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Updated April 30, 2021 - 9:05 PM EDT
US Ends Visa Services for Most Russians
Biden Mulls Major Rollback of Iran Sanctions
  Israeli Minister: Our Warplanes Can Reach Iran
  Iran Hopes for Better Saudi Ties After 'Change of Tone'
White House Says Afghan Withdrawal Has Begun
  Overwhelming Majority Backs US Withdrawal From Afghanistan: Poll
China: US Increases Military Activity Directed at It
  China Accuses US of 'Cold War Thinking' in Response to Biden
NATO Nations Wage Hidden War in Mali
  Morocco: US War Games After 30-Year Ceasefire With W. Sahara Ends
Massive US-Led War Games Moves to Balkans
Watchdog: US Aid to Venezuela Was for Regime Change
item Iran and Saudi Arabia Are Finally Talking  by Doug Bandow
item The Guardian Misinforms Its Readers on Britain's Role in World  by Mark Curtis
item Worried About Autonomous Weapons? Look at What's Gone Wrong  by Ingvild Bode & Tom Watts
item War Is Peace, Peace Is War  by Tom Engelhardt
item Biden Is Right on Afghanistan Withdrawal  by Sen. Rand Paul
item Biden Is Selling Arms to a Country That Made Yemen a ‘Hell Hole’  by Medea Benjamin & Ariel Gold

More Viewpoints

Giuliani Probe Focused on Firing of US Ambassador
US Deeply Concerned by Ukraine's Actions on Leading Energy Company
Duterte 'Reluctant' to Confront China Over South China Sea Row
The War at Home
Biden Budget Delay Blows Up Hill Defense Schedule
Secretary of State to Visit Ukraine Next Week Amid Tensions With Russia
Watchdog Expresses Concern Over Using US Navy Interceptor for Homeland Missile Defense
How the Military Covers Up Senior Officer Misconduct
China Features Heavily in the Army's Next Big Emerging Tech Experiment
Hawaii-Based Navy Submarine Commander Relieved Over Morale Problems
US Army Footage of New Night Vision Goggles 'Video Game-Like'
Energy Dept. Warns Nuclear Waste Tank May Be Leaking in Washington State
China 'Will Not Accept' US Challenges to Its Communist Politics, Leaders
Biden Spy Chief: China Would Find Change in US Policy Toward Taiwan 'Deeply Destabilizing'
The US Once Helped China Develop Modern Jet Fighter
Taiwan Unveils First Coast Guard Vessel That 'Converts' Into Warship
Taiwan Bans Companies From Hiring Employees in China as Tensions Rise
China's Digital Yuan Will Not Topple the Dollar, SEC Official Says
Myanmar Junta Says Rockets Fired at Two Air Bases; No Injuries
Reports: Myanmar Airstrikes Target Ethnic Forces on Two Fronts
NATO Says Afghanistan Withdrawal Has Begun
Amb. Wilson: Continued Fighting in Afghanistan 'Dead End'
US Moves HIMARS Weapon Systems to Afghanistan
Six Wounded as Blast Targets Power Distributor Employees in Nangarhar
Afghan Military Continues Clearance Operations in Three Balkh Districts
Future Aid for Kabul Will Be Linked to Democratic Standards, Germany Says
Gunmen Kill Cousin of Slain Afghan Journalist
US Man Guilty in $100m Afghanistan Fraud Scheme: AP
Kyrgyzstan Says Seized Tajik Border Post During Heavy Fighting
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Trade Blame for Cross-Border Shelling
US, Japan, and South Korea Eye Foreign Ministers' Meeting in May: Media
Indonesia Designates Papuan Separatists 'Terrorists'
Russian Military Says Its Troops Back to Bases After Buildup
Russia to Respond to Diplomat's Expulsion by Bulgaria
Russia Opens New Criminal Case Against Navalny: Allies
Turkish Cypriot Leader Says No Point in Formal Cyprus Talks
Cyprus Settlement Talks Found Little Common Ground: UN Chief
Bulgaria Expels Russian Diplomat Over Arms Depot Blasts
Czechs Protest Pro-Russian President, Accuse Him of Treason
Spain Recovers 24 Bodies From Migrant Boat Off Canaries
US Will Not Provide Financial Support for Constitutional Referendum in Haiti
Blinken Meets Israel's Mossad Spy Chief for Talks on Iran
Israeli Ambassador Says Country Won't Be Bound by Iran Deal
Iran Bans 15 From Travelling Over Zarif Leak, Official Resigns
Iran's Ahmadinejad Claims Officials Will Escape to Private Island if Public Revolts
Abbas Officially Delays Palestinian Elections, Blaming Israel
Hamas: External Pressure to Blame for Plans to Cancel Palestinian Elections
Abbas: Poll Can Take Place When Israel Allows Voting in Jerusalem
Israeli Authorities Reopen Gaza Fishing Zone
Israel's Iron Dome Causing Cancer Among Soldiers, Report Claims
Israel's Netanyahu Offered American Right-Wing Rabbi Senior Role in 4th Election Campaign
Netanyahu Reappoints Gantz as Justice Minister
Israel's Military Says Detention of Five Palestinian Children Near Illegal Outpost Was a Mistake
Lehava: The Anti-Palestinian, Far-Right Israeli Group Marching in Jerusalem
Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood Continue Fight Against Israeli Eviction Orders
Missing Palestinian Found in Israeli Prison
Lebanon to Restart US-Mediated Maritime Border Talks With Israel
Lebanese Army Is Getting $2.8 Million in Food and Fuel From Iraq
France Sanctions Lebanese Figures 'For Preventing Crisis Exit'
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed in Attacks
Iraqi Forces Must Stop ISIS Incursions, President Salih Warns
Iraq War Documentary and Drama Pick Up Multiple Bafta TV Nominations
Gunfight at Syrian Checkpoint Leads to Charges Against Sergeant First Class
Suicide Cases Among Syrian Children Rising Sharply, Says Save the Children
Kurdish Authorities in Syria Cut Power, Blame Turkey for Holding Back Water
Covid-19: Northeast Syria Running Out of Testing Kits Red Cross Warns
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
US Special Envoy for Yemen to Travel to Region on Thursday
Saudi Woman Allegedly Beaten by Family Prompts Social Media Campaign
UN Focuses on Demand to Repatriate Foreign Fighters in Libya
Haftar's Forces Say Libya PM 'Has No Authority' After Preventing His Visit to Benghazi
Gunmen Kill Two Police in South Nigeria Attack
Parents of Nigeria Kidnap Victims Plead for Government Help
Chadian Army Battles Rebels in Northern Town
Chadian Rebels Claim They Have Shot Down Military Helicopter
Gunmen Kill 18 in Burkina Faso Attack, Force Many to Flee
Attackers Kill at Least 20 in Attack in Ethiopia's Oromiya Region, Says Official
Sexual Violence Pervasive in Cameroon's Anglophone Regions
Algeria: Opposition Figure Karim Tabbou Released on Probation
Kenya Says UN Refugee Camps to Close Next Year
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