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Updated March 27, 2020 - 8:57 PM EDT
US Imposes More New Sanctions Against Iran
  Activists Launch 'Digital Protest' to End US Sanctions on Iran
US Puts $15M Bounty on Venezuela's Maduro
  Poll: Only 3% of Venezuelans Say Guaido Is President
US Military to Withhold COVID Infection Data
  Coronavirus Has Taken an Entire Aircraft Carrier Out of Commission
  Pentagon's Lurching Efforts to Protect Its People From Coronavirus
Mideast Lockdowns Block Humanitarian Aid
Fears for Civil Rights Mount Amid Fight Against Covid-19
Warring Parties in Yemen Back UN Call for Ceasefire
item Now Is the Time to Cancel Sanctions on Iran  by Brian Cloughley
item Time to Become a Truly 'America First' Military  by Doug Bandow
item Pandemic Security Theater Is Self-Destructive, and Won't Make Us Safer  by James Bovard
item US Beats War Drums in Middle East  by Reese Erlich
item Bad Moon Rising: Iraq on Eve of Tet Offensive 2.0  by William Walter Kay
item Don't Let Constitutional Rights Be a Victim of Covid  by Caroline Fredrickson

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Eight Countries Under Unilateral Sanctions Ask UN Chief for Help
Cameroon Rebels Declare Coronavirus Ceasefire
Egypt Expels Guardian Journalist Over Covid Report
US to Upgrade Controversial Nukes Stationed in Germany
US Cuts Millions in Aid to Houthi-Run Yemen Despite Looming Coronavirus Crisis
Yemen's Houthis Offer to Release Saudi Prisoners in Exchange for Hamas Detainees
Yemen's Houthis Pardon Baha'i Sentenced to Death, Release All Minority Group Prisoners
Iran Welcomes Any Initiative to End Yemen War
Two Children Killed by Landmine Blast in Yemen's Hodeidah
Saudi Arabia
GOP Senators Urge Saudi Arabia to Leave OPEC
Saudi-Led Coalition Destroys Drones Launched by Yemen's Houthis Towards Kingdom
Saudi Arabia Struggles to Find Buyers for Extra Crude as Demand Dives: Sources
Elected Knesset Speaker by Right Wing, Gantz Heads for Government With Netanyahu
Blue and White Splits as Unity Deal With Likud Approaches
Netanyahu Instructs Spy Agency Mossad to 'Find Medical Equipment' Abroad Amid Ventilator Supply Crisis
Gaza Medics Switching Focus From Border Protests to Coronavirus
Olive Trees, Grapevines Damaged by Israeli Settlers Near Bethlehem
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Soldiers Among 16 Killed
Rockets Hit Iraq's Green Zone, US-Led Coalition Leaves Base
Iraq Assumes Full Control of Military Base in Nineveh Province
Iraq Extends Nationwide Curfew Until April 11
Three French Nationals and an Iraqi Freed in Iraq, France Says
Turkish-Occupied Syria Cuts Off Water to 400,000 During Pandemic
The Fight for Syria's Skies: Turkey Challenges Russia With New Drone Doctrine
Tehran Says Missing Former US Agent Left Iran Years Ago
Syrian Militant Commander Assassinated in Libya
Libyan Army Foils Attack on Airbase
EU to Launch New Libya Sea Patrols From April
Egypt's Health Minister Under Fire for Holding Packed Press Conference
FBI Says Former US Soldiers Committed Deadly Robbery to Fund Fight Against Venezuelan Government
Venezuela Says US Drug Trafficking Charges Against Maduro Show 'Desperation'
US Has 'A Moral Obligation' to Help Venezuela Deal With Outbreak: Democratic Senators
Bolivia Election Body Proposes June-To-September Window for Coronavirus-Delayed Vote
Cuba Blasts US 'Lies' Over Virus Medical Help
Mexican Protesters Block Arizona Border Traffic, Demand Virus Screenings on Travelers From US
US Military
Army Hospitals to Reach New York on Friday as Service Struggles to Contain Virus
Coronavirus Cases in Army Skyrockets to 288
Army Asks Retired Soldiers in Health Care Fields to Come Back for Covid-19 Fight
Pentagon Bracing for Weapon-Delivery Delays Due to Coronavirus
The Military Has Suspended All Travel, Deployments, Exercises for the Entire Force
US Navy Sailor Tests Positive for Coronavirus in Spain
Need to Balance Transparency With Security, Privacy on Coronavirus: US Navy
Navy Boot Camp Trainers Must Spend 90 Days Away From Families in Lockdown Measure
The War at Home
Travel Industry Hails Real ID Implementation Extension, Says May Need to Be Longer
Trudeau Calls for Keeping US-Canada Border Demilitarized
EPA Suspends Enforcement of Environmental Laws Amid Coronavirus
Afghanistan Orders Release of Nearly 10,000 Inmates in Bid to Tackle Virus
Child Injured in Blast Near Sikh Crematorium in Afghan Capital
Solidarity for Sikhs After Afghanistan Massacre
UN Mission in Afghanistan Urges Halt to Attacks on Civilians
US Playing Dangerous Game, China Says, After Warship Sails Through Taiwan Strait
Trade War With China Weakens Crucial Links in US Medical Supply Chain
China to Ban Most Foreign Arrivals in Effort to Block Contagion's Spread
With US Hit by Virus, China Courts Latin America With Medical Diplomacy
Police in India Physically Strike People Who Violate Coronavirus Lockdown: Report
Emerging From Brutal Indian Clampdown, Kashmir Braces for Coronavirus
US Welcomes Release of Farooq and Omar Abdullah, Urges India to Free All Kashmir Leaders
An Elite Spy Group Used 5 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities to Hack North Koreans
Kazakhstan Says Foils ISIS Bomb Attack
Police Kill Suspected Militant, Arrest 2 in Indonesia Raid
Gunmen Kill 2 Pakistani Troops, Wound 4 Near Iran Border
Putin Calls for Sanctions 'Moratorium' at G20 Summit
Putin Says Russia Can Beat Virus in 2-3 Months as Flights Halted, Shops to Shut
UK Navy Shadows Russian Warships After 'High Levels of Activity'
UK Company Develops Prototype of Cheap, 10-Minute Test That Shows if You Already Had Coronavirus
In Europe, Tech Battle Against Coronavirus Clashes With Privacy Culture
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