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Updated August 5, 2020 - 8:41 PM EDT
Massive Beirut Blast: 100 Dead, 4,000 Wounded
Trump: 4K US Troops Out of Afghanistan by Nov.
NATO Tense as China in 1st Arms Sales in Europe
  China's US Envoy Says Beijing Does Not Want Further Rise in Tensions
  Chinese State Media Objects to Trump's TikTok 'Theft' Plan
Trump Adviser Warns Against Foreign Military in Libya
  Germany Deploys 250 Soldiers for Libyan Arms Embargo Mission
  UN: 125,000 Civilians at Risk as Fighting Looms Over Libya's Sirte
Israeli Helicopters Attack S. Syria, Strike Army Positions
  Did Pompeo Mislead Congress About Syria's Oil?
Poll: Nearly Half of Germans Favor US Troop Cuts
US to Keep Backing Venezuela's Guaido After Election
item Regarding Seth Rogen: Some Feelings Ought to Be Hurt  by Sheldon Richman
item Did Pompeo Mislead Congress About Syria's Oil?  by Matthew Petti
item To Nancy Pelosi – Did Russia Hack the DNC Emails?  by Veteran Intel Professionals for Sanity
item America's 30-Year War Against Iraq: Bring the Troops Home  by Doug Bandow
item No, Putin Isn't a Global Mastermind  by James Heartfield
item Empire Is the Root of US-China Hostilities  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Police Bodycam Footage Shows George Floyd Arrest in Detail
'Legitimate' Concerns About Saudi Arms Sales, Ex-US Official Says
Palestinians' Homes Stolen Once Again as Assad Eyes Syria's Yarmouk Camp
The War at Home
FBI Has Opened 300 'Domestic Terror' Investigations as a Result of Riots, Attorney Tells Capitol Hearing on Antifa
To Keep Weapon Sales in Place, US Offers New Options for Payment
United States Tests Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
NSA Warns of Security Threats From Mobile Location Data
US Military
Army Esports Team Will Reverse Ban on Twitch Users Who Asked About War Crimes
Navy SEALs End Ties With Museum Over Video of Dogs Attacking Man in Kaepernick Jersey
Army Special Forces Colonel Charged With Five Counts of Sexual Assault
Pentagon Nominee Slams the US Navy's Fleet Plans as 'Not a Credible Document'
4th US Service Member Dies of Covid-19
Second Fort Hood Soldier Dies at Nearby Lake
Sailor Dies During Guam Port Visit
Marine Corps Finds Sunken Aav, Remains of Troops Killed in Southern California 'Training Mishap'
Pakistan Unveils New Map, Claims All of Kashmir
Curfew in Kashmir Ahead of Autonomy Revocation Anniversary
India's Residency Law in Kashmir Amplifies Demographic Fears
India: Modi to Lay Controversial Temple Foundation to Push Hindu Agenda
Activists Call for 'Global Spotlight' on Plight of Kashmiris
US, China Plan to Review Phase-One Trade Deal in Mid-August
Malaysian Police Raid Al Jazeera's Office, Seize Computers
Former Colombian President Uribe Says High Court Orders His Detention
Court OKs Extradition of Man Linked to Venezuela's Maduro
Trump Calls Beirut Explosion an 'Attack'
'I Saw People Flying': Eyewitnesses Describes Horror of Beirut Explosion
'I Can't Believe I'm Alive': Survivors Recount Beirut Explosion
Lebanese MP Marwan Hamadeh Resigns, Says 'Government Ineffective'
Beirut Blast Damaged UNIFIL Ship, Badly Injured Crew: Statement
As Beirut Death Toll Rises, Lebanese PM Vows to Punish Those Behind Huge Blast
Lebanese Kataeb Party's Secretary-General Nazar Najarian Killed in Beirut Blast
Lebanon Defense Council Recommends Military Oversee Security in Beirut
Lebanon Protesters Try to Storm Energy Ministry Amid Power Cuts
Fire at Iranian Industrial Site Adds to Wave of Mysterious Explosions
China, Russia Likely to Veto US Bid on Iran, Envoy Craft Says
Iran Abducted Exiled Opponent While in Dubai, Family Says
Israel Can't Hide Evidence of Its Occupation Anymore
Israel's Netanyahu Warns Hezbollah After Syria Attack
Israeli Forces Demolish Homes in West Bank Bedouin Community
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 230 Killed or Found Dead in July
Six Years On, Yazidis in Iraq Demand Justice for ISIS Persecution
Chad Slows Down Internet to Curb 'Hate Speech' on Social Media
Algerian Leader Secures Fugitive Officer With Erdogan Call, Source Says
Egypt to Withdraw From Latest Dam Talks for Internal Consultations
Zimbabwe President Vows to 'Flush Out' Opponents
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Regarding Seth Rogen: Some Feelings Ought To Be Hurt

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America's 30-Year War Against Iraq: Bring the Troops Home

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I Was Wrong: Congress Isn't Cowardly; It's Evil!

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The Coronavirus May be Novel, But It's the Same Old Foreign Policy

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The US Has No Place in the South China Sea Dispute

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The Russian Bounties Hoax

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Health Professionals Show What Matters. Hint: It's Not Health

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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Mad Man Modly: The Secretary of the Navy Gets the Boot

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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