exiled Journalist Who Supported 2018 Unrest
Putin: Trump's Peace Deal Is 'Pretty Vague,' Keeps Palestinians in the Dark
Saudi Football Team's First Palestinian Visit Met With Anger at Al-Aqsa
'Only God and Israeli Officials Know What Happened,' Wife of Hospitalized Palestinian Detainee Speaks Out
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Crown Prince and Vladimir Putin Discuss Terrorism and Regional Issues on Visit
Air Strike on Libya's Tripoli Kills Three Children, All Sisters
Libyan Conflict Leaves Rubbish Mounds Smouldering in Tripoli's Streets
Nigerian Police Rescue 67 From Inhuman Conditions at Islamic School
Nigeria: 4,832 Soldiers to Join Nigerian Army Next Week
Sudan Government and Rebels Meet for Peace Talks in Juba
Family of Disabled Sudan Protester File Petition to Revoke Legal Immunity for Military Leaders
At Least 16 People Killed by Armed Men in Ethiopia
Five Killed in Guinea Protests Against Constitution Change
'Your Password or Your Life': Egyptian Activist Says She Was Tortured After Arrest
Official Results Show Kais Saied Won Tunisian Presidential Election
New Zealand
New Zealand Creates Unit to Target Online 'Extremism'
Catalan Leaders Convicted for Secession
Spain Jails Catalan Separatist Leaders, Protesters Flood Streets
Spain Issues Warrant for Catalan Separatist Leader Puigdemont After Colleagues Sentenced
Catalonia's Puigdemont Calls Prison Sentences for Separatist Leaders an 'Atrocity'
37 Injured, 108 Flights Canceled in Barcelona
Key Dates in Catalonia's Independence Bid
Ukraine Sees Hope for 'Last Chance' Peace Summit in Mid-November
Thousands March in Kiev in Protest Against Donbass Peace Plan
Turkey's Gas Exploration Off Cyprus Raises Tensions
Afghan Suspected of Killing One, Wounding Another in Austria Knife Attacks
US-China Trade Talks to Resume Next Week
Trump Outside Advisor: China Relieved by Partial Trade Deal
NBA Games Return to China Screens but Houston Rockets Not Included
Hong Kong
Homemade Bomb Used for the First Time During Hong Kong Protests: Police
Home-Made Bomb Aimed to Kill or Maim Police Officers, Force Says
Hong Kong Court Bans Protesters From Police Housing Areas
Hong Kong Police Apologize for 'Communication Problems' After Broadcaster Accuses Officers of Assaulting Its Driver in Station
Afghan Civilians Killed in an Airstrike in Warduj, Badakhshan
Afghan MP Attendance Too Low to Pass Laws
Afghan Officials Say Election Results Ready Later This Month
Afghan IEC: 85% Biometric Data Processed, Over 1 Million Votes So Far
India Partially Restores Mobile Phone Lines in Kashmir
Pakistan Tripled Tariffs on Kandahar Pomegranates
Indonesia Arrests 22 Militants Following Attack on Minister
Inter-Korean Cooperation Fund Under Fire for Low Returns
The War at Home
'My Walk With Christ': Pompeo Gives Contentious Speech on Being Christian Leader
Boeing and Saab Ready to Start Production of Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb After Third Test Launch
Marine Corps Confirms Two 7-Ton Trucks Collided in August, Sending 30 Marines to Hospital
Korean War Casualty Laid to Rest After Missing for 69 Years
Moreno Says Will Repeal Fuel Subsidy Cuts in Coming Hours
Ecuador: Protesters Cautiously Optimistic After Deal With Govt
14 Police Killed in Attack in Western Mexico
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