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Updated April 11, 2021 - 9:35 PM EDT
Ukraine Invokes NATO's Mutual Defense Clause
  US SecDef and SecState Head to NATO HQ Over Ukraine Crisis
  US Warships to Enter Black Sea in 'Significant Signal' to Russia
  Putin Accuses Ukraine of 'Dangerous Provocative Actions'
  Russia Alarmed Over NATO Nations' Militarization of the Arctic
  Poland: Nord Stream 2 Pipeline 'Present Danger to Peace in Europe'
US Won't Lift All Trump-Era Sanctions on Iran
  Republicans Are Ramping Up Opposition to Iran Deal. Does It Matter?
State Dept. Seeks Stronger Ties With Taiwan
  China Blasts US Military Interventions in Human Rights Report
Biden To Increase Military Budget to $753 Billion
  Biden Axes Forever War 'Slush Fund' in Victory for Restrainers
Republicans Block US Aid to Palestinians
Military Frustrated That Biden Undecided on Afghanistan
item Joe Biden Seems Destined To Start a Crisis With Russia  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Peace With Iran Is Tricky: Is Biden Making It Impossible?  by William Boardman
item America's Dangerous Ukraine Delusion  by Matthew C. Mai
item Hunting in Yemen:
The War Must End
 by Kathy Kelly

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Biden May Label Foreign Hate Groups 'Terrorists'
Antiwar Activist Visited by Police After Posting Embarrassing AOC Video
Utah KC-135s Deploy to the Middle East
Roger Waters, Tom Morello, Brian Eno Plan 'Live for Gaza' Event
Washington Intensifies Pressure on Beijing in Proposed New Policy of 'Strategic Competition'
Taiwan Reports 11 Chinese Aircraft in Defense Zone
White House Says China's Moves Around Taiwan 'Potentially Destabilizing'
US Sanctions Against Chinese Supercomputer Centers May Have Limited Impact, Observers Say
Kim Compares North Korea's Economic Woes to 1990s Famine
South Korea Unveils Prototype of Homegrown KF-X Fighter Jet
Myanmar Junta Says Protests Are Dwindling as at Least 10 Reported Killed by Troops
Myanmar Sentences 19 to Death for Killing Associate of Officer
Myanmar UN Envoy Urges No-Fly Zone as Many Protesters Killed
US Urges Arms Embargo and Sanctions Against Myanmar Military
Myanmar Denies Involvement in Child Deaths, Says Elections Could Be Pushed Back
UN Envoy for Myanmar Arrives in Bangkok in Hopes of Talks With Generals
China in Touch With 'All Parties' in Myanmar, Embassy Says
Britain Slams 'Bullying' Myanmar Over London Embassy 'Coup'
Afghan Reconciliation Council Wraps Up Assessment of Peace Proposals
Turkey Conference Will Complement Afghan Doha Talks: US Official
Afghans See Turkey Summit Historic Opportunity for Peace
Nine Afghan Border Force Members Killed in Herat: Sources
India Supreme Court Has Signed Our 'Death Warrant': Rohingya in Kashmir
Indian Police Clamp Curbs on Media Coverage of Kashmir Gunbattles
Pakistan Says Bodies Found of 16 Miners Likely Abducted by Militants in 2011
Northern Ireland
Northern Irish Loyalists Demand Changes to Brexit Border Protocol
Rioters Ignore Pleas for Calm as Violence Flares in Belfast
'Law Against Islam': French Vote in Favor of Hijab Ban Condemned
French Soldiers Train With Robot Dog in Combat Exercise
Austin Heads to Europe Where US Troop Presence in Germany Is on the Agenda
Quilliam: British 'Counter-Extremist' Group Closes Citing Lack of Funds
Greek Journalist Shot Dead Outside His Athens Home
Rights Group Slams Denmark's 'Dangerous' Decision to Return Syrian Refugees
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Bodies Found
Irish MEPs Appear in Video Promoting Militias Accused of Iraq Atrocities
Sadr Representative Survives Assassination Attempt in Baghdad
Iraqi Youth See Little Hope 18 Years After Saddam's Fall
Former Iraqi PM Faces French Lawsuit Over Protester Killings
UAE Accused of Selling Palestinian Lands in East Jerusalem
Video Shows Police Beating Israeli Politician in Jerusalem
Israeli MK Threatens to Expel Muslims Who Do Not Recognize Israel as Land of Jews
Jordan's Prince Hamzah Says He Was Spied on During 2019 Trip
UN Rights Office Voices Concern Over Arrests in Jordan
Yemen: 17 Prisoners Released in Exchange
Yemen's Houthis Say They Carried Out Drone Attack on Saudi Airport, No Confirmation
US Notified Turkey About Warship Deployment in the Black Sea, Ankara Says
Turkey Fumes After Italian PM Draghi Called Erdogan 'Dictator'
Turkish Cops Now Have Their Own Attack Helicopters
Turkish Military Jet Crashes During Training, Pilots Rescued
Middle East
Rights Group: 80% of People Sentenced to Death as Minors in Saudi Arabia Still Face Execution
Iran Frees South Korean Ship, Captain After Promise to Help With Frozen Funds
Sudan: Hundreds of Women Rally Against Gender-Based Violence
Sudan Agrees to Reactivate Agreements With Qatar in First Post-Revolution Meeting
Chad Makes Arrests Over Alleged Pre-Election Bomb and Murder Plot
Chad's Deby Seeks Sixth Term as Calls for Change Mount
Gunmen Kill 11 Nigerian Troops in Central Benue State
Egypt: Military Abandons Sinai Informants to ISIS Retaliation
Mozambique Sending Medical Team to Identify Palma Attack Victims
'Stray Bullet' Kills DR Congo Protester in Anti-UN Rally, Police Say
Greek PM Calls on Libya to Cancel Maritime Deal With Turkey
Aiming at Venezuela, US Accidentally Sanctions Small Business Owners
As Countries Race to Vaccinate Against Covid-19, Haiti Has Yet to Give One Dose
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