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Updated April 1, 2021 - 9:33 PM EDT
Iran: 'No Serious Efforts' From US To Revive Deal
  Progressive Dems: Biden Needs to Move First on Iran Nuclear Deal
  US Interested in Working With China to Curb Iran's Nuclear Program
US Seeks Long-Range Missiles To Face China
  Blinken Reaffirms Trump-Era Ruling on Hong Kong's Trade Status
  China Says It Will Stand With Mideast Against Foreign Interference
  Taiwan to Buy New US Air Defense Missiles
  Philippines Says Chinese Vessels Have Spread in Disputed Waters
US Envoy Meets Taliban, Seeks Longer Troop Presence
State Dept Report Faults Iraq on Human Rights Over Militias
US, NATO Seek More Destroyers From Arctic to Antarctic
US Envoy Sees Productive Meetings on Yemen Peace Talks
item Kafkaesque Politics: The Missing Lessons From Israel's Latest Elections  by Ramzy Baroud
item US in the Same Position as the USSR When It Lost in Afghanistan  by Jeff Schogol
item War in Iraq Exposed Huge Flaws in American Strategic Thinking  by John Mueller
item Repeal the Iraq AUMF  by Charles C.W. Cooke
item Don't Let Facts Get in the Way of Your Pursuit for Regime Change  by Ben Armbruster
item Pentagon's Schemes To Undermine Trump's Troop Withdrawal  by José Niño

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Child Unknowingly Tweets From US Nuclear Command
US Navy to Establish Unmanned Vessel Division
Marines Push Back After General Blames Commander for Deadly AAV Mishap
State Dept. Confirms US Views Israel's Control Over West Bank as 'Occupation'
Biden Administration Is Quietly Ramping Up Aid to Palestinians
Barghouti, Arafat's Nephew Plan Joint Slate for Palestinian Legislative Vote
Israeli Elections: Likud MKs Turn on Rivlin, Claim He's Abusing His Powers in Bid to Oust Netanyahu
Palestinians Seek EU Support for East Jerusalem Elections
Israeli Forces Rearrest Palestinian Man Celebrating Release After 20 Years in Prison
Jewish Settlers Storm Palestinian Archeological Site in West Bank
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 124 Killed During March
US Grants 120-Day Waiver for Iraq to Pay for Electricity From Iran
Iraqi PM Forms Supreme Committee to Resurrect Mosul 'Disaster Zone'
Residents: ISIS Assassins Stalk Syria's Al-Hol Camp
US Urges International Community to Repatriate Foreign Nationals Held in Syria
Turkey Slams US for Its 'Baseless' Human Rights Report Findings
Turkey Court Returns Indictment Seeking to Ban Pro-Kurdish Party
Middle East
Yemen Gets First Covid-19 Vaccines but Is 'At the Back of the Queue'
Hezbollah: Time to End Deadlock and Agree New Lebanese Govt
Gunmen Kill 30 People in Attack in Western Ethiopia, Witnesses Say
Land Dispute Drives New Exodus in Ethiopia's Tigray
Guterres Sees Role for UN Monitors in Libya Truce
Libyan Authorities Free Dozens of Pro-Haftar Fighters
Suspected ADF Rebels Kill 23 in Eastern DR Congo Attack
Niger Government Confirms Military Coup Attempt Thwarted
More Than 5,000 Find Refuge After ISIS Attack in Mozambique
Egyptians in US Fear New Register May Be Used to Target Dissenters
Swiss Hostage in Mali: Remains of Missionary Identified
US Receives $335m From Sudan as Compensation for Militant Attacks
ICC Upholds Acquittal of Former Ivory Coast President Gbagbo
Tunisian Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Southern City
Kremlin Says It Fears Ukraine Could Restart Conflict in War-Torn East
Top US Military Officer Calls Russia, Ukraine Over 'Concerns' About Troop Buildup
Jailed Kremlin Critic Alexey Navalny Announces Hunger Strike
Italy Arrests Navy Captain for Spying, Expels Russian Diplomats
Three Held in Italy Over Fake Kidnapping by Jihadists That Turned Real
Lawyers Call for ICC Investigation Into Macron Over Fate of French Citizens in Syria
Kosovo FM Says Country's Israel Embassy Staying in Jerusalem: 'it's a Done Deal'
The War at Home
US Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Linking Palestine Solidarity Group to 'Terrorism'
Pentagon Reverses Trump-Era Transgender Policies
Microsoft Wins US Army Contract for Augmented Reality Headsets, Worth Up to $21.9 Billion Over 10 Years
Civilian Employee Accused of Supporting Government Overthrow Barred From Air Force Base
Theft of Military Equipment on the Rise at Fort Bragg, Assistant Chief Says
Air-Land Subcommittee Chairman Talks F-35 Costs and 'Buy America' in the Next Defense Bill
Marines Under Investigation After Ammo, Explosives Reportedly Go Missing at Pendleton
Senators Press for Answers in Space Command Move Decision
Even Staying Silent Doesn't Always Spare Sexual Assault Victims From Retaliation, Study of Military Finds
Polish Officer Appointed Deputy Commander of US Army V Corps Under Exchange Deal
Army's Pilotless Black Hawk Highlights Emerging Technology in Demo Flight
Future Navy Carriers Could Have More Drones Than Manned Aircraft, Admiral Says
Army Awards $50 Million Contract for New Special Operations Sniper Rifle
White House Official Says US Review of North Korea Policy in 'Final Stages'
Japan Says to Work Closely With US, South Korea to Deal With North Korea
South Korean Foreign Minister Going to China for First Time in Three Years
Afghan Military Commander Killed in Taliban Ambush in Logar
Three Afghan Security Force Members Killed in Separate Incidents
Attacks in Afghanistan Kill Four, Including Religious Scholar
Head of Takhar's Ulema Council Killed in IED Blast
China Issues Strong Warning to Japan Over 'Negative Moves' in East China Sea Dispute
H&M Vows to Rebuild Trust in China After Xinjiang Backlash
Myanmar's Suu Kyi 'Looks Healthy', Lawyer Says
Attack by Myanmar's Kachin Minority Signals Deepening Crisis
UN Special Envoy Tells Security Council to Act to Avoid 'Bloodbath' in Myanmar
US Embassy Staff Leaving Myanmar Amid Risk of Civil Unrest
Pakistan Allows Sugar, Cotton Imports From India as Ties Improve
Facebook Says Will Curb Hate Speech as Indian States Go to Polls
Gunfire Heard at Indonesian National Police HQ in Jakarta
Indonesia on Edge Ahead of Easter After Church Bombing
Indonesia Police Say Female Attacker at Headquarters Was an ISIS Follower
Venezuela and Colombia Rights Groups Ask for UN Envoy Amid Border Violence
Australia to Build Guided Missiles to Boost Defense Capacity
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