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Updated September 10, 2020 - 9:21 PM EDT
US Confirms Will Pull 2,200 Troops Out of Iraq
  Iraq: France Asserts Itself as US Withdraws
Afghan Peace Talks Scheduled to Begin Saturday
  US Negotiator: Some Desperate to 'Spoil' Afghan Peace Process
Assange Hearing Adjourned to Monday
  'War on Journalism': Centerstage at Assange Hearing
  Day Three: Defense Witness Dismantles Key Elements of Govt Case
Chinese Fighters Enter Taiwan's Airspace After Missile Tests
  China's Wang Yi: US Is 'Biggest Driver' of S. China Sea Militarization
US, UK, France, and Iran 'Perpetuate' Yemen Conflict: UN
New HQ Has US Cyber Command Looking to Attack
item America's Old Foreign Policy Hubris Creates New Int'l Failures  by Doug Bandow
item The FBI's 'Civil Liberties Training' Is a Farce  by Patrick G. Eddington
item Trump's 'War on Journalism' Takes Centerstage at Assange's Extradition Hearing  by Kevin Gosztola
item Peace Through Weapons Sales to the UAE  by Ariel Gold
item Why the Blob Needs an Enemy  by Arta Moeini
item NYT, FB, FBI Say Anti-Trump Site Was Russian Effort to Help Trump  by Joe Lauria

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Defense Authorization Bill Delayed Until After Election
Serbia Won't Move Embassy if Israel Recognizes Kosovo
United States: End of Qatar Blockade Possibly 'in Weeks'
Trump to Host Israel, UAE for Signing Ceremony at White House Next Week
How Sudan's Peace Deal Can End Years of Conflict
Netanyahu Admits Police Cover-Up in 2017 Killing of Bedouin Teacher
'Not a Right but a Privilege': Israeli Jail Confiscates Fans Amid Searing Heatwave
Court to Check Plea Deal Giving Soldier 3 Months of Service for Killing Palestinian Without Cause
Calls to End Gaza Siege Grow Alongside New Covid Cases
Arab League: Ministers Agree Not to Condemn UAE-Israel Deal
Israel Allows Evangelical Volunteers From US Into West Bank Settlements Despite Coronavirus Travel Ban
Congress Questions Sale of US Residence in Israel to Adelson
Kushner Says Saudi Arabia, Bahrain to Allow All Israeli Flights to Use Airspace
US Envoy: Israel-Lebanon Maritime Talks Held Up by 'Absurd' Sticking Point
Lebanese Hezbollah and Allied Parties Condemn US Sanctions on Former Ministers
Lebanon President Requests Contact With US Embassy Over Sanctions on Ex-Ministers
US and France Disagree on Approach to Hezbollah, American Official Says
Seven UN Agency Employees in Yemen Die From Covid-19, Dozens Infected
New UN Report Says Rebels in Yemen Recruited Teenage Girls
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
ISIS Inmates Stage Riot in Kurdish-Run Prison in Northeastern Syria: Watchdog
EU Prepares to Lift Sanctions on Libyan Powerbroker, Diplomats Say
UN 'Dismayed' at Journalist's 15-Year Prison Term in Eastern Libya
Turkey Sentences Five Journalists for Naming Intel Agents in Libya
Africa Spec Ops Commander Warns of al-Qaeda's Growing Influence
Several Dead as Suicide Bomber Targets Mogadishu Restaurant
Mozambique Committing Abuses in Fight Against Rebels: Amnesty
Sierra Leone Ex-Rebel Leader Augustine Gbao Granted Early Release
Ugandan Move to Regulate Online Activity Is Tool to Curb Dissent Ahead of Polls: Rights Groups
Egypt Prosecutors Probe Young Man's Death While in Detention
Ethiopia's Tigray Region Holds Vote, Defying Abiy's Federal Govt
The War at Home
US Has Canceled More Than 1,000 Visas for Chinese Nationals Deemed Security Risks
Trump Orders ByteDance to Divest Interest in US Tiktok Operations Within 90 Days
Washington Puts Heat on US Executives at Chinese Firms, With TikTok Latest Example
US Readies Bans on Cotton, Tomato Imports From China's Xinjiang
Trump Disclosed Secret Weapons System to Woodward: Book
Trump Says He Built a Secret Nuclear Weapon. Here's What It Probably Is.
Amazon Adds Former NSA Director to Board After Jedi Fight
Three Killed in Plane Crash Were Tennessee National Guard
Army Reaches Milestone in Destroying Mustard Agent at Pueblo Chemical Depot
US Military Set to Deploy Israeli Counter-Drone System
Afghanistan VP Lightly Wounded in Deadly Kabul Blast, Six Dead
All Fatalities in Blast Targeting VP Were Civilians: Afghan Govt
China-India Border Dispute: PLA Bombers Pictured Close to Troubled Region
Indian and Chinese Troops Man Remote Himalayan Outposts Just Hundreds of Meters Apart
China-India Border Dispute: Video of Violent Clash Between Soldiers Goes Viral
Pak Army Downs 11th Indian Spy Drone
India Tests Homemade Hypersonic Vehicle
Beijing Accuses Australia of Raiding Chinese Journalists' Homes
Serbia Suspends Belarus Military Drill, Citing EU Pressure
Tsikhanouskaya Says Foreign Powers Could Mediate in Belarus's Unrest
Belarusi Activist Olga Kovalkova Forcibly Removed From Country by Security Services
Russia Says Navalny 'Disinformation' Being Used for New Sanctions
Government Agreed, Montenegro to Keep Pro-Western Course.
Norway Arrests Suspect Linked to Fatal 1982 Paris Jewish Deli Attack
Maduro Opponent Exits Chilean Embassy in Caracas
Mexico: Two Killed in Clash With Military Police Near Dam Protest
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