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Updated February 12, 2020 - 9:23 PM EST
Senate to Vote Thursday on Iran War Powers
Trump Conditionally OKs Afghan Peace Deal
  Inspector General: Thousands Killed in Failed Afghan Reconstruction
Artillery Shells Rain on Center of Libyan Capital
  'Air Wars': More Libyans Are Dying Due to UAE, Turkey Intervention
For Decades CIA Owned Other Nations' Encryption
Philippines' Duterte Scrapping Troop Agreement With US
Trump Nixes Funding for Palestinian Security Forces
Turkey-Backed Rebels Kill 51 Syrian Troops in Idlib
West Virginia House Moves Bill to Limit Guard for Combat
Journalist Sues State of Georgia Over Israel Loyalty Oath
item A Tale of Two Veterans on the New Hampshire Trail  by Gil Barndollar
item Support Grows for West Virginia's Defend the Guard Bill  by Michael Maharrey
item Is Afghan Intelligence Building a Regime of Terror With the CIA's Help?  by Emran Feroz
item Tactical Nukes: Armageddon on the Installment Plan  by Daniel Lazare
item Pinkerism and Militarism Walk Into a Room  by David Swanson
item Trump’s First Offer Was a Better Deal for Palestine – and Israel  by Thomas Knapp

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Saudi Arabia Hires Two Democrats To Lobby on Capitol Hill
Airwars 2019 Annual Report
Trump Budget Calls for New Nuclear Warheads and Two Types of Missiles
Yemen's Oil-Rich Shabwah Province Faces a Dangerous Power Struggle
The War at Home
100 US Soldiers to Transfer Into Space Force in 2021
Ex-Obama Official's Lecture at Harvared Canceled Over Ties to Israeli Spy Firm
Marines Plan to Cut Thousands of Personnel, Cull Fleets of MRAPs and AAVs
Andrew Yang Retracts Support for Palestinian Right of Return
Trump Suggests Military Should Consider Additional Discipline for Vindman
The Air Force Plans on Retiring the Vaunted U-2 Spy Plane Starting in 2025
Switzerland Investigating Alleged CIA, German Front Company
North Macedonia's Parliament Ratifies NATO Membership
Britain Moves to End Early Release of Convicted Terrorists
Merkel Seeks to Sideline Huawei Hawks in Ruling Out Full Ban
Azeri Police Detain More Than 20 Opposition Candidates at Election Protest
N. Irish Police Arrest Four Men in Killing of Journalist Lyra Mckee
Ukraine's Political Course Won't Change After Chief of Staff's Exit: Presidential Statement
Fate of Some Disputed Afghan Votes Still Unclear
Russia Plans to Beef Up Its Military Air Base in Kyrgyzstan
Minister: Indonesia Will Not Take Back Nationals Who Joined ISIS
Inside India's Citizenship Protests: Muslims Fear Becoming 'Refugees in Their Own Country'
Venezuela's Guaido Returns Home After International Tour
Venezuela Makes Civilian Militia Part of Armed Forces
El Salvador President Accused of 'Attempted Coup'
Nicaragua Creates New Fuel Firms After December US Sanctions
Nigeria Governor Pleads for Military's Help After 30 Killed
ISIS Claims Algeria Border Attack
Palestinians Shelve Plan for UN Vote on Trump's Middle East Plan
Gantz Says He Will Not Include Arab Party in Future Government
Olmert and Abbas Meet in New York, Urge Direct Talks as Trump Plan Rejected
Vandals Damage Dozens of Cars in Arab Village in Israel
14 Palestinians Injured in Protests Against Deal of Century
'A Frankenstein Creation': Saudi Prince Says US Peace Plan Takes Away Palestine's Heart and Soul
US Accuses Iran of Building Missiles Through Satellite Bid
'No Alternative': Some Tehran Voters Opt for Election Boycott as Authorities Crack Down
Iran's Millennials Strive for Dignity Amid US Sanctions
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed, Including Protester
NATO Set for Iraq Troop Trainer-Swap to Mollify US Demands
Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Dissolves Loyal Group as Demonstration Returns to Peaceful Course
Middle East
Houthi Missile Attack Kills Three Govt Soldiers in Southern Yemen
UAE Reopens Mail Link With Rival Qatar
Syrian Government Helicopter Downed as Its Troops Take Strategic Highway
Sudan to Hand Over Ex-President Bashir to ICC Over Darfur War Crimes Allegations
Who Are Those Wanted by the ICC Over Darfur?
Sudan Seeks US Help Over Contentious Subsidy Reforms
Fuel Shortages Put Squeeze on Sudan's Transitional Government
UN to Vote on Endorsing Road Map to End the War in Libya
UAE and Libya's Haftar Sued in US for Alleged 'War Crimes'
Libyan Oil Company Forced to Shut Down Refinery After Haftar Blockades Oil Facilities
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