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Updated May 19, 2020 - 8:37 PM EDT
Trump, Wall Street Journal Spar on Afghan Pullout
  US Envoy to Push Afghanistan, Taliban on Peace Talks
The Trump Administration Kills Coldly in Yemen
  Raytheon Finds Ally in Trump Aide: Selling Bombs Killing Yemenis
Fired State IG Was Investigating Saudi Arms Sale
No, ISIS Isn't Resurging Amid the Pandemic
US Navy Sends Submarine Force To Give Message to China
Libya Unity Govt Recovers Key Airbase From Hafter
UN Envoy Urges US and Russia to Discuss Syria Peace
item Still, the Global War on Terrorism Goes On  by Andrew Bacevich
item Pundits Urge 'Stronger Force Posture' to Counter China  by Eli Clifton
item Narrative Managers Argue China-Like Internet Censorship Is Needed  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Ghost of J. Edgar Haunts Flynn Investigation  by Coleen Rowley
item America, Kissinger, and the Overexpansion Trap  by Daniel Larison
item Time to Rethink Security Aid to Egypt  by William D. Hartung

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SARS Antibodies Can Block Covid-19 Infection: Study
100,000 Crewmembers Are Still Stuck on 100 Cruise Ships Around the World
Oil Rises Above $30 a Barrel as Coronavirus Lockdown Measures Are Eased
Police in China, Dubai, Italy Using Surveillance Helmets to Scan People for Covid
The War at Home
Judge Tosses Coronavirus Restrictions by Oregon Governor
Biden Won't Allow 'Daylight' Between US and Israel in Public, an Aide Assures Israel Lobby Group
FBI Finds 'Definitive' Al-Qaeda Connection in Pensacola Shooting
Ralph Mcgehee, CIA Officer Who Became an Agency Critic, Dies at 92 of Coronavirus
Rubio Tapped as Acting Chairman of Senate Intel Panel, Replacing Burr
US Supreme Court Backs $10 Billion Award to Sudan Bomb Victims
Pentagon Legislation Aims to End Dependence on China for Rare Earth Minerals
Taliban Claims Afghan Bomb Attack, Demands Prisoner Release
Afghan Intelligence Officials Killed in Taliban Car Bombing
Afghan Security Chiefs Justify New 'Offense Mode'
Afghan Political Parties Insist on 'Truly Inclusive' Govt
People Take Up Arms Against the Taliban in Faryab
Afghan Protesters Call for UN Probe of Drowning Incident at Iran Border
China/Hong Kong
Xi Vows China Will Share Vaccine and Gives WHO Full Backing

Pompeo Demands China Reveal Panchen Lama Immediately

Hong Kong Legislators Trade Blows as China Anthem Law Looms
Hong Kong Activists Charged Over Last Year's Demonstrations
Coronavirus 'Not a Pandemic in Pakistan' Says Top Court, Ordering Curbs Lifted
Three Arrested Over 'Honor Killing' of Teenage Sisters
Japan Launches New Unit to Boost Defense in Space
Thailand Marks 10 Years Since Deadly Army Crackdown
India Ups Foreign Investment, but Will Stop Importing Weapons That Can Be Made Locally
Kidnapped Myanmar Pastor Presumed Dead Returns Home More Than a Year Later
Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian Village, Killing 20
Gangs Terrorized Lagos in Coronavirus Lockdown. Vigilantes Responded.
El Salvador Supreme Court Orders State of Emergency Suspended
Chile Finance, Presidency Ministers in Quarantine After Meeting With Infected Lawmakers
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed
Iraq Faces Full Local Lockdowns as Virus Cases Jump
New Iraqi PM Takes Unprecedented Steps to Honor the Victims of the Protests
Former Syrian Intelligence Officer Denies Torturing Prisoners
ISIS Executes Seven Pro-Govt Fighters in E. Syria: Watchdog
Israelis End Stalemate, Swear in Government
Palestine Decides to Ease Anti-Coronavirus Measures in West Bank
Israeli Court Convicts Settler in Killings of Palestinian Family
Israeli Army Bulldozers Raze Palestinian Farm Land in Tulkarem
Israeli Colonists Chop Down 80 Olive Trees in Nablus, Bethlehem
Israeli Colonists Hurl Stones at Teqoua' Town Council
Will Jordan Make Israel Pay a Price for Annexation?
Hamas Vows No Release of Israeli Captives Without 'Real' Prisoners' Swap Deal
Yemen Govt Accuses Houthis of Covering Up Coronavirus Outbreak
Yemen's Saudi-Backed Govt Pleads for Coronavirus Aid
International Outcry Over Yemeni Journalists Facing Death Penalty
Middle East
Erdogan Vows to Punish Those Who Smuggle Foreign Currency Out of Turkey
Lebanese Are Despairing Over Their Next Meal as the Economic Crisis Worsens
Iran MPs Ban Work With Israel, Including Using Its Software, as Acts Against God
French Covid-19 Drones Grounded After Privacy Complaint
Youths Clash With Police in Paris Suburb of Argenteuil
European Countries Set to Further Ease Lockdowns
Coronavirus Turns Germans More Critical of US: Survey
'Get Out! Move!' Belgium Relaxes Lockdown for Lazier Nation
Merkel, Macron Back $543 Billion Fund for EU Crisis Recovery
Uganda Detains Prominent Academic Protesting Coronavirus Lockdown
Lesotho's PM Thabane Buckles to Pressure, Agrees to Step Down
Ethiopia Defends Plan to Begin Filling Nile Dam
Children of Rwandan Genocide Fugitive Kabuga Led Police to Paris-Area Hideout
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