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Updated October 18, 2020 - 9:58 PM EDT
Iran Arms Embargo Ends, Pompeo Makes Threats
Esper Seeks More Funds to Face China, Russia
  Security Advisor Urges Taiwan to 'Fortify' Against Chinese Invasion
  US Aircraft Carrier Enters South China Sea
O'Brien: US To Cut Forces in Afghanistan to 2,500
  US, Taliban Agree to Reduce Operations
Death Toll Mounts in Nagorno-Karabakh
  Nagorno-Karabakh: Sirens, Shelling, and Shelters in Stepanakert
US Rejects Putin's Offer to Renew New START
Teacher Decapitated in Paris Terror Attack
Yemen Prisoner Swap Completed; 1081 Exchanged
US Drone Strike Kills Two al-Qaeda Figures In Syria
item Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor  by Glenn Greenwald
item The Zionist War on a Palestinian Festival in Rome an Ominous Sign  by Romana Rubeo & Ramzy Baroud
item Coverage of the Trump-Israel Effort To Goad Iran Into Conflict Is Biased  by James North
item Military Bases Never Go Unused  by David Swanson
item War Industry and Govt. Gives More Than $1b to Top Think Tanks  by Cassandra Stimpson
item Karabakh: Turkey Instigates an Old War With Older Ambitions  by Pietro Shakarian & Artyom Tonoyan

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UK's Ambassador Probed Over Leaked US Secrets to CNN Reporter Lover
Twitter CEO: Blocking Links to NY Post Biden Story Was 'Wrong'
Dutch DM Casts 'Unrealistic' NATO Spending Goal
Inside Secret Nuke Tunnels Beneath Ice of Greenland
The War at Home
Kings Bay Plowshares 7 Activists Sentenced for 2018 Anti-Nuclear Protest at Georgia Naval Base
US Budget Deficit Hits $3.1 Trillion, Doubling Previous Record
State Department Signals It Will Keep Most Details of Its Spending at Trump's Properties Hidden Until After Election
Air Force Settles Lawsuit for F-16 Strafing Run That Killed Contractor
US Military
Military Suicides Were Up Slightly in the First Half of This Year
'No Clear Vision' Yet for Military Cargo Delivery Via Space Rocket, General Says
Defense Secretary Talks Latest Technologies to Give US Troops the Edge
Navy Finds New Covid-19 Cases Aboard Previously Virus-Stricken USS Theodore Roosevelt
The Army Is Paying $87 Million for an Upgraded 84mm Recoilless Rifle
New AWOL Policy Comes After Macabre Summer Called Attention to Missing Soldiers
Navy Identifies Sailor Who Fatally Shot Himself While on Watch
Pentagon Inks $197 Million in Contracts for Microelectronics
Why US Aircraft Carriers in South China Sea Angers Beijing
China Rejects Report Uighur Children Being Separated From Parents
Japan Will Not Join US Plan to Bar China From Telecoms Networks: Yomiuri
With Eye on China, Japan's Suga Seeks Tighter Ties With Vietnam, Indonesia
14 Killed in Crime, Security Incidents in Kabul in 10 Days
Return of Taliban Emirate Unacceptable to Afghans: Abdullah
Afghanistan-Bound Convoy Attacked in Northwest Pakistan, NATO Armored Vehicles Torched
Thousands Gather for Anti-Government Protest in Pakistan
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Accuses Country's Army Chief of Toppling His Government
Thai PM Says Not Quitting, Protest Ban to Last Up to 30 Days
Thailand's King Should Not Reign From German Soil, Berlin Says
Thai Police Turn Water Cannon on Defiant Protesters
Kyrgyzstan Ends State of Emergency as Nationalist Consolidates Power
Malaysia's King Urges Politicians to End Uncertainty as Power Struggle Drags On
Militant's Aide Surrenders in Kashmir After Brief Encounter, Army Shares Dramatic Video
Former French President Sarkozy Charged Over Libyan Financing
First Tripoli-Benghazi Flight in One and a Half Years Receives Big Welcome
Ivory Coast Heads Into Crisis as Opposition Calls for Election Boycott
UN Confirms Donor Conference of Crisis-Plagued Sahel Region
End Sars: Hated Nigerian Police Unit's Founder 'Feels Guilty'
Extremist Rebels Attack UN Peacekeepers in Mali; 1 Killed
Guinea: Tensions Ahead of Crucial Presidential Elections
China Arming Venezuelan Navy With Anti-Ship Missiles: Venezuela
Venezuela Oil Production Lowest in 75 Years
US Deported Venezuelans Through Third Country Despite Risks
Americans Still Dying
Petty Officer, a 19-Year Navy Vet, Dies in Florida Hospital After Collapsing in El Salvador
Saudi Arabia
Saudi FM Pushes Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks, Nixes Imminent Normalization
Saudi Foreign Minister Hints at Resolving Qatar Blockade
Saudi Arabia Arrests 45 in Latest 'Anti-Corruption' Drive
Palestinians Warn of 'Apartheid' in Israel With New Settlements
Gaza Children Struggle With Studies During Covid-19 Lockdown
European Powers, Jordan Condemn Israel Settlement Approvals
Dozens of Palestinians Wounded in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in West Bank: Medics
Israel, Bahrain to Sign Joint Declaration in Step Toward Full Peace Agreement
Informal Arab Delegation Visits Al-Aqsa With Israeli Protection
Israel Bans Palestinian Singer Mohammed Assaf From Entering Jerusalem, Gaza
Palestinians in Gaza Fire Rocket Into Israel, No Injuries
Lebanon Says 'Heavily' Relying on US to Help Solve Israel Maritime Border Talks
Lebanon's Revolution: How Art Turned Into a Political Weapon
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed
For Iraq's Persecuted Yazidis, Return Plan Is Fraught With Risk
US Condemns Apparent Turkish Test of Russian Missile System
Turkey Holds Man Suspected of Spying for UAE
Middle East
Millions of Yemenis Lose Access to Aid Amid Funding Shortfall, UN Says
Iran Says Ports Hit by Cyberattack This Week, but Flow of Goods Unhindered
US Economic Delegation to Visit Israel, UAE, and Bahrain
Syria: Hundreds of Prisoners Released by Kurdish Authorities Not All ISIS-Linked
Arabic Press Review: What Is Arab Media Saying About the Clinton Emails?
New Clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh; Pompeo Says Turkey Makes Situation Worse
Azerbaijan, Armenia Trade Accusations on Caucasus Conflict
Russia Holds Caspian Sea Military Drills Amid Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict
British MPs Back Bill Permitting Secret Agents to Commit Crimes
'Don't Get Yourselves Caught': How the British State Allowed Its Secret Agents to Commit Crime
Greece, Cyprus Told to Wait for EU Action on 'Provocative' Turkey
EU Gives Turkey Until Early December to De-Escalate, Chairman Says
Pompeo Seeks Reversal of 'Provocative' North Cyprus Move to Reopen Varosha
In Germany, Anti-Virus Measures Stumble in Courts
Germany: Top Police Informant Identified by Islamist and Convicted Terrorist
Romania Cleared to Buy Advanced Ship-Killing Missiles
Opposition Leader on Wanted List in Belarus, Russia
US Charges Former Mexican Minister With Drug Trafficking
Arrest of Former Mexican Defense Minister Shakes Military
Mexico Vows 'Cleanup' After Ex-Defense Chief Arrested in US
Bolivia Readies for Long-Delayed Presidential Election
'No More Spilled Blood': Bolivians Wary of Election Violence With Country at Crossroads
Lithium, Morales, and Cocaine: What's at Stake as Bolivia Votes?
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