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Updated November 5, 2019 - 8:47 PM EST
40th Anniversary: 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis
  Iran's Improved Centrifuges Leave Media Overestimating Enrichment
Iraq Forces Fire Live Rounds at Protesters
  Iraqis Arrested for Backing Protests on Facebook: HRW
  Netherlands Admits Killing 70 Civilians in 2015 Iraq Airstrike
ISIS Kills 15 Pro-Govt, Kurdish Fighters in E. Syria
  Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to Withdraw Troops From Syria
  Turkey Says Arrest of ISIS Leader's Sister an Intel 'Gold Mine'
Deadline Nears on Military Spending Policy Bills
North Korea Warns State Dept Report Shows Hostility
item Misunderstanding of Hostage Crisis Still Poisons US-Iran Relations  by Stephen Kinzer
item Trump's Impeachment Lures Dems Into a Cold War Mentality  by Aaron Maté
item Don't Railroad Julian Assange to Virginia  Consortium News
item US and Its Criminal Effort in Syria  by Ron Forthofer
item Our Kurdish Hero... the Terrorist?  by Scott Ritter
item US Needs to Occupy Syria Because of Kurds or Iran or Oil or Whatever  by Caitlin Johnstone

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Gorbachev Warns US-Russia Nuclear Arms Race Has Put World in 'Colossal Danger'
Killings and Attacks Against Journalists on the Rise
Saudi Arabia's Crackdown on Critics Continues Despite 'Reform Drive'
Turkey's Erdogan Puts US Trip 'On Hold' to Protest Armenian Genocide Vote
China/Hong Kong
China Says US Should Not Gesticulate About South China Sea Issue
Hong Kong Police Walk Out of Their Press Conference After Journalists Stage Silent Protest Accusing Force of Violence and Lies
Baghlan Roadside Blast Kills 8 Afghans, Including 4 Children
Afghan Official: Kabul to Probe Pakistan Security Complaint
North Korea's Kim Eyeing December Summit With Trump, Seoul Spy Agency Says
One Dead, 45 Injured in Grenade Attack in Kashmir's Srinagar
Cambodia Deploys Troops Ahead of Opposition Leaders' Planned Return
Myanmar Ethnic Rebels Release Indians Held in Rakhine After One Dies
Indonesia Eyes American F-16 Jets as It Moves to Secure Russian SU-35 Deal
'Catalonia Has No King,' Separatist Protesters Say During Spanish Royals' Visit
Spain's Election Candidates Clash Over Catalonia in TV Debate
Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor Who Discussed Bidens With Giuliani
Ukraine Foes Defer Troop Pullback, Delaying Key Peace Summit
Irish Soccer Player Refuses to Wear Remembrance Poppy in Pro-Peace Protest
UK Lowers National Terrorism Threat Level to 'Substantial'
European Parliament Head Urges North Macedonia Not to Give Up
In Kenya's Fight Against Al-Shabab, Locals Say the Military Is Fighting Terror With Terror
83 Militants Killed in Egypt's Sinai in Past Few Days
Two Killed as Clashes Erupt at Guinea Protest Funeral March
Burkina Faso Parliament Member Killed in Sahel Region
South Sudan Faces Crisis in Forming New Coalition Government
Algerian Magistrates Protest at Supreme Court Amid Crisis
Libya: One Civilian Killed, Others Injured in Attacks by Haftar's Forces on Tripoli's Salah Al-Deen Neighborhood
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; Hundreds Exposed to Tear Gas
Turkish Warplanes Reportedly Strike Yazidi Militia Base in Iraq
In Pictures: Iraqi Protesters Maintain Occupation of Baghdad's Tahrir Square
Blocking Police at Checkpoints, Iraqis Revel in People Power
Iran Bans Nationals From Iraq Pilgrimages Following Mass Anti-Government Protests
Iraq Shuts Down Internet Again as Protests Intensify
Inquest to Scrutinize Mystery Death of Australian Soldier in Iraq
Turkey Says It Will Send Back ISIS Prisoners to Home Countries Even if Citizenships Revoked
Turkish Soldier Killed in Roadside Bomb in Northern Syria
Turkish Journalist Ahmet Altan Released Under Supervision, Reports State Media
Turkey Says Delivery of Second Russian S-400 Batch May Be Delayed
Turkey's Halkbank Seeks Dismissal of Iran-Sanctions Case in US Court
US Issues $20 Million Reward for American Missing in Iran
US Sanctions Nine People With Ties to Iran's Top Leader
New US Sanctions a Sign of Bullying: Iran Foreign Ministry
Yemen's Socotra Residents Divided in Conflict
Yemen War: Houthis Say Sudan Troops Suffer Heavy Casualties
Protesters Block Roads in Beirut, Other Areas of Lebanon
In Lebanon's Sweeping Protests, Hard-Hit Tripoli Sets the Tempo
Pro-Hezbollah Lebanese Newspaper Hit With Resignations for Its 'Pro-Government' Line
Hamas Claims They Shot Down an Israeli Drone Over Gaza
Jordanian Detained in Israel to End Hunger Strike After Release Pledge
Buttigieg Says 'There Is a Lot of Blame to Go Around' for the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza
Bolivia Protests Enter Third Week as Morales Faces Ultimatum
Chile Protests Resume, Crimp Economic Growth
Relatives Say at Least 5 US Citizens Killed in North Mexico
Guatemala's Next President to Cut Ties With Maduro's Venezuela
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