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Updated April 29, 2021 - 8:41 PM EDT
Biden: US Competing With China to 'Win Century'
  Veteran Interventionist Samantha Power Confirmed to Head USAID
  Navy SEALs Shifting From Counterterrorism to Face Russia and China
Russian FM: US Relations Worse Than Cold War
  Ukraine, US, and Russia: Red Lines and Red Lines
US Officials Headed to Mideast Amid Iran Talks
  US Updates Israel on Iran Policy as Nuclear Talks Continue
Taliban Invites Afghan Officials to Direct Talks
US Warship Shadows Chinese Aircraft Carrier Strike Group
Sullivan: US and Israel Have a Policy of 'No Surprises'
CENTCOM: US Maintains a NATO Commitment to Turkey
item Asking and Analyzing Questions Others Won't: Support Antiwar.com  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item End of an Era? Afghanistan Is Now Graveyard of Contractors, Too.  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item Biden's Banner Headlines on Afghanistan Obscure US Motives  by Patrick Lawrence
item Ukraine, US, and Russia: Red Lines and Red Lines  by Rick Rozoff
item The Toxic Legacy of the US Military in the Pacific  by Tim Shorrock
item FBI Misused Foreign Surveillance Powers to Investigate Domestic Crimes  by Scott Shackford

More Viewpoints

Feds Raid Rudy Giuliani's Home Over Ukraine Business Dealings
Turkey Will Not Drop Trial of Saudi Suspects in Khashoggi Murder, Officials Say
Thomas Nides Emerges as Frontrunner to Become US Envoy to Israel: Report
Blinken to Visit Iceland in May 19-20, Attend Arctic Council Meeting: State Dept
The War at Home
Antony Blinken Defends Trump-Era Moves Against Chinese Media Outlets in the US
Court Declines to Dismiss Amazon Challenge Against Jedi Decision
Boeing Reports Q1 Loss and Another Hit on Air Force One Program
Sea Power Backers Propose $25 Billion to Fix US Shipyards
Launch of Experimental Military Navigation Satellite Pushed Back to 2023
The Air Force Is Testing Ways to Use the MQ-9 Drone in Island-Hopping Missions
Taiwan Accuses Beijing of Waging Economic War Against Tech Sector
Germany's Merkel Calls for Human Rights Dialogue With China to Resume
China Welcomes US Easing Covid-19 Restrictions on Chinese Students
China, Japan Trade Acrimonious Barbs Over Fukushima Tweet
Heavenly Harmony: China to Launch Space Station Core Module
Hawley Bill Would Spotlight Chinese Electronics in Defense Systems
Afghanistan's Ghani Meeting With Karzai, Sayyaf, Abdullah: Sources
Top US General: Hard to Predict Afghan Fate After Pullout
Afghan General: ANDSF Ready to Crush Taliban After Withdrawal
Afghan Military Showcases Air Force as Country Braces for US Pullout
No One Interested in Civil War in Afghanistan: Blinken
Veterans Warn of Post-Soviet Scenario in Afghanistan
US Contractor Sentenced for Stealing Truck From Afghan Base
South Korea Ships Equipment to US Missile Shield Base Despite Protest
North Korea Completes Reconnaissance and Attack Drone Tests: Daily NK
Indonesia Says 10 Killed in Gun Battle With Papua Rebels
Philippines Tells China to Mind Its Own Business Over Maritime Drills
Myanmar Pro-Democracy Protest Leader Faces Murder, Treason Charges: State Media
Sri Lanka Cabinet Approves Ban on Muslim Face Veils
Russia Will Do What Is 'Necessary' to Secure Borders, Despite Troop Pullback: Defense Minister
Biden Expressed Concerns About Russian Military Buildup Directly to Putin: Adviser
Russia Expels Diplomats From Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
See France Test-Fire an M51 Strategic Missile Into the Atlantic
France Draws Up Bill on Surveillance of Jihadist Websites
France Arrests 7 Italian Leftist Militants It Harbored for Decades
