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Updated February 11, 2020 - 8:57 PM EST
Turkey Says They Killed 101 Syrian Troops
  Syria Sees Retaking Saraqeb as a Strategic and Symbolic Victory
Pentagon Seeks $705 Billion Budget for 2021
  US Military Budget Request for Afghanistan Lowest in a Decade
  Pentagon Proposes Slashing Funding for 'Stars and Stripes'
IG: 1000s Killed in Failed Afghan Reconstruction
  US, Afghan Troops Ambushed in Insider Attack
  Six Killed in Suicide Bombing at Kabul Military Academy
Family Says Teenage Girl Killed in US Airstrike in Somalia
Space Force: Russian Satellites Spying on US Spy Satellite
item Counterproductive Insanity: Israeli Foreign Policy Then and Now  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Restraint and the 'Actual Legacy' of John Quincy Adams  by Daniel Larison
item War Powers Problem: Congress Has Forgotten Its Constitutional Duties  by Nate Anderson
item The Allied Destruction of Dresden, 75th Anniversary  by Brett Wilkins
item Democrats Ignore Trump's Real Violations  by Ron Paul
item Trump's 'Peace Plan' Is the Death Knell of the Two-State Paradigm  by Emile Nakhleh

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NATO's Image Worsens Sharply in France, United States, Study Shows
Criticism of Mideast Plan Softened in UN Draft Resolution
'Hilariously Unconstitutional': Rights Groups File Lawsuit Over Georgia's Anti-BDS Bill
Officials: More Than 100 US Troops Diagnosed With Brain Injuries From Iran Attack
Israeli Warplanes Pummel Gaza as Netanyahu Asserts Readiness for 'Devastating Action'
Netanyahu's White House Extravaganza Fails to Impress Israeli Voters
Likud Election App Leaks Personal Details of 6.4 Million Israelis
Shin Bet Accused of Torturing Palestinians After Fatal Bombing
Egyptian Delegation Arrives in Gaza After Latest Israeli Airstrikes
In Rare Move, Israeli Court Orders Arrest of Jewish Suspect Without Trial
Israeli Court Sentences Islamic Movement Leader Raed Salah to 28 Months
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed, Including Protester
US to Extend Waiver for Iraq to Import Iranian Energy: Iraqi Officials
US Embassy Warns Citizens to Avoid Baghdad and Najaf Ahead of Further Protests
Students Are the 'Backbone' of Iraq Anti-Government Protests
Eight Killed in Truck Blast in Syria's Afrin: Turkish DM
Syria Opposition Commanders Warn of Idlib Military Escalation
Middle East
Yemen Talks About Prisoner Exchange Underway in Jordan
Three Lebanese Soldiers Killed in 'Ambush'
How Iran's Millennials Are Grappling With Crippling Sanctions
Bolivia's Morales Given Two Days to Save Senate Candidacy Bid
Morales Heads to Cuba for Medical Treatment
Backed by Soldiers, El Salvador's President Briefly Occupies Congress
'Under Siege': Desperate Mexico Region Uses Guns, Children to Fend Off Cartels
Colombia Puts Military on Alert After Guerrilla Threat
Chevron Boosts Venezuela Oil Output While US Is Eyeing New Sanctions
Thai Soldier's Deadly Rampage Reveals Security Lapses
Former North Korean Diplomat to Run in South Korea's April General Election
The War at Home
Trump Seeks $46 Billion for Nuclear Weapons Programs
Pentagon Requests $15.4b for Space Force
Here's How Many Bombs the US Plans to Buy in the Next Year
The Air Force Just Killed One of Its Hypersonic Weapons Programs
'Hilariously Unconstitutional': Rights Groups File Lawsuit Against Georgia's Anti-BDS Bill
New Hampshire Billboards Urge Democratic Candidates to End Aid for Israeli Rights Violations
Amazon Seeks to Depose Donald Trump in Pentagon War Cloud Lawsuit
Suspected Boko Haram Islamists Kill at Least 30 in NE Nigeria
West African Countries to Investigate Nigeria Border Closure
War Dominates Africa Summit as Leaders Vow Libya Support
Haftar Overtaking Tripoli a 'Nightmare' for Algeria, Tunisia
Mali President Acknowledges Contacts With Jihadists
Mali Deploys Forces to Former Rebel Bastion Kidal, as Keita Seeks 'Dialogue' With Insurgents
Sinai Militants Kill, Wound Seven Egyptian Soldiers
Egypt Moves Toward Toughening Up Draconian Anti-Terror Law
Violence in Africa's Sahel Region Attacks the Mining Food Chain
Algerian Military Court Upholds Jail Sentences for Former Intelligence Chiefs
UK Police Investigate 'Targeted Attack' After Two Stabbed Outside Manchester Supermarket
Azerbaijan Election Marred by Violations, Say International Observers
Georgian Opposition Leader Gets Three More Years in Jail
Russia Jails Left-Wing Activists for Up to 18 Years Despite Outcry
US Approves $1.9 Billion Sale to India of Integrated Air Defense Weapon System
India Readying $2.6 Billion US Naval Helicopter Deal Ahead of Trump Trip
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