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Updated February 13, 2020 - 9:02 PM EST
Senate Passes Iran War Powers Resolution
US Touts Taliban Deal for Troops Reduction
  GOP Senators Rip Afghanistan War: $1 Trillion Spent 'No Progress'
  Rand Paul Presses for Intel in Congress on How to End Afghan War
  'That's Classified!' See How Afghanistan War Lies Are Made
US Troops Clash With Syria Locals at Govt Post
  Buoyed by US, Erdogan Vows to Expel Syrian Army From Idlib
AFRICOM Shifts Strategy to Containment as Cuts Planned
item 'That's Classified!' See How Afghanistan War Lies Are Made  by Barbara Boland
item How Israel Is 'Bombing Gaza Blind' With Old Intelligence  by Bel Trew
item US Warms Up Old Spy Story to Warn of Foreign Espionage  by Bernhard
item A Primer on Domestic Spying  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Is Donald Trump Done Talking to North Korea?  by Daniel R. Depetris
item Step to Nuclear Doomsday: US Puts Low-Yield Nukes on Submarines  by Scott Ritter

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Trump Cuts Last Remaining Aid to PA to Coerce Acceptance of Annexation
Trump Says He Does Not Mind if Philippines Cuts Military Pact With US
Huawei Points to US' History of Spying on Networks
Dried Out: Trade War Cuts US Whiskey Sales to EU
The War at Home
The VA Is Ramping Up Mental Health Funding After a Rash of Parking Lot Suicides
Pentagon Set to Back Huawei Restrictions
DoD Nominee Who Questioned Ukraine Aid Holdup Denies Report About Her Ouster
Army Offering $100,000 to Some Green Berets if They Re-Sign
The Air Force Is Massively Scaling Back a Major Upgrade for the B-2 Stealth Bomber
US 'Overcorrected' in Afghanistan With Aid: Special Inspector
US Sends Surveillance Planes Over Taiwan Strait After Chinese War Games
European Diplomats Check India's Loosening of Kashmir Clampdown
Pakistani Islamist Accused of Mumbai Attacks Jailed for Terrorism Financing
'New Phase' in Talks on Ukraine as Russia Changes Negotiator: France
Dutch Refused Moscow Request to Try MH17 Russian Suspects There: Minister
Poland Gives EU Unlikely Vietnamese Trade Boost
Europe, United States Criticize Georgia Over Opposition Leader's Jailing
Germany's Bundestag Approves Funds for Next-Generation Fighter Jet
Kosovo's New PM, Cabinet Accept Halving of Their Salaries
Dutch Police Say Motive for Letter Bombs Was Extortion
Haftar's Forces in Libya Ban UN Flights to Embattled Capital
UN Council Endorses 55-Point Road Map to End War in Libya
Venezuela's Guaido Defends Sanctions Against Maduro Govt
UN Releases Database of Companies Operating in Illegal West Bank Settlements
List: 112 Companies Linked to Illegal Israeli Settlements by the UN
Israel Attacks 'Shameful' UN Report on Companies Active in West Bank Settlements
'This Will Affect Everyone': Israel and Palestine Ramp Up Escalating Trade War
Israeli Forces Demolish Park, Wedding Hall in Galilee
Israeli Laser Defense System Successfully Intercepts Multiple Drone Targets
Israeli Bulldozers Resume Razing Vast Tract of Land in Western Salfit
Yemenis Demand US Arrest American Mercenaries Accused of 'Blatant' War Crimes
Britain, US, and Turkey Asked to Investigate UAE 'War Crimes' in Yemen
Iran Denies Satellite Program Has Military Dimension
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed, 55 Wounded
US to Renew Iraq Sanctions Waiver for Iranian Gas
Iraqi Army Launches New Anti-ISIS Op – Without Coalition or PMF Backing
Iraqi Authorities Reopen Baghdad Bridge Shut for Months by Protests
Turkey to Hit Aircraft Targeting Civilians in Idlib, Erdogan Warns
Russia Accuses Turkey of Breaking Syria Deals, Rejects Erdogan Claim
Widowed, Imprisoned, Detained: Remnants of ISIS in Limbo in Syria
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