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Updated July 25, 2020 - 9:43 PM EDT
Pompeo Lays Out New Cold War Against China
  China Orders US to Close Consulate in Chengdu
  US Arrests Chinese Cancer Researcher for Visa Fraud
37 Senate Dems Join GOP for $740B War Budget
  A Headline Perfectly Encapsulates Mainstream Liberalism
US Accuses Russia of Arming Libyan Rebels
Trump's Troop Drawdown From Germany Will Take 'Years'
Khalilzad Says Now Is 'Defining Moment' for Afghan Peace
'Flagrant Violation': Iran Protests US Jet Approach at UN
Court: Palestinian Prisoners Have No Right to Distancing
item A Headline Perfectly Encapsulates Mainstream Liberalism  by Caitlin Johnstone
item How Israel Obstructs Covid-19 Care in East Jerusalem  by Tamara Nassar
item CIA 'Obsessed' With Former UK Envoy Who Will Testify in Spying on Assange Case  by Joe Lauria
item Foreign Aid Is Protectionism  by Marcel Gautreau
item A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine  by Peter Beinart
item Time for Australia's SAS to Stop Its Culture of Covering-Up War Crimes  by Philip Dwyer

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Top Military Official Will Not Change Names of Bases Honoring Confederates
Ethiopian FM Outrages Egyptians With 'Nile Is Ours' Tweet, US Mulls Sanctions
VOA Visa Decision Could Hobble Venezuela Coverage
UN Rights Office Urges US to Rein in Police at Protests
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed in Attacks; Two Bodies Found
Four Rockets Hit Iraqi Military Base Near Capital
German Woman Kidnapped in Baghdad Freed: Iraqi Officials
Jerusalem Police Clash With Anti-Government Protesters, Detain 55 Outside Netanyahu's Residence
US Military Chief Visits Israel Amid Tensions With Iran
Israel Sent De-Escalation Message to Hezbollah Via Moscow
Forget the F-35, Israel Still Has Plans for Its Huge Fleet of F-16s
Turkey Frees Two Czechs Jailed on Terror Charges
Thousands Gather at Hagia Sophia for First Muslim Prayers in 86 Years
Greek Church Bells Toll for Hagia Sofia, PM Calls Turkey a 'Troublemaker'
Middle East
Israel Strikes Syrian Army Positions in Retaliatory Attack, Army Says
Ukraine: Black Boxes Confirm Interference With Jet Downed in Iran
Interpol Rejects Saudi Request to Extradite Ex-Spy Chief
Islamist Militants in Northeast Nigeria Execute Four Aid Workers
Sudan Armed Group Attacks Darfur Village, Killing at Least Seven
South Sudan Government Critic Peter Biar Ajak Flees to US
UN Peacekeeping Mission in Central African Republic Kills Three Rebel Fighters
Zimbabwe Court Rules Journalist Danger to Public, Extends Detention
West African Mediation Fails to Reach Deal to End Mali Crisis
US, Russia to Hold First Space Security Talks Since 2013
Russia Rejects Space Weapon Claim as 'Propaganda'
Thousands of Hungarians March for Media Freedom After Website Muzzled
Dozens of Journalists Resign From Hungary News Site in Protest
France Steps Up Space Force Spending to Gird for 'Unfriendly' Moves
Women Protest as Poland Mulls Quitting Anti-Violence Treaty
Belarus Opposition Leader Flees Abroad With Two Sons Ahead of Election
Bulgaria's Parliament Approves Government Reshuffle Amid Protests
Americans Still Dying
'An Incredible Paratrooper:' Army IDs Utah Soldier Killed in Vehicle Rollover Accident in Syria
The War at Home
Pentagon's UFO Unit to Disclose Some of Its Findings to the Public
US Judge Blocks Federal Agents From Arresting Portland Observers
Air Force Denies Surveillance Plane Gathered Info on Protests When Flying Over Portland
Federal Agents Fire Tear Gas Again at Portland Protesters
US Charges 18 Portland Protesters as It Sends Tactical Police to Seattle
US Takes Over Former Chinese Consulate in Houston
US: ICE Announces Rules Blocking New International Students
Trump Says He 'Often' Regrets His Tweets and Retweets
Facebook Offers $650 Million to Settle Facial Recognition Suit
New Defense Attorney in 9/11 Guantanamo Trial Requests 30-Month Delay to Prepare
Singaporean Pleads Guilty in US to Acting as Chinese Intelligence Agent: Justice Department
US Military
An M1 Abrams Accidentally Fired on a Fellow Tank at Fort Bliss
Navy Helicopter Accidentally Drops Anti-Mine Pod Near Chesapeake Bay
More Military Bases Increase Health Protections Due to Virus
All US Troops Arriving in Japan Must Take Covid-19 Tests
Marine Assigned to Trump's Helicopter Squadron Tests Positive for Covid-19
Four Companies Win Contracts to Build the Air Force's Skyborg Drone
Naval Academy Midshipman Guilty of Sexual Assault
US Civilian Mariner Dies on Deployed Cargo Ship in Middle East
US Officials Switch to Calling China's Xi Jinping 'General Secretary' Instead of 'President'
Senior China Diplomat Says Sino-US Tensions Caused Entirely by US
Chinese Foreign Minister Urges Germany to Resist US Pressure Play for Disengagement With China
Around 50 Taliban Rebels Killed in South Afghanistan
Georgian Peacekeepers Return From Afghanistan
Pakistan: Protests Erupt Over Parachinar Bomb Attack
US and Allies Accuse North Korea of Breaching Oil Import Cap
Singaporean CH-47F Helo Spotted in Delaware, With Registration Data Suggesting 16 Are on Order
Number of Women Seeking Help From Mexico Lockdown Violence Surges
Chile Approved for $634m Worth of F-16 Upgrades
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