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Updated April 14, 2021 - 8:55 PM EDT
Biden Announces Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan
  Taliban Won't Attend Peace Talks Until US Exits
Russia Deploys Forces To Counter NATO Threat
  Biden Speaks With Putin, Proposes an In-Person Meeting
  Top US Commander Prepared To Use 'Full Weight of NATO'
  Russia Warns US Against Deploying Ships to the Black Sea
Iran To Enrich to 60% in Retaliation for Sabotage
  US to Israel: Iran Will Never Obtain a Nuclear Weapon
US Intel Puts China at Top of Threat Assessment
  Biden Sends Delegation to Taiwan, China Warns Against Boosting Ties
Biden on Track to Accept Fewest Refugees
Israeli-Owned Ship Attacked Off UAE Coast
Syria Demands US Compensate It for 7 Years of War
US To Send 500 More Troops to Germany After Halting Cuts
Biden To Proceed With Trump's $23 Billion UAE Arms Sale
item When Will Tokyo Take Over Responsibility for Its Own Defense?  by Doug Bandow
item The New PR Campaign for Syrian al-Qaeda  by Bernhard
item Israel Rejects ICC Investigation: What Are the Possible Future Scenarios?  by Ramzy Baroud
item Keep Ukraine Out of NATO  by Daniel Larison
item Why in US Eyes, China's Ambition Appears as a Threat  by Jing Lee
item Biden's Pentagon Budget Plan Draws Transpartisan Opposition  by Ben Armbruster

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Civil Rights Complaint Filed Against FL University Over Anti-Palestinian Environment
UN Chief: 52 Armies, Groups Suspected of Sexual Violence
Pentagon Chief Orders Review of Deadly 2020 Attack in Kenya
Colin Powell on Afghanistan: 'We've Done All We Can Do'
Attack on Iran's Natanz Plant Muddies US-Iran Nuclear Talks
Senior Iran Official Confirms 'Thousands of Centrifuges Damaged and Destroyed'
Iran's Zarif: Israel Made 'A Very Bad Gamble' With Blast at Nuclear Plant
Nuclear Facility Sabotage Could Have Caused 'Human Catastrophe', Zarif Says
Natanz Blast Took Out Main Power and Backup, Iranian Official Acknowledges
Iran and Russia Discuss Ties, the Middle East, and Nuclear Deal
Palestinian Officials: No Elections Without Participation of East Jerusalem
Ahead of Palestinian Elections, West Bank Homes of Two Candidates Hit by Gunfire
Palestinian Al Araby TV Journalist 'Interrogated by Mossad in Spain Over Israeli Intelligence Report'
Ex-IDF Intel Chief Questions Netanyahu's Authority to Order Attacks on Iran
Jonathan Pollard, Jewish Settlers Storm Joseph's Tomb in Nablus (video)
Palestinians Face 'Scandalous Exploitation' Working in Israel, Illegal West Bank Settlements: Report
Palestinian Boy, 14, Loses Eye After Being Hit by Israeli Rubber Bullet
Israeli Judge Upholds Travel Ban on Amnesty International Staffer
Israel Agrees to Increase Water Supply to Jordan After Pressure From Biden
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed
Kurds Impose 10-Day Curfew in NE Syria Amid Coronavirus Wave
Lebanon's President Says New Maritime Claim Needs Government Approval
Top European Court Rules Turkish Writer Altan's Rights Were Violated
Arrest of Adviser Close to Saudi Crown Prince in Jordan Royal Feud Stirs Unrest
UK Bill Shielding Soldiers From War Crimes Charges Challenged in House of Lords
UK Official: American Warhead Decision Won't Impact British Nuclear Plans
NATO, US Vow Support for Ukraine, Warn Russia on Troops
NATO, Not Russia, Will Decide if Ukraine Joins, Stoltenberg Says
Ukraine Minister Calls for Military Help, More Russia Sanctions
Russia Detains Academic for Allegedly Passing Secrets to NATO Country: Interfax
Russia Establishing First Robot Tank Unit
US Army Building Up Force in Europe With Two New Units
France 'To Ban Algerian Flags' at Weddings
Swiss Government Defends Anti-Terrorism Law Against Critcism Over Child Rights
UK Deeply Concerned by Young People's Role in Northern Ireland Violence
US Military
Former Pentagon Chief Says US Should Deploy Troops Along Black Sea
48,000 Marines Have Turned Down Covid-19 Vaccine, Corps Says
Vaccinations for Overseas Troops in Jeopardy as DoD Halts Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Shots
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Chinese Premier Calls for More Communication Between China and US
China Warns of Action Over Japan's Decision to Dump Radioactive Fukushima Water Into the Sea
Taiwan Launches New Amphibious Vessel With Anti-Ship Missiles
Hong Kong Announces More Electoral System Changes Favoring Pro-Beijing Camp
US Issues Subpoena to Chinese Company as Part of Supply Chain Review
China Envoy to Canada Urges Against 'Decoupling'
Turkey to Host 10-Day Afghanistan Peace Talks From April 24
US Army Chief: 'Multiple Contingencies' for Afghanistan Policy
Afghan VP Danesh Criticizes HCNR Peace Plan Review, Calls for 'Inclusivity'
23 ANDSF Killed in Taliban Attacks, Security Incidents
Three Civilians Killed, Dozens Wounded in Afghan Blast in Farah
Muslim Group Seeks End to Violence in Afghanistan
Five Miners Die, Four Missing in Coal Mine Collapse in Afghanistan
Pakistan: Deadly Anti-French Protests Escalate
Myanmar Activists Cancel New Year Festivities; UN Urges End to 'Slaughter'
Philippines Summons Chinese Ambassador Over Vessels in Disputed Waters
South Korean Army Vows Early Deployment of 'Dronebot' Combat System
Tajikistan: Huge Muslim Brotherhood Trial Ends With Lengthy Prison Sentences
ISIS Executes Two Civilians for Collaborating With Military in North Sinai
Egypt Builds 35 New Prisons Since 2011 Revolution
Prominent Journalist Khaled Dawoud Released After 18 Months in Prison
Refugees Fleeing Darfur Violence Face 'Disastrous' Conditions: UN
Dozens of Sudanese Parties Denounce Government's Repeal of Israel Boycott Bill
Sudan Due to Send First Delegation to Israel Next Week, Sources Say
Facebook Removes Egyptian Accounts Targeting Turkey, Sudan, and Ethiopia
Ten Killed in Inter-Communal Violence Amid Protests in Eastern DR Congo
Car Bomb Kills One, Injures Two in Libyan Capital
Nearly a Million Going Hungry in Conflict-Hit Mozambique, UN Says
Mali: CMA Leader Sidi Brahim Ould Sidati Dies From Gunshot Wounds
Tunisian Journalists Protest Over New Head of State News Agency
US 'Deeply Disappointed' by Somalia Bill Extending Terms for President, Parliament
Youth Radio Aims to Fight Sahel Jihadism
Benin's President Patrice Talon Wins Re-Election With 86%
Burkina Faso Ex-President Charged in Predecessor's Murder
Mexico Detains 30 Marines Accused of Disappearances
Venezuela Government Wants to Use Funds Frozen in the US to Pay for Vaccines
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