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Updated November 19, 2020 - 9:08 PM EST
President Trump Sets Tripwire for Attack on Iran
  Pompeo Brags About Destroying Iran's Economy, Puts New Sanctions
  Biden Will Face Pressure From Israel and Gulf States Over Iran Deal
  IAEA: New Iran Centrifuges Won't Increase Uranium Output
Israel Attacks a Wide Range of Targets In Syria
  Turkey Kills 14 Kurds in Northern Syria
  ISIS Kills 11 Syrian Soldiers in Convoy Ambush
DM: Afghan Forces Already 96% Independent
  SEAL Who Killed bin Laden: 'Time to Get Out' of Afghanistan, Iraq
  Australia Inquiry Finds Troops 'Unlawfully Killed' Dozens of Afghans
State Dept to Designate BDS as 'Anti-Semitic'
US Military Releases Data on Civilian Harm in War on ISIS
  Iraq: US Combat Operations Against ISIS Ending After Drawdown
item Killing al-Qaeda's No. 2 Multiple Times as Excuse for Attacking Iran  by Muhammad Sahimi
item Trump Demands Afghan Pullout and Washington Panics  by Andrew J. Bacevich & Adam Weinstein
item Fisk Had Independence of Mind – Which Is Why He Angered Govts  by Patrick Cockburn
item Will Biden Jettison the Anti-Russia Hysteria?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Korean War's Forgotten Lessons on Evil of Intervention  by James Bovard
item A Dedicated Obsession: Washington's Continuing Iran Sanctions Regime  by Binoy Kampmark

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US-Led Coalition Lists Hundreds of Confirmed Civilian Harm Events
The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force Afghanistan Inquiry
UK to Unveil 'Largest Military Investment' in Three Decades
The War at Home
Joe Biden Tweet About Leaving Afghanistan by 2014 Resurfaces as Trump Pulls Troops
Senators Urge Trump to Label Goods From West Bank Settlements 'Made in Israel'
Senators Move to Block Trump's $23 Billion UAE Arms Sale
Former Army Green Beret Pleads Guilty to Divulging Military Secrets to Russia
Chinese-American Raytheon Engineer Sentenced to Prison for Technology Exports
Los Angeles Police Ban Use of Third-Party Facial Recognition Software
US Military
Pentagon Shakeup Means More Civilian Oversight for Special Operations
In Shake-Up, Acting SecDef Elevates Special Operations To Be 'On Par' With Service Branches
Increased Reporting of Military Sexual Assaults Has Not Led to More Accountability
Senate Committee Calls for Large Cuts in Marine Corps End Strength
Army to Reconsider Discharge Rulings on Veterans With PTSD, Mental Disorders
'Untrue': Muslim Pro App Denies Selling User Data to US Military
Iran Will Return to Nuclear Deal if US Sanctions Are Lifted, Zarif Says
Saudi Prince Cautions Biden Against Returning to Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran: Saudi Arabia 'Scapegoating' Its Pursuit of Nuclear Arms
UK Defense Chairman Accuses Donald Trump of Being 'Deeply Irresponsible' Over Claims to Bomb Iran
Biden Must Consult Gulf States Before New Iran Deal, Bahrain Foreign Minister Says
Mike Pompeo to Visit Illegal Settlement in Occupied West Bank
Sour Grapes: Pompeo's Vineyard Visit Met With Palestinian Protests
Netanyahu Said to Ask US for Okay to Advance East Jerusalem Building Plans
Palestinians Angered by PA's Restoration of Israel Security Agreement
Gantz Mulls Submarines Affair Inquiry, in Move That Could Sink Israeli Government
Twice Refugees: Palestinians in Jerusalem at Imminent Risk of Losing Their Homes to Israeli Settlers
Israel, Bahrain Cement New Ties With Pledges of Embassies and Visas
Emirati Red Crescent Says Team Targeted by Gunmen in Yemen
Yemeni Children Suffer Malnutrition for Lack of Humanitarian Aid Amid War, Blockade
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Is Pressuring Pakistan to Recognize Israel
Iraq-Saudi Arabia Border Crossing Opens for Trade, First Time Since 1990
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed in Attacks
Hundreds of Iraqi Prisoners Risk 'Imminent' Execution: UN
US Agency Denies Exemptions for Cuba Cargo Relief Flights: Statement
Venezuela Claims Killing Dissident FARC Commander
Hundreds Protest in Santiago Against Chilean President
People Go Hungry in Ethiopia's Tigray as Conflict Marches On
Ethiopia: Both Sides Claim Military Gains as Fighting Rages
Ethiopian Troops Push for Regional Capital, Rebels Promise 'Hell'
Why 30,000 Refugees Are Fleeing Ethiopia
Ethiopia Seeks Arrest of 76 Military Officers Linked to Tigray Leaders
Ethiopians Recount Brutal Killings After Fleeing to Sudan
Egypt Arrests Another Rights Activist After Meeting With Western Diplomats
Turkish Prosecutors Investigate Egypt's President Sisi Over 'Crimes Against Humanity, Torture'
The Failed Diplomacy Between Morocco and Polisario
Morocco Says Wall at Center of Western Sahara Troubles Is Completed
Three Dead and 34 Injured in Protests Against Arrest of Uganda's Bobi Wine
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
The US Shooting Down a Mock ICBM Was a Warning to China, Observers Say
Taiwan to Shut Down China-Friendly Tycoon's News Channel
US Lawmakers Urge Multilateral Approach to Counter China
Three Former Pro-Democracy Leaders Arrested in Hong Kong
Four Pacific Powers Conduct 'Malabar' Naval War Games to Deter China
Dostum Asks for Permission to Lead Fight Against Taliban
Australia Apologizes to Afghanistan for Special Forces Misconduct
Moody AFB Winds Down Afghan A-29 Pilot Training
Two Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack in Baghlan
District Police Chief Killed in Afghanistan Bomb Blast
Biden, Modi Pledge to Strengthen US-India Ties in Phone Call
12 Injured in Grenade Attack in Kashmir
A US Navy First Fleet in Indian Ocean, Based Out of Singapore? Not Likely, Analysts Say
Thai Protesters Throw Paint, Spray Water at Police Headquarters
US Security Adviser O'Brien En Route to Vietnam, Philippines to Discuss China
Sri Lanka's Gotabaya Says Has Reassembled Nation's Intelligence Network
Armenia Raises Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Troop Toll to 2,425
Armenian PM Accepts Responsibility for Nagorno-Karabakh Defeat
Armenian PM, Under Pressure to Quit After Karabakh Defeat, Unveils Action Plan
Thousands of Germans Protest Against Merkel's Covid-19 Plans
British Police Arrest Man 46 Years After Birmingham Pub Bombings
As Pompeo Visits Georgia, Thousands Protest Over Election Results
Mexico Says Trust Vital After US Drops Case Against Ex-Army Chief
Top Foreign Relations Democrat Slams Release of Mexican General Charged With Drug Trafficking
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