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Updated April 6, 2020 - 9:23 PM EDT
Taliban: Deal at Breaking Point on US Violations
  $1 Billion US Aid Cut Would Greatly Defund Afghan Security Forces
Fired Navy Captain Tests Positive for Covid-19
  Sailors Cheer Relieved Captain, Navy Officials Defend Firing
US Navy's $20 Billion Anti-China Wishlist
Joe Biden Falls Short on Iran Sanctions Relief
US Navy Expands Presence Near Venezuela
Trump Determined to Exit Treaty Reducing Risk of War
Assange Won't Be Released Amid Virus Crisis: Report
item Coronavirus Is Setting Dangerous Precedents for Americans' Civil Rights  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Washington Slams Cuba's Doctors as US Embargo Blocks Covid Aid  by Dave DeCamp
item As Sanctions Kill Iranians Stricken With Covid-19, Democratic Leaders Are Silent  by Sarah Lazare
item A Time to Choose: 'Company Men' or Common Decency?  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Meaning of Gantz's Submission to Netanyahu  by Mitchell Plitnick
item The Coronavirus Could Spark a Nuclear Meltdown in North Korea  by Harry J. Kazianis

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Journalists Threatened as Nations Restrict Covid Coverage
US, Israel, Russia Going All-In on Suicide Drones
Trump's Moves to Hold Medical Supplies Tip Trudeau to China
Trump Fires Ukrainegate Hoax Co-Conspirator
The War at Home
Enlisting Tech to Fight Coronavirus Sparks Surveillance Fears
Religious Groups Clash Over US Government Giving Virus Aid to Houses of Worship
FBI Opened Terrorism Investigations Into Nonviolent Pro-Palestinian Group
Trump Threatens Imposing Tariffs on 'Oil Coming From Outside'
More Than 110 VA Sites Now Dealing With Coronavirus Patients, 78 Patient Deaths Across System
States Turn to Election Security Funds to Pay Off Coronavirus Costs
Gantz Tells Rivlin He'll Likely Request Extension of Mandate to Form Government
Ex-IDF Generals: West Bank Annexation Could Cause Collapse of Palestinian Authority
Gaza Running Out of Coronavirus Tests, Warns Hamas-Run Health Ministry
With 11 Planes, Israel Airlifts Huge Quantities of Medical Equipment From China
Settlers Flood Palestinian Farm Lands Near Hebron
Medics Attacked En Route to Virus Test in Jerusalem Haredi Neighborhood; 1 Hurt
Israel Arrests Palestinian Governor of Jerusalem
How Israel's First Hijab-Wearing MK Plans to Fight for Arab Women
Senior Israel Health Official Calls for More Virus-Hit Haredi Towns to Be Locked Down
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed; Protest Organizer Killed
US Hands Over Another Air Base to Iraqi Forces
Reuters Stands by Report on Iraq Coronavirus Cases
Iraqi Women at Risk as Conservative Families Refuse Treatment for Them
Turkey to Curb Some Troop Movement in Syria as Coronavirus Cases Jump
Four Children Killed in Refugee Camp Fire in Northeastern Syria
Syria Quarantines Town Known to House Pro-Govt Foreign Fighters, but Insists Covid-19 Cases Low
Syria Coronavirus Outbreak Sparks More Fears of Epidemic
Syria Prison Riot Highlights Kurdish Forces' Struggle With ISIS Combatants
Irish Troops Return Home After Six Month Deployment in Syria
Iran Says Virus Contagion Slows for Fourth Day
Iran Hits Back at US Accusation Over Dissident's Killing
Iran's Rouhani Says Low-Risk Economic Activities to Resume From April 11 Amid Coronavirus
Middle East
How Has Coronavirus Impacted Conflicts in the Middle East?
Yemen's Warring Parties Accuse Each Other of Attacking Pipeline
Gunmen Kill Hezbollah Member in Southern Lebanon
Saudi Arabia and UAE Escalate Measures to Contain Coronavirus
Turkey Exempts Young Workers From Confinement Order
Sweden Seeks U-Turn on Coronavirus Restrictions
Terror Suspect Shouting 'Alluhu Akbar' Stabs Two to Death in France
Two Migrants Killed, One Missing After Greek Border Guards Fire on Migrants
