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Updated June 23, 2020 - 9:52 PM EDT
N. Korea Suspends Military Plans Against South
  South Korea Says Bolton's Memoir on Summit Is Distorted

US, Russia End Nuclear Talks, Agree to 2nd Round

  China Flag Row Mars US-Russia Nuclear Arms Talks in Vienna
Houthis Fire Missiles, Drones at Saudi Arabia
  Hadi Govt, Southern Separatists Agree to Ceasefire in Yemen
  Yemen's UAE-Backed STC 'in Secret Talks With Israel', Report Claims
US Officials To Meet on Annexation This Week
  Israeli Demolitions in Palestine Soaring in June
Afghan Govt: Taliban Killed 291 Police Last Week
US Names 4 Chinese Media Outlets as Foreign Missions
Millions of Docs From US Police Published in 'Blueleaks'
item Israel Leverages Dubious 'Nuclear Archives' to Secure New IAEA Demands on Iran  by Gareth Porter
item It's Time to Eliminate Land-Based Nuclear Missiles  by William D. Hartung
item Arms Control Diplomacy Has Been Replaced With Stupid Stunts  by Bernhard
item Imperious Caesar Act Will Crush the Syrian People  by Daniel Larison
item Trump and His Standing Army  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Israel Exports Its Brutal Police Training to the US, and It Shows  by CJ Werleman

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India, China Commanders Meet Amid Calls for Boycott of Chinese Goods
Panama Exhumes 19 Bodies in Search of Victims of 1989 US Invasion
Israeli Military's Secret Experiments on Animals
Google Adds Fact-Check to Images
UN Envoy at Palestinian Rally Against Annexation: Don't Give Up Statehood Dream
Palestinians Set Up Protest Camp in Al-Aghwar Area to Challenge Israeli Annexation Plan
Dagan: Likud Support Against Phased Annexation Secured
Gaza Patients in Limbo After Palestinian Authority Halts Coordination With Israel
Israel Reports Drop in Arms Sales, but Exports of Spy Tech Nearly Double
Israel's Defense Export Contracts Were Worth $7.2 Billion in 2019
China Investments Undermining US Support for Israel Including Annexation
Thousands of Palestinians Protest Against Israeli Annexation in Jordan Valley
Bedouins Protest Israeli Confiscation of Land
Spyware by Israel's NSO Used Against Journalist: Amnesty
Palestinian Authority 'Ready to Sign Maritime Exclusive Economic Zone Deal With Turkey'
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Iraq's Military: 1 Rocket Hits Near Airport, No Casualties
Iraqis Flee Border Areas as Turkey Strikes Kurdish Militants
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group in Syria Detains Former Commander
Kurdish-Led Authorities in Syria in Talks Over US Sanctions Exemption
Syrian Air Defenses Intercept Drone Attack on Mediterranean Coast
Saudi Arabia
UK 'Selling Arms' to Saudi Arabia Despite Court Ban, New BAE Report Reveals
Saudi Arabia to Hold 'Very Limited' Hajj Due to Coronavirus
24 Organizations Urge UN Chief to Blacklist Saudi Coalition
Saudi Coalition Intercepts Drones Laden With Explosives Launched by Houthis
'Life Is Back Once Again': Saudi Arabia Lifts Three-Month Curfew
Middle East
Iran to Send Recorders From Downed Ukrainian Plane to France in Days
As Lebanon Sinks Into Crisis, Fear of Crime Grows
United Nations Orders Probe Into Human Rights Abuses in Libya
France's Macron Accuses Turkey of Playing 'A Dangerous Game' in Libya
Police, Protesters Clash in Southern Tunisia Over Lack of Jobs
French, Tunisian Heads of State Meet in Paris
Ivory Coast Says It Has Captured Jihadist Leader Behind Border Attack
Burkina Faso: When the Soldiers Meant to Protect You Instead Come to Kill
Algerian Activist Bouraoui Handed Prison Sentence
Mauritanian Police Accused of Racism After Kneeling on Neck of Black Man
Threat of Brazil Military Coup Unfounded, Retired Generals Say
Brazilian Ex-Minister Makes Quick Exit to US as Inquiries Rattle Government
Trudeau Slams 'Political' Detentions, After China Spy Charges
The War at Home
Wanted: Spies. CIA Turns to Online Streaming for New Recruits
Google Faces Employee Petition to End Tech Sales to Police
NYPD Suspends Officer After 'Apparent Chokehold' Incident
Urged by Police, Minneapolis EMS Staff Subdued Dozens of Protesters With a Sedative
NYPD Commissioner: Officers Who Drove Into Protesters Did Not Violate Use-Of-Force Policy
US Military
US Soldier Accused of Sending Information to Neo-Nazi Group as Part of Plot to Attack His Unit
House Bill Charges Guard, Reserve Forces With Defending the Nation in Cyberspace
House Lawmakers Put Limits on the Air Force's Planned Global Hawk Divestment
The Navy Saw a Major Decrease in Hypoxia Incidents Without Ever Finding a Root Cause
Air Force Investigating Whether Airman in Guam Broke Quarantine and Triggered a Covid-19 Outbreak
Defense Bill Would Survey Troops on if They've Faced 'Racist, Anti-Semitic or Supremacist' Activity
Production Workers Strike Against Major US Navy Shipbuilder
Nearly All Defense Companies Have Reopened From Covid-19
North Korea Seen Reinstalling Border Loudspeakers, Defectors Send Leaflets
South Korea Urges North Not to Send Leaflets Amid High Tensions
China/Hong Kong
Trump Says China Trade Deal Still on After Adviser's Remarks
With Ties in the Balance, EU and China Hold Tense Summit
European Union Leaders Urge Xi Jinping to Drop Hong Kong National Security Law, or Risk 'Negative Consequences'
Gunmen Kill 5, Including 2 Prosecutors, in Afghan Capital
Afghanistan, Iran to Form Strategic Cooperation Pact
Japan Asserts Senkaku Islands Claim in Dispute With China, Taiwan
Fire Burning at Hazmat Facility at US Air Base on Okinawa
Britain Reels From Latest Terrorism-Linked Stabbing, American Among Dead
UK: Reading Attacker May Have Had Mental Illness
NATO's New Surveillance Drone Begins Test Flights Over the Mediterranean
Russian Journalist Charged With Justifying Terrorism Calls Her Trial a Sham
France Brings Home 10 Children of ISIS Fighters From Syria
Syrian Doctor Arrested in Germany for 'Crimes Against Humanity'
Greece Slashes Essential Migrant Support Groups in 'Transparency' Overhaul
Ukraine President to Compensate Cafe Fined for Serving Him During Covid Lockdown
Tehran Sends Shipment of Food to Establish Venezuela's 'First Iranian Supermarket'
Trump Backtracks on a Meeting With Venezuela's Maduro After Chorus of Criticism
Trump Has Not Lost Confidence in Venezela's Guaido: White House
Venezuela's Rival Leaders Begin Tug-Of-War Over London Gold
Venezuela Blames US Sanctions for Non-Payment of UN Dues
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