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Updated September 12, 2020 - 4:09 PM EDT
Biden: Stay in Mideast, Hike Military Spending
Afghan Government, Taliban Arrive for Talks
  Trump Nominates War Skeptic as Ambassador to Afghanistan
Bahrain Normalizes Israel Relations
  'Stab in the Back': Palestinians Condemn Israel-Bahrain Deal
  Bahrainis Decry Betrayal as King Does Deal With Israel
US Flies Nuclear Bombers Near Russia Coast
Japan PM Wants First-Strike Capabilities
Assange Hearing Resumes on Monday Morning
Saudi Officials Must Testify in 9/11 Lawsuit, Says US Judge
Iran Chased Off US Spy Plane During Hormuz Exercises
item Foreign Interventionism, 9/11, and the Perpetual War on Terrorism  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item The US War on Terror Has Created as Many as 59 Million Refugees  by Jake Johnson
item Time for the Longest War in Our Nation's History to End  by Brian Darling
item Assange Trial Exposes False Partisan Narratives  by Caitlin Johnstone

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India, China Agree to De-Escalate in Steps to Calm Border Tension
Poll: Plurality of Voters Feel About as Safe From Terrorism as Before 9/11
Train Lines Vandalized in Catalonia Ahead of Pro-Independence Rallies
US Budget Deficit Soars to $3 Trillion Record
The War at Home
US Seeks Sweeping DNA Collection of Immigrants, Sponsors
Florida Sheriff Creates Chinese-Style Totalitarian State
Federal Investigators Declare Secret Service Choke Slamming Photographer at Rally 'Reasonable'
The Navy Scrapped Plans to Fly a Fighter Jet Over New York City on the Anniversary of 9/11 After It Sparked Outrage
Taiwan President Visits Air Defense Battery as China Tensions Rise
Beijing to Impose Restrictions on All US Diplomats in China
China Would Rather See TikTok US Close Than a Forced Sale
Philippines Urges Amicable Approach to Beijing Over South China Sea
Indian State Uses Draconian Law to Detain Those Accused of Killing Cows
Six Killed in Burundi Gun Attack, Weeks After Similar Incident
Six Killed in Suicide Bombing Outside Mosque in Somalia
Gunmen Abduct 10 Near Nigeria Capital, Police Free 5
Arrest of Hotel Rwanda Hero an 'Enforced Disappearance': HRW
Mali Experts Propose 2-Year Transition, President Picked by Army
Egypt Journalist Arrested Over Coverage of Detainee's Death
Morocco Warns of Sahel 'Time Bomb' as ISIS-Linked Cell Busted
Governing Party in Ethiopia's Tigray Sweeps Regional Polls
Sudan Declares Economic Emergency as Currency Plunges
Almost 100 Senegalese Soldiers Test Positive for Coronavirus After Returning From Gambia
Russia to Stage Huge 12,000 Troop 'Caucasus' Drills in September
EU Seeks Urgent Debate on Belarus at UN Rights Body
Bahrain-Israel Deal
Bahrain King Reiterates Necessity for Two State Solution
Peace Deal Brings Once Secret Israel-Bahrain Contacts Into the Open
Saudi Arabia, Key Backer of Bahrain, Noticeably Silent on Normalization Deal
Kushner: Normalization Allows Arabs to Favor Own Interests Over Palestinians
EU Missions Urge Israel to Cease Demolition of Palestinian Homes
Jordan: Ending Israeli Occupation 'Key' to Peace in Mideast
An Israeli Soldier Killed Their Son, and Got Three Months of Community Service.
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed; Protests Turn Violent
The Man Who Risked Everything to Report From ISIS-Controlled Mosul
Middle East
Turkey: EU Sanction Threat Over East Med Crisis Lacks Legal Basis
Saudi Cleric Salman Al-Odah's Trial to Resume in Secret in October, Says Son
Libya Rivals Reach Deal to Allocate Positions in Key Institutions
Turkey Conducts Search, Rescue Exercise Off Libyan Coast
UK Urged to Seek Libya Oil Opportunities
Rights Group: Libya Militias Used Machine Guns on Protesters
Mexican Water Wars: Dam Seized, Troops Deployed, at Least One Killed in Protests About Sharing With US
Former Mexican Federal Police Official Accused of Torturing Suspects Turns Himself In
Colombia Minister Issues Apology, Seeks to Restore Calm After Deadly Protests
Ex-Salvadoran Colonel Gets 133 Years in Jail for Murdering Five Spanish Jesuit Priests During Civil War
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