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Updated January 16, 2020 - 9:48 PM EST
Afghan War Plagued by Lies, IG Tells Congress
  US Officials Are Encouraged to Lie About Progress in Afghanistan
US Threatened Europe With Auto Tariffs Over Iran
  Poll: Many Americans Oppose Killing Iranian General Soleimani
  State Dept Cancels Two Classified Congressional Briefings on Iran
  Iran War Powers Challenge Has Enough Senate Votes: Dems
Iraq PM Backs Off Expelling US Troops
Russian Govt Quits After Putin Proposes Reform
Trump: Troops Stayed in Syria 'Because I Kept the Oil'
item Trump Officials Stumble and Bumble Over 'Imminent Threats'  by Barbara Boland
item 'Iran's Proxies' Is Dishonest and Slanted Description of 'Iran's Allies'  by James North
item Sealed Off and Forgotten: Israel's 'Firing Zones' in the West Bank  by Ramzy Baroud
item A Tangled Web of Deception  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Why Is Congress So Afraid to Use Its War Powers?  by Andy Kroll & Ryan Bort
item Regime Change Rarely Succeeds. When Will the US Learn?  by Benjamin Denison

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S. Dakota Governor Signs Anti-BDS Executive Order
Surveillance Court Adviser Says FBI's Changes Don't Go Far Enough
Turkey Ban on Wikipedia Lifted After Court Ruling
Amazon Tribes Gather to Resistance Brazil Govt
The War at Home
House Armed Services Chairman Exploring Options to Stop Trump From Taking $7.2b in DoD Funds for Wall
Apple Under Pressure to Unlock Pensacola Shooter's Phones
US May Subsidize Huawei Alternatives With Proposed $1.25 Billion Fund
US Military
A Broken Computer System Costs F-35 Maintainers 45,000 Hours a Year
Navy's Top Admiral Has No Apologies Over Carrier Lincoln's Extra-Long Deployment
The Unknown Legacy of Military Mental Health Programs
Army Says Soldier Died in Arizona During 'Free Fall' Parachuting Exercise
Montana Airman Found Dead, Cause Under Investigation
US Lawmakers Propose Sanctions Over Chinese Exit Bans on Americans
Huawei 'Not a Chess Piece' in US-China Trade Deal, Steven Mnuchin Says
'Phase One' US-China Trade War Deal Signed by Trump and Liu He, Though Most Tariffs Remain
In India, a Firebrand's Anti-Modi Mantra Resonates at Nationwide Protests
China Hopes UN Meeting Spurs India-Pakistan Talks on Kashmir
UN Officials Warn Against Attending North Korea Cryptocurrency Conference
Former Afghan Election Commissioners Each Get 2 Years, 6 Months in Prison
Putin Picks Little-Known Tax Chief for Prime Minister
Russia Is Leading the World With Its Weapons, Putin Claims
Russia Seizes Japan Fishing Boat Near Disputed Islands
Germany Raids Offices, Homes of Suspected China Spies
German Crackdown on Palestine Defenders Prompts UN Warning
British, French Spies Risk EU Curbs on Telecom Data Snooping
Swedish Military Duped by 'Officer' With Faked Diploma
Boris Johnson Rejects Scottish Government Request for Second Independence Referendum
North Africa
2,000 Turkish-Backed Syrian Fighters Deployed to Libya to Support Regime
Turkey Summons Egypt Diplomat After Raid on Anadolu Agency in Cairo
Tortured by the Palestinian Authority: One Woman's Fight for Justice
Ex-MK Blasts Meretz-Labor Merger: 'Arabs Want to Be Partners. Not Decorations'
Israel Has Begun Extending Its Sovereignty Over the West Bank, With Trump Admin's Blessings
At 11th Hour, Jewish Home Drops Kahanist Far-Right Slate to Merge With New Right
Israel Carries Out Gaza Air Strikes After Palestinian Rocket Fire
Israel Creates Seven 'Nature Reserves' in Occupied West Bank
Israel Starts Pumping Natural Gas to Neighboring Egypt
Iran's Zarif Says 2015 Nuclear Deal Is 'Not Dead'
Iran Rejects Idea of a New 'Trump Deal' in Nuclear Row
Iran President Slams Removal of Candidates From Elections
Iranians Take to Social Media to Push for More Protests: 'We're Coming to the Streets'
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed; Gunmen Target Advisor to Basra Governor
Outgoing Iraq PM Says US Troop Ouster Up to Next Government
Four Syrian Soldiers Killed in Battles With ISIS in Desert Region
Syrian and Russian Jets Pound Idlib, Violating Fragile Ceasefire
Turkey and Russia Discuss Secure Zone in Syria's Idlib: Turkish DM
Executed by Saudi Arabia: an Activist, a Naval Officer and Two Egyptians
US Says 'Window Narrowing' for Turkey to Address Standoff Over Russian Missiles
37 Injured as Lebanese Protesters Attack Banks in Downtown Beirut
Venezuelan Opposition Barred From Congress as Armed Group Attacks Lawmakers
US Envoy Sees China Scaling Back Economic Support for Venezuela's Maduro
Bolivia Pressures Argentina Over Morales Call for 'Armed Militias'
Five Corpses Found in Clandestine Burial Pit in Southern Mexico
Duque: Coca Eradication Best Way to Fight Violence in Colombia
US Calls for Smaller UN Force in Mali, Russia Says No Change
3 African Nations Reach Preliminary Deal in Nile Dam Dispute
Sudan Reopens Airspace After End of Armed Mutiny, 2 Killed
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