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Updated April 9, 2021 - 9:59 PM EDT
Russia Prepared for 'Worst Scenario' With US
  US Warships to Enter Black Sea in 'Significant Signal' to Russia
  Ukrainian President Rallies Frontline Troops After Meeting With NATO
US Downplays Expectations of Iran Talks
  Mossad Chief Heading to US in Bid To Block US Return to Iran Deal
Biden: Infrastructure Plan Needed to Compete With China
  Senate Unveils Sweeping Legislation to Confront China
  US Sails Amphibious Assault Ship Into South China Sea
ISIS Seizes Syria Police Station, Captures Hostages
  Israeli Airstrikes Killed Three Near Syrian Capital
Congressional Dems Call on Biden to Lift Yemen Blockade
item The Cold War, Rebooted and Rebranded  by William J. Astore
item No Satire: Army's 'Multi-Domain Transformation' Means Business  by Mark Perry
item Questions About BBC Producer's Ties to UK Intelligence After White Helmets Report  by Kit Klarenberg
item Mozambique: AFRICOM's Newest Adventure  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Twenty Years of the War on Terror  by Hunter DeRensis
item In WWII, UK Special Forces Were More Transparent Than Today  by Murray Jones & Phil Miller

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Mayoral Elections Sink Moon's N. Korea Peace Drive
Russia Looks to Repurpose Surveillance Jets After Open Skies Treaty Exit
Sweden Clings to Non-NATO Status Amid Substantial Defense Budget Boost
US Blacklists Seven Chinese Supercomputing Entities
The War at Home
Republicans Delay Biden Administration's Funds to Palestinians
US Defense Secretary to Visit Israel, Germany, NATO Headquarters, UK
Space Force Unveils Plans for Space Systems Command
Facebook Sued in US for 'Failing' to Stop Anti-Muslim Hate Speech
Fort Hood Brigade Commander Relieved for Bullying and Poor Judgment
Naval Audit Service Cuts Still Pushed by Navy Department, Despite Lawmaker Opposition
China Protests Transit of US Destroyer Through Taiwan Strait
China Says US to Blame for Tensions Over Taiwan
US Restricts Trade With Chinese Supercomputers Centers
11 Killed as Myanmar Protesters 'Fight Soldiers With Rifles'
Armed Clashes Break Out in Myanmar Between Troops and Anti-Junta Protesters, US Expands Sanctions
Ousted Myanmar Ambassador Tells UK: Reject the Military's Envoy
Myanmar's Star Entertainers Feel Wrath of Military as They Come Out in Support of Protesters
Myanmar Junta Limits Internet, Seizes Satellite TV Dishes
US Blacklists Myanmar State-Owned Gems Enterprise
Malaysia Defends Myanmar Envoy's Meeting With Junta After Backlash
Pentagon Condemns Taliban Attack on Base Housing Hundreds of US Troops
Pakistani Parliament Speaker's Flight Diverted When Explosives Found at Kabul Airport
Policeman Killed in Taliban Attack in Kabul's District
Afghan Interior Ministry Releases Confessions of Nine Suspects in Targeted Attacks
Philippines Keeping 'Options Open' on South China Sea: Govt
Russia to Provide Weapons to Pakistan in Bid to Fight Terrorism
South Korean Tanker Once Held by Iran Now on the Move
Murder of Woman in Kyrgyzstan Triggers Bride Kidnapping Protests
Merkel Tells Putin to Pull Back Troops as Kremlin Accuses Ukraine of Provocations
Kremlin Dismisses Ukraine's Accusation That Military Build-Up Aims to Distract From Politics
Lavrov Says US Policy Towards Russia Is 'Dumb,' Ineffective
Northern Ireland
Northern Irish Leaders Struggle to Quell Worst Violence in Years
US State Dept Says Good Friday Accord Should Not Become a 'Casualty' of Brexit
Irish Nationalist Youths Throw Petrol Bombs at Police in Belfast
In Pictures: Violence Continues at Belfast Protests
Northern Ireland Unrest: Four Key Questions Answered
German Military Launches New Recruitment Drive With Pledge Troops Will Not Have to Fight Abroad
UK: Ex-Minister Accuses Pro-Israel Lobbyists of 'Disgusting Interference'
European Rights Court Says Forced Vaccination 'Necessary in Democratic Society'
El Salvador President Snubs Visiting Biden Envoy
Venezuela Military Campaign Displaces Thousands
After Restoring Aid to Palestinians, Biden Endorses Two-State Solution
Israel to Tell ICC: You Don't Have Authority to Investigate Us
Israel 'Flagrantly Violated' Obligations to Vaccinate Palestinians, Amnesty Says
Israeli Settlers Take Control of Palestinian Property and Land in East Jerusalem
Israel's Secrecy on Vaccines Is Causing Supply Uncertainty, Says State Adviser
Biden Picks Up Trump's Arab-Israel Normalization Torch
Mansour Abbas: The Islamist Politician Reshaping Israel's Political Landscape
Palestinian Prisoner Agrees to End 47-Days Hunger Strike After Reaching Deal for Release
Iranian Military Vows Response to Attack on Ship in Red Sea
Iran: Saffron Industry in Death Spiral Amid US Sanctions
US's Blinken Reaffirms Strategic Partnership in Call With Jordan's King
The Sudden Visit to Covid Victims' Families That Sparked Jordan's Royal Rift
Iraq Daily Roundup: 60 ISIS Militants Killed in Airstrikes
Before Becoming a Terrorist Leader, ISIS Chief Was a Prison Informer in Iraq for US, Records Show
Iraq Charges Five Policemen Following Deadly Suppression of Protests in Nasiriyah
US Forces Move 50 ISIS Members in East Syria
Syrian Government Attack Kills Seven in Rebel-Held Area
Syria Blames Israel for Missile Attacks Near Damascus
Foreign Lenders Cutting Ties With Lebanon's Central Bank: Sources
France and EU Ponder Sanctions for Lebanese Politicians, Diplomats Say
'Sofagate': EU-Turkey Diplomatic Scandal Snowballs
Turkey: Uighur Activist Condemns China's 'Humiliating' Interference in the Country
Nile Dam
Egypt's El-Sisi Warns 'All Options Open' After Dam Talks Fail
Egypt, Uganda Sign Security Cooperation Agreement as Sisi Warns Ethiopia Over Nile Dam
Twelve People, Possibly Foreigners, Beheaded in Mozambique Attack: Police
SADC Vows 'Proportionate' Response to 'Heinous' Mozambique Terror Attacks
Death Toll in Sudan's West Darfur Clashes Rises to 132
Al-Burhan Says Sudan, Qatar to Reactivate Agreements
Eleven Soldiers Killed in Attack in Nigeria's Benue State
US Expresses Concern Over Tigray Crisis to Ethiopian Deputy PM: White House
Egypt Sentences Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Life in Prison
One Protester Killed in Benin Days Before Polls
DR Congo: Dozens Detained in Beni During Anti-UN Protests
Somalia's Political Deadlock: Why Have Elections Been Delayed?
Kenyan Court 'Temporarily Blocks' Closure of Refugee Camps
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