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Updated May 4, 2021 - 9:44 PM EDT
SecDef: Next Major War Will Be 'Very Different'
  Biden Discloses Some Trump-Era Drone Strike Rules
US, Taliban in Talks Over Full Withdrawal by July
  Biden: US Will 'Disrupt Any Threat' From Afghanistan After Withdrawal
  Pentagon Downplays Afghan Attacks, Says Won't Affect Withdrawal
  Joint Chiefs Chairman: Afghans 'Reasonably' Well Equipped, Trained
Blinken: G7 Must Work Against China
  China Slams US-Taiwan Meeting That Took Place in France
  Philippine FM Tells China to Get the F*** Out of Disputed Waters
Ukraine to Baltic NATO Allies: This Is War in Europe
  Ukrainian Officials Say Forces Prepare for NATO Membership
US Officials in Mideast to Tamp Down Concern on Iran Deal
Israel in 'Political Crisis' as Netanyahu Fails to Form Govt
item Will Special Interests Allow America's 'Longest War' To Finally End?  by Ron Paul
item The Prospect of Turning an Imperial Tide  by Stephen Kinzer
item The Navy Shouldn't Get Any More Money Until It Stops Spending Like a Drunken Sailor  by Jeff Schogol
item Vendetta: Obama's Attempted Coverup of 'Fast and Furious'  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Setting the Record Straight on Operation Cyclone  by Thomas Resnick
item Four Pivots Joe Biden Should Make With Russia  by Bonnie Kristian

More Viewpoints

No Grounds to Pursue Claims of French Role in Rwanda Genocide, Prosecutor Says
A More Accessible Arctic Becomes Proving Ground for US-China Military Jockeying
Protests Grow in South Korea Over Japan's Fukushima Water Plan
UN Committee to Examine Palestinian Apartheid Charges Against Israel
Israel's 'Shadow War' and Plans to Scupper Iran's Nuclear Deal
US Denies Iran Claims of Prisoner Deal; UK Plays It Down
Iran a Key Topic as US Envoy Blinken Meets UK Counterpart
UK's Raab Calls on Iran to 'Unconditionally' Release Zaghari-Ratcliffe
Iraq Daily Roundup: 22 Killed, Mostly Security Members
Iraq Military: Four Rockets Hit Iraqi Air Base, No Casualties
Former Iraq PM Forms Coalition With Shia Islamist Leader for Upcoming Election
Iraqi Militia Leader Calls for Sunni Civilians Living Near 'ISIS Hotspot' to Be Forcibly Displaced
Syrian Court Selects Two Candidates to Appear on Ballot Against Assad
Blast in Syria's Idlib Hits Jihadist Arms Depot, Kills Three
Security Improves in Syria Camp, but Virus Threat Grows
Security at Syria's Al-Hol Camp Drastically Improves After Arrest Sweep, Says Official
How South African Weapons Are Fueling War Crimes in Yemen
War and Doubts Slow Covid Vaccination in Disputed Yemen City
Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Village After Shooting
Israeli Court Gives Sheikh Jarrah Families Until Thursday to Reach 'Deal' With Jewish Settlers
Israel Police Disperse Palestinian Protest Over Mass Eviction in East Jerusalem
Palestinian Shot Dead in Alleged Stabbing Attack Was Mentally Ill, Says Brother
Soldiers Shoot Five Palestinians in Beita, Near Nablus
Palestinian FM Sends Letter to ICC Over Israeli Actions in Sheikh Jarrah
Israeli Tear Gas Canisters Set Fire to Palestinian Lands Near Tulkarem
Middle East
Military Head of ISIS Group Arrested in Istanbul, Turkish Police Say
Saudi King Names New Economy Minister, Eldest Son as Adviser
Jordan Partially Reopens Border Posts With Syria, Saudi Arabia
Lebanon's Central Bank Governor Faces New Corruption Allegations in France
EU Summons Russian Envoy Over Travel Bans on Brussels Officials
Belgium's Police-Related Racial Violence Concerns UN Body
German Philosopher Rejects UAE Book Award
Belarus Opposition Leader in Slovenia Before EU Presidency
Colombia Blames Armed Groups for Protest Violence, Death Toll Still Unclear
Brazilian Indigenous Leaders Subpoenaed for Criticizing Govt
Mexico Worries About Scorn if Another Drug Lord Is Released
The War at Home
Research Finds Ecstasy Can Help With PTSD
US Navy's Nmesis Successfully Destroys Target at Sea During Test
Top US General Drops Opposition To Change in Military's Sex Assault Policy
Supreme Court Justice Castigates Feres Doctrine, Court in Military Rape Case
82nd Airborne Paratrooper Faces Charges Related to Gunfight at Syrian Checkpoint
MPs Blame Taliban for Rise in Violence as US Exit Begins
As US Troops Withdraw, Afghan Politicians Call for Unity
Ten Afghan Security Force Members Killed in Farah, Baghlan Attacks
UNSC Denounces Violence in Afghanistan, Calls for Justice
Afghan Senators Seek Thorough Probe Into Kabul Fire That Killed 9 People
Taiwan Military Expert Warns Chinese Capable of Long-Range Raids
Top US Diplomat to Join China UN Event on Global Cooperation
Ripping Up Chinese Firm's Darwin Port Lease Could Cost Canberra
China's UN Envoy: Myanmar Violence Could Lead to Civil War
Myanmar Rebels Say They Downed Helicopter, Pro-Junta Official Killed
Blinken Tells North Korea: Diplomatic Ball Is in Your Court
US and South Korea Reaffirm Their Alliance at London Meeting
China's UN Envoy Hopes US to Emphasize Dialogue in Policy on North Korea
In First Admission, Tajikistan Concedes Deaths in Recent Clashes
Pentagon Sending Four Cargo Planes to Deliver 'Critical Supplies' to India
Niger Army Killed 24 Suspected Terrorists
Sixteen Soldiers Killed in Western Niger Ambush
Chad Ex-President Urges Junta to Include Rebels in 'Dialogue'
France Says Chad Transitional Government Must Be Temporary
Around 30 Reportedly Killed in Burkina Faso Village Attack
Islamic Leader Slain in East Congo After Attacks Killing 19
DR Congo Military Takes Charge in Regions Under 'State of Siege'
More Than a Dozen People Killed by Islamist Militants in Northeast Nigeria
Algeria's Tebboune Urges Dialogue Amid Mounting Social Anger
Libya's Top Diplomat Calls on Turkey to Withdraw Foreign Fighters
France to Sell Egypt 30 Fighter Jets in $4.5 Billion Deal
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Central Asia: Another Turkish Proxy War in the Offing?

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Is Israel Sabotaging Itself?

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A Palestinian Prayer for Ramadan: May the Voices of the Oppressed Be Heard

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Putin Isn't Bluffing on Ukraine

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War Erupts Inside the Atlantic Council Over Article Questioning Washington’s Hostile Approach to Moscow

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U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy

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How's the War on Terrorism Going?

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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