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Updated February 16, 2021 - 9:45 PM EST
US Has 'Right to Respond' to Attack on Iraqi Base
Taliban To Launch Major Offensive if US Stays
  NATO Will Leave Afghanistan When 'Time Is Right'
Iran Restates Pledge That It Does Not Seek Nukes
  Iran Ready to Limit Nuclear Inspections if US Fails to Lift Sanctions
  Tehran Condemns US Attempts to Steal Iranian Oil as 'Act of Piracy'
NATO Will Leave Afghanistan When 'Time Is Right'
  Taliban Warns NATO Not to Scrap Withdrawal From Afghanistan
Yemeni Forces Repel Latest Houthi Push on Maarib
  Fighting in Yemen's Maarib Done With an Eye Toward Peace Process
New Documents Show Comey Lied About Steele Dossier
Nine Killed in Overnight Israeli Attack on Damascus
Philippines Wants More Than 'Loose Change' for Troop Deal
Biden Removes Petitioning From White House Website
item A Year Without a Combat Death in Afghanistan – Will Biden Break the Streak?  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Biden Era Is Witnessing a Return of the Military-Industrial Complex  by Branko Marcetic
item How the New York Times Deceived Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg  by Edward Wasserman
item Is Biden Committing Diplomatic Suicide Over the Iran Agreement?  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies
item The Suffering Underclass of War-Torn Yemen  by Nicolas Niarchos
item To Stop Endless Wars, Biden Needs To Give Up Some Power  by Elizabeth Shackelford

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US Enters NATO Meetings: China and Russia 'Threats,' Afghanistan War Drags
Israeli Air Force Holds 'Surprise' Drill Near Lebanon Border
Arkansas' Anti-BDS Law Violates the First Amendment, Says Court
The War at Home
Feud Between US Congressman and UAE Ambassador to US Escalates Online
Parler, the Conservative Social Media Platform, Back Online
The Navy Wants to Get Rid of Its Nearly Brand New Patrol Boats
China and Indo-Pacific in US Military Sights as Pentagon Takes Fresh Look at Forces
Taiwan's Opposition KMT Seeks Foothold in US, but Is It Too Beijing-Friendly?
UN Warns Myanmar Military, as Internet Restored After Blackout
Myanmar Military Tries 'Divide and Rule' in Bid to Cement Power
Smaller Protests in Myanmar as Junta Deploys More Troops, Armored Vehicles
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Detained on Remand Until Feb. 17: Lawyer
Myanmar Coup: Military Hardens Online Censorship Campaign
Activist Group Urges Foreign Officials to Locate, Freeze Myanmar Assets
After 3 Days, Afghan-Iran Border Blaze Brought Under Control
Seven Public Uprising Force Members Killed in Kunduz Attack
Five Afghan Policemen Killed in Zabul, Uruzgan Attacks
11 Pashdan Dam Workers Abducted by Taliban in Herat
Four People Killed, Four Wounded by Violent Crime in Kabul Since Sunday
India Twitter Standoff Puts Spotlight on Free Speech
Disha Ravi: Arrest of Young Indian Activist Triggers Outrage
DR Congo
Suspected Islamists Kill 16 in Eastern DR Congo Attack
DR Congo's Tshisekedi Names New PM After Power Struggle
France to Meet Sahel Leaders Over Islamist Insurgency
Algeria President to 'Dissolve Parliament': Local Media
Two Malian Soldiers Killed in Highway Blast
Central African Republic City Briefly Seized by Rebels Now a Ghost Town
Cameroon Detains Eight Soldiers After Torture Video Emerges
Backlash in Morocco as Algerian Show Features Puppet of King Mohammed VI
Russia in Prisoner Swap Talks With US Over Detained American: Lawyer
Lavrov Blames EU for Demise of Its Russia Ties
Kremlin Calls Musk's Idea for Putin to Join Clubhouse App Interesting, Seeks Details
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Yemen's Houthis Say They Have Struck Saudi's Jeddah, Abha Airports With Drones
Biden Effect: Saudi Arabia Hastens Trials, Placates Rivals
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; Americans Among Wounded
Saddam's Exiled Daughter Looks Forward to a Role in the Political Process in Iraq Soon
Palestinians Accuse Israel of Preventing Covid-19 Vaccine Transfer to Gaza
Israelis Arrested for Alleged Terror Against Palestinians, Security Forces
UK Consul General in Jerusalem Condemns Jewish Settlements
Palestinian Man Killed While Hiking Is Latest Victim in Spate of Settler Violence
Israel to Open Stores, Gyms, and Culture Sunday in Major Move Toward Normalcy
Gantz Accuses Netanyahu of 'Vote-Buying' as Ministers Discuss Lockdown Exit
Settlers Attack Palestinian Bus Near Nablus
Israel Releases Ailing Detainee Who Served 19 of His 20-Year Prison Sentence
Palestine: Lawyers Rally Against 'Intrusion on Judiciary' After Controversial Decrees
Jerusalem Authorities Advance Planning for New US Embassy
Women Need Male Guardian to Travel: Hamas Court in Gaza
Israel Seizes Money, Goods It Says Hamas Was Sending From Turkey to West Bank
Palestinian Child Injured Due to Explosion of Israeli Army Remnant
US Seeks to Defuse Diplomatic Spat With Turkey Over Statement on Killings
Turkey Rejects US Demands, Commits to Libya Troop Presence
Turkish Court Jails Four in Pro-Kurdish Newspaper Trial: Lawyer
Turkey Arrests Hundreds Over Alleged Kurdish Militant Links After Iraq Executions
Middle East
Iran and Qatar Discuss Region, Nuclear Deal in High-Level Talks
HRW Slams Saudi Textbooks Over 'Hateful Language' Against Shia, Sufi Practices
Five Tajiks Charged Over Membership in ISIS Cell in Germany
France's 'Separatism' Bill: Seven Things to Know
NATO's New Fleet of Surveillance Drones Is Deemed Mission-Ready
Defense Company's Cyber, AI Expert Becomes Italy's 'Green Transition' Minister
'Down With the Dictatorship': Protests Continue in Haiti
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Imperial America, Which Never Left, Is Back

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Biden Meets Iran: The Upcoming Diplomatic Battle

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Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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Election Day: One Thing's for Sure, an Interventionist Will Win

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Matt Taibbi on the Origins of the Russiagate Hoax

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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