Denmark Mulling Plan to Reopen Country Following Coronavirus Shutdown, Acknowledges Difficulties
How the Coronavirus Lockdown Is Hitting Mexico's Drug Cartels
Suspected Cartel Shootout Kills 19 in Northern Mexico
Mexico Seeks to Build Ventilators as Cases Rise to 1,890
Mexico's President to Lay Out 'Unorthodox' Coronavirus Plan to Shield the Poor, Economy
Captain Crozier
Trump Says Navy Captain Letter Asking for Help on Coronavirus-Stricken Ship 'Was Terrible'
Esper: Dismissal of Aircraft Carrier Commander an 'Example of How We Hold Leaders Accountable'
Over 120,000 Sign Online Petition Reinstate US Navy Commander
Over 150 USS Theodore Roosevelt Sailors Test Positive
US Military
Coronavirus Patients Delivered to Hospital Ship Comfort in New York by Mistake: US Officials
Nearly a Thousand Troops Have Been Diagnosed With Covid-19
US Military Recruiting Struggles as Enlistment Stations Close
Pentagon Staffers Told to Come to Work With Face Coverings
Trump Says 1,000 Military Personnel Deploying to NYC to Fight Coronavirus
New Satellites Will Be a Big Step in the Pentagon's Plan to Link Everything
Pentagon Gets Heat Over Protecting Service Members From Coronavirus
Marines Can Request a Service Extension if Covid-19 Is Impacting Their Ability to Leave the Corps
British PM Boris Johnson Admitted to Hospital Over Virus Symptoms
After Corbyn, UK Labour Elects Keir Starmer, Zionist With Jewish Wife, as Leader
China/Hong Kong
China Is Donating 1,000 Ventilators to Help New York in Coronavirus Fight
Imprisoned Chinese Rights Lawyer Released, His Wife Says
About 130 Riot Police in Hong Kong Ordered Into Quarantine
Taliban Says US 'Violating' Deal, US Calls Claims 'Baseless'
Afghan Leaders Urge Ghani to Stop New Appointments for Now
Afghan Forces Announce Arrest of Local ISIS Leader
Finance Ministry Restructuring Is Political: Afghan MPs
Kabul Residents: Leaders Care About Politics Not Covid-19
Fears of Massive Pakistan Covid Outbreak After 100,000 Attended Lahore Religious Gathering
Pakistan Quarantines Influential Islamic Missionaries
Crowd Manhandles Policemen for Enforcing Friday Prayers Restrictions in Karachi
Indian State Authorities Warn Coronavirus Lockdown Could Be Extended
'I Just Want to Go Home': The Desperate Millions Hit by Modi's Brutal Lockdown
9 Rebels, 3 Indian Soldiers Killed in Kashmir Fighting
Man Shot Dead in Philippines for Flouting Coronavirus Rules
Vietnam Protests Beijing's Sinking of South China Sea Boat
Can You Pass the Covid-19 Smell Test? You Might Have to Next Time You Head on Base in South Korea
Egyptian Lawyers to Sue China for Trillions Over 'Coronavirus Damages'
Egypt Prison Letter Smuggled Out From Doctors Who Want to Help Fight Pandemic
4 Soldiers, 63 Jihadists Killed in Clash in Niger
'Better Die of This Disease Than Starve': Angolans Defy Lockdown
Rwanda Finds Genocide Grave That Could Contain 30,000 Bodies
Sudan's Doctors Beaten by Police After Responding to Pandemic
Tripoli Forces Hit Eastern Libyan Cargo Plane Near Capital
Morocco's King Pardons 5,654 Prisoners to Avoid Contagion
Tunisia Parliament Grants PM Special Powers Amid Pandemic
Algeria Gets Help Against Pandemic From Trade Partner China
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
A Time To Choose: 'Company Men' or Common Decency?

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Washington Slams Cuba's Doctors as US Embargo Blocks Coronavirus Aid

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Coronavirus Lays Low the Military

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America, We Have To End the Wars Now

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The Quiet and Lethal Wars Against Iran

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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