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Updated April 13, 2021 - 8:50 PM EDT
Biden To Withdraw From Afghanistan by Sept. 11
  Taliban Won't Attend Turkey Conference if Held This Week
  US Officials to Meet With NATO on Afghan Deployment
Russia Deploys Forces to Counter NATO Threat
  Western Media Eager to See Ukraine Use US-Made Arms Against Russia
  Crisis Looms as NATO To Hold Emergency Meeting With Ukraine
US, Israel To Hold Strategic Iran Talks
  Iran Blames Israel for Natanz Attack
  Netanyahu: Israel Continues To 'Defend Itself' Against 'Iran's Aggression'
  EU Sanctions Iranian Officials Amid Vienna Talks
25 Chinese Warplanes Fly Through Taiwan's ADIZ
  US, Philippines Launch Military Drills Amid China Tensions
  Why Did the US Conduct a Freedom of Navigation Op Against India?
Taliban Won't Attend Turkey Conference if Held This Week
  US Officials to Meet With NATO on Afghan Deployment
item Could the Philippines Drag the US Into War With China?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Cold War Fever in Brussels  by Gilbert Doctorow
item I'm on Hunger Strike Until US Ends All Support for Blockade of Yemen  by Iman Saleh
item Putin and Xi Have Red Lines, Too  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Why Is the US Still in Iraq After 18 Years?  by Bonnie Kristian
item Independent Media Parrots Uyghur Genocide Claims  by Patrick MacFarlane

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South Korean PM Arrives in Iran to Help Try to Revive Nuclear Deal
Too Early to Talk About Boycotting China's Winter Olympics: Blinken
Palestinians in Chicago Defeat Extremist Pro-Israel Candidate in Local Elections
US Official Says Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala to Increase Troops on Borders
Iran Says Natanz Was Hit by 'Small Explosion,' Claims Damage Quickly Repairable
US Distances Itself From Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Site
Satellite Photo Shows Iranian Ship Hasn't Moved Since Alleged Israeli Hit
Iran Reports Highest Daily Death Toll of 2021
Palestine Election: Israel's Wave of Arrests Sweeps Up Palestinians Before Polls
Israel Arrests Hamas Members in West Bank Raids
Amid Leaks, Gantz Orders Probe Into 'Chatter' on Alleged Israeli Strikes on Iran
Joint List MK Ofer Cassif Files Complaint Over Israeli Police Violence Against Him
Hamas Elects Former Chief Meshaal to Head Diaspora Office
Palestinian Bystander, 14, Loses Eye From Rubber Bullet Allegedly Fired by IDF
PTSD-Afflicted IDF Veteran Sets Himself Alight, Suffers Serious Burns
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed
ISIS Leader Handed Death Sentence for 2014 Anbar Massacre
Yemen's Houthis Say They Attacked Saudi Aramco Facilities; No Saudi Confirmation
Yemen: Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation Feeds Unease as First Jabs Arrive
No Charges Against Jordanian Prince Over 'Destabilization' Plot
How the Prince Hamzah Affair Reveals the Sharp Decline in Jordan's Press Freedom
Canada Cancels Weapons Sales to Turkey Over Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict
Turkey and Libya Renew Commitment to Contested Maritime Deal
Lebanon Set to Expand Claim on Disputed Maritime Area With Israel
Sudan's Leader Visits Darfur After Tribal Clashes Killed 144
Pentagon Chief Orders New Review of Attack in Kenya That Killed 3 Americans
Rebels Attacked Chad Border Post on Election Day
Somalia's Parliament Votes to Extend Embattled President's Term
DR Congo Names New Cabinet, Cementing President's Power Over Predecessor
US Military
After War Zone Scandals, US Special Operators Are Curbing Deployments and Investing in Ethics Training
Gone in 65 Seconds: Pilot Error Led to $6 Million Loss in Military Drone Crash
Lawmakers Are Worried Covid-19 Did Long-Term Damage to Military Training
High Operating Costs Cloud the Future of US Littoral Combat Ships, Budget Data Reveals
Army Didn't Prosecute NCO Accused of Rape. So He Did It Again. and Again
Pentagon Insists Vaccine Rollout a Success Despite Spotty Data
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Slapped With New Criminal Charge
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Asks Court to Let Her Meet Lawyers, Activists Urge New Year Defiance
Military Is Charging Families $85 to Retrieve the Bodies of Relatives Killed by Its Own Forces
Myanmar Violence Triggers Asylum Crisis for India's Northeastern States
US Special Envoy Khalilzad Leaves Kabul After Meeting With Afghan Leaders
Ethnic Tensions Rise as Afghan MPs Call for Inclusivity at Turkey Summit
Two Afghan Soldiers Wounded in Suicide Attack on Herat Outpost
Afghan Doctor, His Driver Killed in Gunmen Attack in Balkh
Protests Across Pakistan After Far-Right TLP Leader Arrested
Pakistan Denounces Killing of Three Kashmiris by Indian Forces
Pakistani Court Grants Bail to Father of Prominent Activist
China Digital Currency: Biden Administration Steps Up Scrutiny of E-Yuan Over Potential Threat to US Dollar Dominance
Philippines' Duterte Reappears in Public, Dismisses Rumors of Health Problems
Two Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in War-Torn Separatist East
France Offers Germany Four Atlantic 2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Danish Plan to Repatriate Syrian Refugees Sparks Controversy
EU Says It Can't Help Montenegro on China Loan but Can on Financing
Socialists vs. Fujimori: Peru Vote Sets Stage for Polarized Presidential Run-Off
Ecuador's President-Elect Lasso Promises 'Better Days Are Coming'
Venezuela to Produce Cuban Covid Vaccine: Maduro
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