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Updated January 15, 2020 - 8:52 PM EST
Afghan War Plagued by Lies, IG Tells Congress
  US Officials Are Encouraged to Lie About Progress in Afghanistan
Iran War Powers Has Enough Senate Votes: Dems
  Trump Says He 'Couldn't Care Less' if Iran Negotiates With US
  Senate Dem Concerned Intel Community 'Bending' Soleimani Data
  Pompeo: Killing Soleimani Part of a 'Broader Strategy'
Iran Makes Arrests for Ukraine Airliner Shootdown
  European Nations Trigger Dispute Mechanism on Iran Nuclear Deal
Russian Govt Quits After Putin Proposes Reform
US Says Will Cut Military Aid if Iraq Asks Troops to Leave
  Sadr Calls for 'Million-Man March' Against US Presence in Iraq
Libya's Hafter Leaves Russian Peace Talks Without Deal
Syrian Army Says Israeli Jets Attacked Air Base in Homs
South Yemen Peace Deal Crumbles, Fear of New Fighting
item Is Trump 'Selling' Our Troops to Saudi Arabia?  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item The Evangelicals Who Pray for War With Iran  by Sarah Posner
item Western Media Coverage of Russia as an Exercise in Propaganda  by Gilbert Doctorow
item Who's To Blame for Flight 752?  by Daniel Lazare
item The Useless War Powers Act  by Harry Blain
item Trump and Congress Double Down on Demonizing Iran  by Philip Giraldi

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40 US Cities in the Crosshairs Are Pushing Back Against Nuclear Weapons
Top US General Wants to Reduce Presence in Africa
Gitmo Lawyer Thomas Wilner: Prison Should Close
Top Democratic Recipient of Defense Industry Cash Is Silent on Iran
Iranian President: Downing of Ukrainian Jet an 'Unforgivable' Mistake
Trudeau Cites US Ratcheting Up Tensions With Iran in Plane's Downing
Many Iranians Angry at Both Their Government and US
How the Iran Nuclear Deal Dispute Mechanism Works
Russia Sees No Grounds to Trigger Iran Nuclear Deal Dispute Mechanism
The Backchannel: Here's How the US and Iran Communicate
EU, as Chair of Iran Deal, Says It Wants to Avoid Sanctions
Iran Judiciary Calls UK Ambassador 'Persona Non Grata'
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Soldier Among Seven Killed
Two Rockets Hit Military Base Housing US Troops Near Baghdad
Syrian Army Says Israeli Jets Attack Air Base in Homs
Turkey Says Will Stop Syrian Govt Violations of Idlib Ceasefire
Over 100 Turkish Soldiers Detained Over Ties to US Cleric
Turkey Will Make F-35 Parts Throughout 2020, Far Longer Than Anticipated
Likud Again Pushing to Get Extremists Into Knesset on Far-Right Slate
Palestinians Campaign to Release Oldest Prisoner Held in Israeli Jail
Rights Group Demands UN Reveal Companies Involved in Israel Settlement Activities
Lebanon Security Forces Fire Tear Gas, Clash With Protesters Near Central Bank
Pro-Turkey 'Mercenaries' Killed in Libya Battles
Sudanese Govt Forces Retake All Intelligence Buildings in Capital
Sahel Coalition: G5 and France Agree New Joint Command, Will Prioritize Fight Against ISIS
Egyptian Pilot Killed in Fighter Jet Crash During Training
NASA: A Top-Secret Russian Spy Satellite Has 'Exploded in Space'
UK PM Rejects Scottish Minister's Request for Independence Referendum Powers
The War at Home
Trump Admin Weighs Shifting Billions More for Border Wall
Boeing Net Orders Slump to Lowest in Decades
Treasury Blocks Foreign Investments in Critical US Firms
Rand Paul Pledges to Force Hunter Biden Vote if GOP Backs Dem Impeachment Witnesses
'Jeopardy!' Producers Say Controversial Church of the Nativity Clue Was Included in Error
TV Academies Urge Pompeo to Allow Entry for Syrian Documentarians
DHS Briefs Kansas Lawmakers on Business, Agriculture Threats From Foreign Govts
Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Security Fix After NSA Warning
Study: Americans Trust Amazon, Google More Than the US Government, News Media
US Military
'We Need More Money': US Navy's Top Officer Says the Service Needs More of the DoD Budget
When Both Sides Have Drones, How Do You Know Which Ones to Kill?
US Army Green Berets Admit to Stealing $200,000 in Counter-Terrorism Cash
Navy SEAL Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Special Forces Staff Sgt.
Amazon Will Seek to Halt Work on DoD's Jedi Cloud
The Army's Advanced New Sights Could End Up Leading to Reckless Shooting and Fratricide, Experts Say
Explosions Leave Two Dead, Nine Wounded in Afghanistan
Nearly 10,000 Election Complaints Rejected: Afghan IECC
Inter-Korean Projects Could Help Ease Sanctions on North: South Korea's Moon
US Imposes Sanctions on Two North Korean Entities Over Labor Export
Venezuela's Maduro Says EU, UN Can Monitor Polls
Incoming Guatemalan President to Keep Israeli Embassy in Jerusalem
Bolivia's Caretaker President Seeks to Unite Opposition to Morales as Election Battle Reignites
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