Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the civil unrest in the homeland, even fewer eyes are on U.S. foreign policy than before. Hopes of a global ceasefire to combat the pandemic are long gone, and the crisis has only emboldened the War Party in Washington.

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Updated July 27, 2020 - 9:48 PM EDT
Doug MacGregor Tapped as Envoy to Germany
US Flies Record Number of Planes Near China
  Pompeo Lays Out New Cold War Against China
  US Chengdu Consulate Races to Meet Monday Closure Deadline
Khalilzad Heads to Afghanistan To Press for Talks
  Taliban Accuses Afghan Government of Recapturing Freed Prisoners
Court: Palestinian Prisoners Have No Right to Distancing
  AIPAC Praises $3.8B Israel Defense Aid After It Sails Through Congress
Iran Passenger Gets Spinal Surgery After US Jet Incident
Germany Rejects Trump's Proposal To Let Russia Into G7
item More Willful Blindness by the Media on Spying by Obama Administration  by Jonathan Turley
item State Dept-Funded Transparency International Goes Silent on Assange  by Patrick Maynard
item Ready To Go to War? Republicans Beat the War Drums Over Taiwan  by Doug Bandow
item Thinking About the Unthinkable (2020-Style)  by William J. Astore

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Group of 27 Former Israeli MKs and Diplomats Urge Dems to 'Reject Occupation'
US House OKs $250M for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue, Business Development
Protests Grow as British Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Restart
Propublica Posts NYPD Records, Bypassing Judge's Blockade
Netanyahu Said Eyeing Loophole to Ditch Gantz, Form Right-Wing Coalition
Violent Attacks on Anti-Netanyahu Protesters Reported Across Country
Gantz on Netanyahu: 'Not Everyone Interested in Avoiding Elections'
As Tensions Soar in North, Netanyahu Warns Syria and Lebanon Against Attacks
Shin Bet Secretly Tracked Most Israelis' Phones for at Least 2.5 Years
Rights Groups Urge Palestinian Authority to Free Protesters
A Young Man Left London to Join Israel's Army but Now Believes the Treatment of Palestinians Is Morally Wrong
Iraq Daily Roundup: 12 Killed; Three Bodies Found
US-Led Coalition in Iraq Hands Over Basmaya Military Base
Rockets Hit Iraq's Besmaya Base on Eve of Handover
Explosion Hits Southern Baghdad Weapons Depot, Blamed on Heat
Turkish Army Seizes PKK Ammunition Cache in Northern Iraq
Turkish Air Raid Kills Two Civilians in Iraq Kurdistan
'Innocent Civilians': Bomb Kills Eight in Turkish-Held Syrian Town
Israel Told Hezbollah It Inadvertently Killed Fighter in Syria Air Strike
Unrecognized HTS-Affiliated 'Government' Seals Off Idlib Town After Coronavirus Spreads
Hezbollah Says All-Out War With Israel Unlikely in Coming Months
Israeli Drone Crashes in Lebanon Amid Tensions With Syria
Turkey and Greece in War of Words Over Hagia Sophia
Turkey Calls Greek Reaction to Hagia Sophia Prayers 'Hostile'
Greek Protesters Burn Turkish Flag Following Hagia Sophia Conversion Amid Hostile Statements
Middle East
US Envoy Calls on Gulf Allies to Back Iran Arms Embargo Extension
Jordan Arrests Leaders of Teachers Union in Opposition Crackdown
Some 60 Said to Be Killed, 60 Wounded in Attack in Sudan's Darfur Region: UN
Sudan To Deploy Troops to Darfur After Killings: PM Hamdok
The War at Home
Protests Erupt Nationwide in Solidarity With Portland Demonstrations
Portland Protesters Breach Courthouse Fence Amid Clashes With Federal Agents
Fresh Violence Flares in Portland as Officers Tear Gas Anti-Racism Protesters
Demonstrators Protest Portland Tactics Outside Home of DHS Chief
A 'Wall of Vets' Joined the Ranks of the Portland Protesters
Seattle Black Lives Matter Clashes Spark 45 Arrests, 21 Police Injured
Ted Cruz Says More Chinese Consulates in US 'May Well Be Closed'
Crowds Gather in Chengdu to Watch American Diplomats Evacuate
Chinese Complains US 'Forced Entry' Into Houston Consulate After Diplomats Leave Over Spying Claims
UN Says Thousands of Anti-Pakistan Militants in Afghanistan
Two Afghan Soldiers Killed in Helmand Car Bombs
Taliban Blamed for Killing Woman Govt Worker in Ghazni
Pakistan Says Shot Down 'Intruding' Indian Quadcopter
Pakistan Soldier Killed in Terror Attack in Balochistan
Pakistani Police Probe Minister After Killing of Journalist
North Korea Declares State of Emergency as Covid-19 Case Reported
Mass Anti-Kremlin Rallies Grip Russia's Far East
Armenians and Azerbaijanis Clash in Moscow
Ceasefire in War-Torn Eastern Ukraine to Begin at Midnight
Serbia Seeks More Warplanes Amid Balkan Tensions
Polish Ruling Party Distances Itself From Proposal to Exit Domestic Violence Treaty
Uproar in Libya as French Writer Bernard-Henri Levy Visits
Somalia's Parliament Votes to Remove PM Hassan Ali Khaire
Kenyan Police Officers Arrested After Fatal Shooting in Garissa
Man Fatally Shot in Venezuela Gasoline Protest; Second Such Incident This Month
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