Bulgaria Probes Possible Russian Involvement in Arms Depot Blasts
Did Spain Help Israel Interrogate a Palestinian Journalist?
German Spy Agency to Monitor Some Anti-Lockdown Protesters
Turkish Cypriots Offer Two-State Plan at UN Talks, Dismissed by Greek Cypriots
Moldova's President Maia Sandu Calls Early Election for July 11
US Rejects Human Rights Watch's Accusation of Israeli 'Apartheid'
HRW Israel, Palestine Director: International Community 'Blinded to Reality'
Palestinian Political Alliance Says It Will Protest Election Cancellation
In Jaffa, Gentrification Stokes Discord as Arabs Pushed Out
Settlers Set Palestinian Vehicles on Fire Near Jerusalem
Damascus Gate: The Symbolic Flashpoint of Jerusalem's Latest Tensions
Hunger Striking Palestinian Detainee Unable to Walk
PA President Discusses Palestinian Elections With EU Representative
No One in Iran Can Figure Out Who Benefits From the Zarif Audio Leak
Rouhani Says Leaked Tape Aimed to Sow Division in Iran
Top Iran Diplomat Offers Regret Over Leak of Frank Comments
In 1st Comment on Leaked Tape, Iran's Zarif Backs 'Synergy' Between IRGC, Diplomacy
Iran's Rouhani Claims Israel 'Directed' US Killing of Top General Soleimani
Iran's Zarif Backs Yemen Ceasefire in Talks With Rebel Leader
Displaced Families Weary as Battle for Marib Threatens to Uproot Them Again
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Prince Strikes Conciliatory Tone With Rival Iran After Secret Talks
Saudi Crown Prince Softens Iran Rhetoric in Balancing Act
Saudi Crown Prince Says He Will Further Centralize Policy-Making
'Huge Disaster': Lebanese Farmers Decry Saudi Arabia Produce Ban
Lebanese Composer Samir Sfeir Missing in Saudi Arabia: Reports
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed, Including Children
Turkish Jets, Troops Hit PKK Targets in New Iraq Incursion
Dozens of Pro-PKK Protesters Detained in Kurdish Region, Some Beaten
Blinken Says Turkey, Others, Should Refrain From New Purchases of Russian Weapons
Turkey Parliament Declares Biden's Armenian Genocide Declaration 'Null and Void'
No More Kebabs for Bitcoins as Turkey's Crypto-Payment Ban Looms
Middle East
UN Syria Envoy Says There's Interest in Stepped Up Diplomacy
Oman Ex-Foreign Minister Predicts New Arab Spring
At Least Seven Killed in Suicide Bombing in Somalia's Capital
Somali PM Urges Civilians to Go Home as Mogadishu Tensions Ease
26 Militants 'Neutralized' in French-Malian Army Operation
Calm Returns to Chad Capital After Deadly Protests Against Military Rule
Zimbabwe Court Terminates Criminal Charges Against Journalist
Venezuela Says Eight Soldiers Killed Amid Fighting Along Colombian Border
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Rick Rozoff
Ukraine, US, and Russia: Red Lines and Red Lines

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
Asking and Analyzing Questions Others Won't: Support Antiwar.com in Forever War Year 20

Daniel Larison
How We End the Forever War

Doug Bandow
The Philippines: America's Perpetually Useless Ally

Ted Galen Carpenter
Washington's Lonely Crusade To Defend Taiwan

Ted Snider
Is Israel Sabotaging Itself?

Ramzy Baroud
A Palestinian Prayer for Ramadan: May the Voices of the Oppressed Be Heard

Ray McGovern
Putin Isn't Bluffing on Ukraine

Dave DeCamp
War Erupts Inside the Atlantic Council Over Article Questioning Washington’s Hostile Approach to Moscow

Sheldon Richman
U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy

Scott Horton
How's the War on Terrorism Going?

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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