Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the civil unrest in the homeland, even fewer eyes are on U.S. foreign policy than before. Hopes of a global ceasefire to combat the pandemic are long gone, and the crisis has only emboldened the War Party in Washington.

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Updated August 1, 2020 - 8:01 PM EDT
Afghanistan Calm as Ceasefire Holds on Day Two
  22 Killed in Clashes at Afghan-Pakistan Border
  Afghan President Orders Release of 500 Taliban
Iran: No US Talks, Won't Give Up Nuclear Program
  Pompeo: US Would Take Action if Iran Arms Embargo Ends
  Pompeo: Trump's Iran Strategy Has Not Achieved 'Ultimate Objective'
In Portland, Black Activists Frustrated With White Protesters
  Homeland Security Gathered Intel on Journalists Covering Portland
Poland Says US to Deploy Troops on Eastern Border
Russians Intercept Another US Spy Plane Over Black Sea
AFRICOM Told to Prepare to Move Out of Germany
item Annexation and the US – Making and Unmaking States in the Middle East  by Geoffrey Aronson
item The Lies and Mistakes That Led the US Into Iraq, Laid Out in a New Book  by Bob Drogin
item Eyewitness Exposes the Execution of a Palestinian by Israeli Soldier  by Ramzy Baroud
item Bipartisan Duo Wants to Solve the Korean War  by Matthew Petti

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Did the CIA Torture an Undercover DEA Agent for a Mexican Drug Cartel?
1 Marine Dead, 8 More Missing After AAV Accident Off California Coast
Libya to Impose Full Lockdown as Cases Grow
Pompeo: Tech Downplaying China Cyberthreat
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 230 Killed or Found Dead in July
Iraq Prime Minister Calls Early Elections for June 2021
Israel Delivers Demolition Orders for 36 Palestinian-Owned Structures Near Jenin
Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian-Owned Home, Confiscate Farm Equipment
Middle East
Executed Turkish General Exposed Misuse of Qatari Funds for Syria Extremists: Report
Car Bomb Blast in Northeastern Syria Kills at Least Five
Ukraine, Iran Conclude First-Round Talks on Plane Downing Damages
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Leader Says Key Election Postponed, Blow to Pro-Democracy Camp
US Sanctions Chinese Entity and Individuals Over 'Human Rights Abuses' Against Uygurs, Using Global Magnitsky Act
Arrest Warrants Issued for Six Hong Kong Democracy Activists
White House Condemns Hong Kong Election Delay After Trump Floated Postponing US Vote
China Rejects Accusations of Hacking Attempt on US Vaccine Developer Moderna
Chinese Central Government's Statement on Postponement of Hong Kong Election
Germany Suspends Hong Kong Extradition Agreement After Election Delay
Afghans Celebrate Eid Amid Ceasefire
New Zealand Army Misled Public Over Civilian Deaths in 2010 Afghan Raid
Call for New Zealand Force to Apologize to Afghan Villages Where Civilians Were Killed
As Rumors Swirl of Yemenis Fighting in Libya, Mercenaries Enlist to Join the War
East Libyan Military Court Sentences Journalist to 15 Years
Drunk Soldier in Eastern DR Congo Shoots Dead 12 Civilians, Including 2-Year-Old
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Attack on French Forces in Mali
Zimbabwe Author Held as Streets Empty on Day of Planned Protests
Americans Still Dying
Arizona National Guardsman, Phoenix Police Officer, Dies After Collapsing During Fitness Test
The War at Home
Microsoft Reportedly in Talks to Buy Tiktok's US Operations as Donald Trump Mulls Banning the Chinese Video App
Trump Says Oregon Leaders Must Clean Out 'Beehive of Terrorists,' Threatens to Send in National Guard
Man Who Killed Protester in Austin Is Active Duty Army Sergeant Who Posted About Using 'Deadly Force' Against 'The Mobs'
US: Portland Calm as Federal Agents Hand Over to Local Police
Pompeo Slams US Tech for Downplaying China Cyberthreat
Judge Proposes Numbered Jerseys for Federal Agents in Portland
Poll: Americans Almost Evenly Split on Trump Sending Federal Agents to Cities
Santa Fe Police Department Sends Back Its Two Military Vehicles
Three Men Charged in Connection With Celebrity Twitter Hack
US Military
Marines Suspend All AAV Water Ops as Search for 8 Missing Troops Continues
Marine Vehicle Deep Under Sea, Complicating Rescue Search
US Navy Prepares Major Surge of Littoral Combat Ship Deployments
Navy Discharges Sailors Involved in Human Smuggling From Mexico
Sailors From the USS George H.W. Bush Have Covid-19. the Navy Won't Say How Many
The Army's Last Armor-On-Armor Mishap Like the One at Fort Bliss Was More Than 30 Years Ago
Belarus: Lukashenko Accuses Russian Mercenaries, Critics of Plotting Attack
Moscow Demands That Belarus Free 33 Detained Russians
Russia Says Alleged Mercenaries Are 'in No Way Connected' With Belarus
Tens of Thousands Rally in Belarus Despite Pre-Election Crackdown
German Restaurants Object After Police Use Covid Data for Crime-Fighting
Venezuela Supreme Court Approves Extradition Request to Italy for Ex-Oil Czar
Two Citgo Executives Detained in Venezuela Moved to House Arrest, US Diplomat Says
Bolsonaro's Military Backing Stokes Growing Unease in Brazil Army Ranks
Two Former Heads of Mexican Federal Police Indicted on Cartel Crimes
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