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Updated November 20, 2020 - 8:35 PM EST
CENTCOM Chief Warns Iranian 'Escalatory Spiral'
  IAEA Chief Warns Against US Attack on Iranian Nuclear Sites
  Tehran's Hardliners Ready to Negotiate With Biden
State Dept to Designate BDS as 'Anti-Semitic'
  Pompeo Visits West Bank and Golan Heights: 'This Is a Part of Israel'
  Pompeo in Israel: Three Announcements That Cement 'Apartheid'
Bill Introduced in the House To End War in Yemen
  Aid Workers: Blacklisting Houthis May Cost Lives
  UN Pulling Americans From Yemen Ahead of Houthi Designation
Russia: Tests Showed US Lied About Missile Defense
  US Commander Welcomes New Japan-Australia Military Pact
NY Times Warns Against Somalia Withdrawal
UK Will Likely Follow US in Cutting Afghan Troops: Minister
Top US General: ISIS in Iraq and Syria a Long-Term Threat
item Opposition to Afghan Withdrawal Shows Ruling Coalition Factions  by Glenn Greenwald
item Fewer US Troops Are Needed in Europe No Matter the President  by John Richard Cookson
item As Israel Destroys EU Projects in Palestine, European Foreign Policy Remains Impotent  by Ramzy Baroud
item Things We Know, but Do Not Say, About the Costs of American War  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item A World Being Made for War  by Cassandra Stimpson & Holly Zhang
item A Bipartisan Reform for the First 100 Days: A New War Powers Act  by Nathan Smith

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Bipartisan House and Senate Lawmakers Aim to Block US Arms Sales to UAE
US Extends Restrictions at Canada, Mexico Land Borders Through Dec. 21
Brigadier Gen. Anthony Tata Tests Positive for Covid-19
Israel Boycott: What Is the BDS Movement?
Seven Civilians Killed in 'Taliban' Mortar Attack in Kunduz: MoD
'Taliban Overrun Strategic District in Badakhshan'
Two Killed, 20 Wounded in Kandahar Motorbike Bombing
'Murders After Murders' by Soldiers, Villagers Tell Afghan Journalist
Afghans Recall Days When Australians Unleashed Dogs, Gunfire
Australia Soldiers May Face Prosecution, Stripping of Medals as Squadron Disbanded
Pakistan PM Vows to 'Do Everything' to Reduce Violence in Afghanistan
Suspected Rebels Killed in Kashmir Gun Battle
Why Are Kashmiri Muslim Nomads Being Evicted?
Xi: China Will Avoid Decoupling Amid Tension With US, Europe
Huawei Has an Advantage in Its Push for Global Dominance. Now the US Is Trying to Counter It.
US Sanctions Two Firms for Exporting North Korea Laborers
South Korea to Deploy Unmanned K9 Howitzer in 2040
PM Prayuth Promises to Use 'All Laws' Against Thai Protesters
Pakistani Islamist Found Guilty on Two More Charges of Terrorism Financing
Fearing Turkish Role, France Wants International Supervision in Nagorno-Karabakh
Azerbaijan Reclaims Disputed Land in Karabakh Peace Deal
Russia and Turkey's Delicate Balancing Act in Nagorno-Karabakh
French Navy Puts Fresh Focus on High-Intensity Combat Training
French Journalists Accuse Government of Curtailing Press Freedoms in France
Macron Tells French Muslim Leaders to Produce Charter of 'Republican Values'
France Threatens Home-Schooler Parents With Six-Months in Jail in 'Anti-Extremism' Drive
UK Announces Largest Military Investment Since Cold War
Everything We Know About the United Kingdom's Big New Defense Spending Plan
'Strategic Compass': EU Considers Military Doctrine, New Tank Development
Polish Police Criticized for Using Tear Gas on Protesters
EU Foreign Ministers to Discuss Further Measures Against Belarus: Germany
Alleged ISIS Executioner Arrested at Greek Refugee Camp
Mexico Says No More US Trials for Corrupt Officials
Mexico's President: We Didn't Threaten to Expel US Drug Agents Over General Cienfuegos Arrest
US Appoints First Venezuela Ambassador in a Decade Amid Tensions
Venezuelan Oil Union Leader Detained as Government Crackdown Continues
Peru's Youth Has Taken Down a President. Now They Want More
Protesters March Against Economic, Social Policies in Colombian Cities
'We Are Not Afraid of You, Mike': Activists React to Pompeo's Move Against Pro-BDS Groups
Anti-Netanyahu Protesters Rally Across Israel; One Group Says PM Is 'The Virus'
PA to Halt Palestinian Prisoner Funds to Mend Relations With US
In Major Shift, Pompeo Says US to Label Settlement Products 'Made in Israel'
Palestinians Slam Pompeo for Setting 'Another Illegal Precedent'
US Lawmakers Accuse Pompeo of Complicity in Israel's 'Violation of International Law'
IDF Probe Said to Determine Lightning Set Off Weekend Gaza Rockets
Adviser to Iran's Leader: US Attack Risks 'Full-Fledged War'
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Launches Helicopter-Carrying Ship
The US's Long Financial War on Hezbollah – and Lebanon
Lebanon Sets Starting Point for Sea Border Talks With Israel
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Iraq's IDP Camp Closures Leave Thousands Destitute
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Fighter Jet Pilot Killed in Yemen Was Trained in UK, Minister Confirms
Saudi Court Sentences Salman Al-Odah's Brother to Five Years
G20 Leaders Must Urge Saudis to Release Prisoners: Amnesty
Turkey Must Stop Provocations in Eastern Mediterranean: Germany
Turkey in Talks With South Korea to Salvage Altay Tank Program
Middle East
Syria Condemns Pompeo's Visit to 'Occupied' Golan Heights
Middle East Oil Producers Are Drowning in Debt
Rebel Leader Says Capital of Ethiopia's Tigray Region Bombed
Ethiopia Moves on Tigray Capital, Denounces WHO Chief Tedros
Ethiopia State Media Shows Alleged Tigrayan Prisoners of War
Egyptian Activists Arrested for Contact With Western Diplomats: HRW
Blast Hits Natural Gas Pipeline in Egypt's North Sinai
Libya Rivals Yet to Start Withdrawing Forces: UN Envoy
UN Libya Envoy Urges UN to Blacklist Anyone Who Obstructs Peace Talks
16 People Killed as Uganda's Security Personnel Battle Protests Over Bobi Wine Arrest
In Conflict-Stricken Burkina Faso, Towns Are Overwhelmed by the Army of Displaced
Sierra Leone Considering a Warrant for the Arrest of Former President
US Military
Here's How Bad the Military's Aircraft Readiness Has Gotten
Nearly a Quarter of Sailors Assigned to USS Michael Murphy Have Covid-19
Army's 'Complete Failure' Led to Private's Suicide After She Was Sexually Assaulted, Parents Say
Shame and Vindication as Australia Digests Report of Afghan Military Killings
Australian State Bans Outdoor Exercise, Dog-Walking to Contain Coronavirus
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Things We Know, But Do Not Say, About the Costs of American War

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