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Updated January 17, 2020 - 8:57 PM EST
IG to Congress: Afghan Troops, Police 'A Disaster'
  Taliban Present Afghan Ceasefire Offer to US
  Conservative Veterans Group Calls for Afghanistan Withdrawal
Khamenei Labels Trump a 'Clown' in Rare Sermon
  Architect of Iraq War Is Now Architect of Iran Policy
  11 US Troops Treated for Injuries After Jan. 8 Iran Missile Attack
  Trump Struggles to Navigate Difficult Question of Iran Protesters
  Poll: Many Americans Oppose Killing Iranian General Soleimani
GAO: White House Broke Law by Withholding Ukraine Aid
DoJ Investigating Old Leaks, Appears Focused on Comey
Saudi Arabia Paid US $500 Million to Cover Troop Costs
item Ike's Military-Industrial Complex, Six Decades Later  by James Pinkerton
item Five Things You Can't Know About Israel and Its Lobby  by Grant Smith
item 'Iran's Proxies' Is Dishonest and Slanted Description of 'Iran's Allies'  by James North
item Vladimir Putin Prepares His Succession  by Gilbert Doctorow
item Marching Toward a New Middle East Conflict  by Michael Reeves
item You've Been Conditioned for War  by David Niose

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Liz Cheney Says She Won't Run for Senate Seat
Amy Klobuchar Says She Would Work To Hike Support for Israel if Elected
France to Deploy Aircraft Carrier to Middle East
Former Senior EU Diplomat Investigated Over China Spying Claims
Right-Wing Israeli Parties Unite for Third Election
Israel Launches Airstrike on Gaza After Palestinians Launch Explosive Balloons
Israel Air Force Inaugurates Its Second F-35 Squadron
'Dangerous Weapon': Amnesty Demands Israel Rein in Shadowy NSO Spyware Company
Countries Demand Iran Compensate Relatives of Plane-Crash Victims
Instagram Takes Heat for Removing Pro-Soleimani Content
Two Men Sentenced to US Prison for Helping Iranian Government Spy on Dissidents in US
Three Turkish Soldiers Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Syria
Syria's Al Hol Camp Sees More Than 500 Deaths in 2019
Russia Denies Bombing Civilian Targets in Syria's Idlib
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed; Bombing Near Saudi Border
UN Flags Famine Alarm Signals in Yemen
Lebanon Police Forced to Apologize After Brutalizing Activists in Most Violent Night Since Protests Began
EU Mulls Five-Year Ban on Facial Recognition Tech in Public Areas
Sweden Suffers Surge in Bomb Attacks as Gang Violence Rises
Bolivia's Morales Retracts Vow to Create Armed Civilian Militia
Guatemala's New President Cuts Ties With Venezuela, as Promised
The War at Home
US Military to Soon Resume Training for Saudi Students
Critical Windows 10 Vulnerability Used to Rickroll the NSA and Github
The Navy Cryptically Says It Has Top-Secret UFO Briefings That Would Cause 'Exceptionally Grave Damage' to US National Security if Published
China/Hong Kong
China Vice-Premier Liu He Rejects Trump's Suggestion of Immediate Phase Two Talks, Calling Idea 'Unwise'
China's Deal to Buy More US Goods Is 'Distortion of the Market', Europeans Complain
Donald Trump Keeps Huawei Out of China Trade Deal
Carrie Lam Says Hong Kong Capitalism Can Only Survive Beyond 2047 if 'One Country, Two Systems' Is Fully Respected
S. Korea Should Coordinate With US to Avoid 'Misunderstandings' When Engaging North: Envoy
US, Chinese Officials Discussed North Korea Negotiations, UN Sanctions: State Department
Five Afghan Power Employees Killed in Zabul Blast
Erdogan Says Turkey to Ship More Troops to Libya, Grant Exploration Rights for Eastern Mediterranean
Libya's Haftar Secretly Flies to Greece Ahead of Berlin Summit
Libya's Haftar 'Committed' to Ceasefire and Peace Talks, Germany Says
Nigeria ISIS Affiliate Releases Five Abducted Aid Workers After Days of Negotiation
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