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Updated April 16, 2021 - 9:23 PM EDT
Biden: New Russia Sanctions, Expels Diplomats
  Biden Declares National Emergency: US, NATO Brand Russia a Pariah
  US Intel Walks Back Claim That Russia Paid Bounties for US Troops
Ukrainian Envoy: NATO or Nuclear Weapons
  Kiev: US Envoy Says Supports Ukraine Against 'Russian Aggression'
  With New Backing From West, Ukraine President Says 'Army Is Ready'
SecDef Hints at Continued Military in Afghanistan
  Taliban Says Biden Breaks Agreement, Threatens 'Countermeasures'
  NATO Says Afghanistan Withdrawal to Begin on May 1
  Afghan Govt: Military Can Provide Security Without Foreign Troops
Senators Forward Bill To Block NATO Withdrawal
Yemen FM Urges Focus on Saudi, UAE War Crimes
Indirect US-Iran Talks Resume in Vienna After Natanz Attack
Iraq Pressing US to Agree on Troop Withdrawal Timetable
Biden Administration Sanctions Independent News Site
item Contrary to What Biden Said, US Warfare in Afghanistan Is Set to Continue  by Norman Solomon
item Biden Can Make History on Nuclear Arms Reductions  by William D. Hartung
item I Lost Both My Legs Fighting in Afghanistan. Staying Doesn't Honor Our Troops.  by Dan Berschinski
item Frozen Farce: Russia Alarmism – Arctic Edition  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Joe Biden and North Korea: A Crisis Coming Soon?  by Doug Bandow
item Secret Wars of Africa's Sahel: What Is Behind Mali's Ongoing Strife  by Ramzy Baroud

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Lula Free To Run as Brazil Court Upholds Ruling
US Warns Pandemic Could Push Some Middle East Countries to Collapse
Greek, Turkish Foreign Ministers Clash at Press Conference
Boehner on Afghanistan: 'Time to Pull Out the Troops'
Palestinians in Israel Mark 73 Years Since Nakba, Affirming Right of Return
Israel Celebrates Its Independence Day More Fractured Than Ever
Gaza Rocket Strikes Field in South Israel as Independence Day Comes to a Close
Rep. Betty McCollum Introduces Historic Bill Seeking to End US Complicity for Israeli Human Rights Abuses
Israeli MKs Propose Bill to Revoke Citizenship of Arab Prisoners
Palestine Accuses UK of Giving 'Carte Blanche to Israel' in Opposing ICC Probe
With UAE, Morocco at Annual Diplomat Gala, Israel's Rivlin Hails 'New Spirit of Peace'
Israelis No Longer Required to Wear Masks Outside Starting Sunday, as Covid Ebbs
Israel Punishes Hunger-Striking Prisoner by Transferring Him to Another Prison
Taiwan Tells Biden Emissaries Island Will Counter China's Maneuvers With US
Xinjiang: Will the West's Sanctions on China Force the Issue or Unravel?
US China Hawks Seek to Cut Sales of Chip-Making Tools to Beijing
China Summons Japan Envoy for Plans to Release Contaminated Fukushima Water Into Sea
Germany 'Well Prepared' for Afghanistan Pullout: Lawmaker
Australia To Withdraw Last 80 Troops From Afghanistan
Blinken Meets Afghan Leaders in Kabul, Discusses Troop Pullout
Biden's Afghanistan Pullout Gets Mixed Reaction in Congress
Myanmar Military Shoots at Protesting Medical Workers
Casualties Reported as Myanmar Forces Fire at Mandalay Protesters
As Myanmar Unravels After Military Coup, People Flee Cities for Rural Backwaters
Ambassador: UAE Played Part in India-Pakistan Ceasefire
France Tells Citizens to Leave Pakistan 'Due to Serious Threats'
North Korea
Russian Envoy Says 'There Is No Famine' in North Korea
Ukraine Army Receives Modernized Helicopter Amid Tension With Russia
Biden Keeping Trump's Pick for Moscow Ambassador in Place
Denmark Charges Iranian Opposition Group Members Over Terrorism Plots in Iran
France's Parliament Passes Bill Increasing Police Powers
Section of Army Garrison Bavaria Closed After Unexploded WW2 Grenades Discovered
Colombia Gives Nearly 1 Million Venezuelan Migrants Legal Status, Right to Work
Yemen Government Approves More Fuel Ships to Dock at Hodeidah Port
Yemen's Houthis Say They Attacked Aramco, Patriot Targets in Jazan
UN Warns Covid-19 'Roaring Back' as Yemen Faces Famine
Saudi Arabia
Saudi University Catches Fire After Missile, Drone Attack Intercepted
Saudi Arabia's MbS Reportedly Asked Boris Johnson to Intervene in Newcastle Sale
Russia Says Iran Nuclear Talks 'Positive' Despite Enrichment, Natanz Sabotage
Iran to Purchase 60 Million Covid-19 Vaccines From Russia
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed; Blast in Sadr City
Iraq Drone Attack Targets US Forces at Erbil Airport
US Warns of Punitive Actions for Lebanese Blocking Reforms
US Envoy: Border Talks With Israel Will Help Crisis-Hit Lebanon
US Prepared to Broker Peace Talks Between Lebanon and Israel Over Martime Dispute
Lebanon Demands Israel Halt Gas Search After Expanding Claims in Disputed Area
Lebanon Energy Minister Blames Fuel Shortage on Syria Smuggling
Turkish Foreign Minister Briefs Afghan Counterpart on NATO Talks
Turkey: Russia Plays Hardball Over Tourism Amid Ukraine Dispute
Turkey-Egypt Ties: Ankara to Send First Diplomatic Delegation Since 2013 Coup
Middle East
Despite Biden OK, 'Concerned' Democrat Says US Congress to Review UAE Arms Deal
Biden Administration Believes US Journalist Austin Tice Is Still Alive
UN Says Aid Situation Worsening in Tigray as Eritrea 'Fails to Pullout'
Top Ethiopia Health Official Alleges 'Sexual Slavery' in Tigray
Pro-Haftar Militias Clash in Libya's Sirte
Libyan Leader Meets Top Russian Officials, Speaks With Putin
Eight Security Volunteers Die in Burkina Faso Attack
UN: Thousands Flee After ISWAP Attack in NE Nigeria Kills Eight
At Least One Killed in Anti-UN Protest in Eastern DR Congo
Somalia Condemns 'Threats' From Foreign Allies
Mali Post-Coup Govt Says Elections Set for February 2022
Moroccan Media Workers Call for Release of Hunger Striking Journalists Held in Pre-Trial Detention
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Ramzy Baroud
The Secret Wars of Africa's Sahel: What Is Behind Mali's Ongoing Strife

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
Frozen Farce: Russia Alarmism – Arctic Edition

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President Joe Biden Set for Summit with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga

Daniel Larison
Keep Ukraine Out of NATO

Ted Galen Carpenter
Could the Philippines Drag the US Into War with China?

Rick Rozoff
Secretary of State Blinken Throws Down the Gauntlet to China and Russia… Again

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This May Be This Foreign Correspondent's Final Column

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If Israel Accuses Iran of Doing Something, Israel Is Likely Already Doing It

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War Erupts Inside the Atlantic Council Over Article Questioning Washington’s Hostile Approach to Moscow

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U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy

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How's the War on Terrorism Going?

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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