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Updated November 4, 2019 - 9:40 PM EST
40th Anniversary: 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis
Gabbard Introduces Bill To Withdraw From Syria
  US Troops Not Sure Who They Are Supposed to Shoot at in Syria
Turkish-Backed Forces Attack Syrian Kurds
  Turkey Blames Kurdish YPG for Deadly North Syria Bombing
  US B-52 Bomber Unexpectedly Approached Russian Base in Syria
Video: Palestinian Shot in Back by Israeli Guard
  Twitter Suspends Accounts for Popular Palestinian News Site
US Blames Chile Protests on Russia
Iraq Protests Escalate, Closing Key Port in Basra
US Funds to Afghanistan Over $132 Billion Since 2002
Saudi Attacks on Farmers Are Pushing Yemen Into Famine
item How the Judiciary Is Chipping Away at the War on Terror  by Harry Blain
item America's Military Is Misdirected, Not Underfunded  by William D. Hartung
item For 9th Straight Year, US Grants Waivers to Countries Violating Anti-Child Soldier Law  by Brett Wilkins
item Send the FBI a Message: Support, Support Free Speech  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Why America Can't Afford to 'Take the Oil'  by Daniel L. Davis
item Russia Not Getting the Recognition It Deserves on Syria  by Scott Ritter

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Navy Asked Carnival Cruises for Help With Carrier Issues
WWII's Nuke Program Was So Secretive That Even Participants Were in Dark
Russia Nixed Arms Sales to Israel's Enemies at Its Request, PM's Adviser Says
Somalia Affiliate Supports New ISIS Leader
ISIS Says Jihadists in Sinai Support New Leader
Hong Kong
How Another Hong Kong Weekend of Violence Ended in Clashes in Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, With Xinhua Office Smashed
Clean-Up Now Underway After Hong Kong Weathers Night of Violence, Mass Arrests and Arson
More Than 70 Injured as Hong Kong Protesters, Police Clash
Chaos and Violence Descend Again on the Streets of Hong Kong as Aggressive Police Tactics Fail to Stop Radical Protesters
Hong Kong Restaurants Branded 'Yellow' if They Support Protests, 'Blue' if They Don't
Hong Kong Demonstrators Vow to Take Battle to the Ballots in District Council Elections
Hong Kong Civil Servants Who Support Protests 'Will Burn With Rioters' Warns People's Daily
Blood Spilled Over Political Differences in Hong Kong, With Six Hurt as Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Family After Argument
Blast Kills Nine Children as They Walk to School
Killers of Afghan Journalists Rarely Punished: NGO
Heavy Clashes Ongoing in Afghanistan's Nusai District
Afghan Election Commission to Start Recounting Votes
Dermalog Says 1.8 M Votes Valid: Afghan Electoral Commission
Pakistan 'Did Not Restrict' Afghan Taliban in Its Borders
Pakistan Army Says Supports Elected Govt Amid Major Protest
Pakistan Embassy in Kabul Closes Visa Section Amid Tensions
Pakistan Says New Indian Maps of Kashmir 'Incorrect'
Attackers Kill Three in Heavily Guarded District of Burundi's Biggest City
Five Candidates to Run in Presidential Election Next Month
French Soldier Killed in Mali by Roadside Bomb
DR Congo Anti-Ebola Fighter Killed in Home Attack
Burkina Faso Lawmaker Killed in Area Ravaged by Militants
Sudanese Protests Demand Answers Over June Crackdown Deaths
In Kenya's Fight Against Al-Shabab, Locals Say the Military Is Fighting Terror With Terror
Ethiopia PM Abiy Says Death Toll From Recent Protests Rises to 86
Jailed Morocco Protest Leader Decries 'Torture', Prison Chief Sacked
'Seize the Prize': Thousands of Scots Rally for Independence
30 Years After the Berlin Wall Fell, Stasi Spy Puzzle Unsolved
Chilean Women Hold 'March of Silence' for Those Killed in Unrest
UN Team Gathers Accounts of Injuries During Chile's Protests
El Salvador Expels Venezuelan Diplomats, Recognizes Guaido
Bolivia Election Audit Chief Makes Surprise Resignation
Who Is He? Experts Question the Identity of New ISIS Leader
Savage Bastard or US Stooge? Victims of ISIS on Baghdadi and His 'Supposed' Death
Turkey Says 'Not Daesh Hotel', Vows to Send Back Foreign ISIS Fighters
Syrian Army Consolidates Positions in Northern Syria
Kurdish Commander in Talks With Syria, Russia but 'No Confidence'
Iran Agrees to Initial Deal to Begin Rebuilding Syria's Power Grid
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; Hundreds Exposed to Tear Gas
Pompeo Says Iraq Must Listen to Protesters' 'Legitimate Demands'
Iraqi Protesters Attack Iran Consulate in Karbala
Turkey Rejects Reports It Sent Anti-Riot Gear to Iraq
Iraq Arrests 'Emirati Infiltrators Cell' Amid Mass Protests
Iraqi Protesters Block Major Port Near Basra as Unrest Continues
Iraq Education System on Brink of Collapse: Rights Group
Iraq's Al-Sadr Visits Iran Despite Protest Upheaval at Home
Lieberman, Lapid Blame Government's 'Surrender Policy' for Gaza Rocket Fire
Israel Army Major Arrested on Suspicion of Raping, Abusing Female Soldier
Israeli Air Raids in Gaza Kill Palestinian, Wound Two
'Landmark Breakthrough' in Controversial Israel-Egypt Gas Pipeline Deal Leaves Palestinians Out in the Cold
Jordanian-Israeli Tensions Continue to Rise
Iran Student Leader Now Regrets 1979 Takeover of US Embassy
Iranian Official Says US Sanctions Sign of Diplomatic Weakness
Iran Unveils New Anti-US Murals at Former Embassy
Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei Rules Out Talks With US
Italy to Ban Flights by Iran's Mahan Air From Mid-December
Lebanon's Dueling Protests: Streets of Beirut Flood With Renewed Demonstrations
Thousands Protest in Lebanon After Rally to Support President
Amnesty Slams Lebanon Army for 'Excessive Use of Force' in Protest Crackdown
Why Thousands Continue to Protest in Lebanon's Tripoli
Lebanon President Seeks to Solve 'Complications' Before New PM Consultations
25 Die of Cholera Epidemic in Southern Yemen's Lahj
Two Saudi Soldiers Killed Near Yemen Border
2 Children Killed, 3 Injured in Landmine Blast in Hodeidah
Hundreds Demonstrate Against UAE in Yemen's Socotra Island
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