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Updated May 5, 2021 - 9:32 PM EDT
US Launches Airstrikes on Taliban in Helmand
US Pulls Troops in Afghanistan, 'Not Withdrawing'
  CENTCOM: Afghanistan Withdrawal 2 to 6 Percent Complete
  Hundreds Reported Killed in Latest Taliban Offensive
Chinese Flights Through Taiwan's ADIZ Double
  Cyber Command Repurposing Counterterror Task Force To Face China
  US-China Infowar Escalates as America Deploys Task Force
  Philippine Diplomat Is Told 'Only Duterte Can Use Curse Words'
NATO Prepares Azerbaijan's Army for Its Next War
  Biden Waives Restriction on Military Aid to Azerbaijan
  NATO Summit to Discuss Ukraine's Membership Next Month
US Visits to Mideast Fuel Speculation on Iran Deal
Rivlin Grants Yair Lapid the Chance to Form a Govt
Top-Level Turkish Civilian-Military Delegation Visits Libya
A Space Guard Is a Top 'Concern' for National Guard Chief
Israel Launches Missile Attack in NW Syria, Killing One
item Time for a Foreign Policy of Adequacy, Not Primacy  by Doug Bandow
item The Saudis Need More Than a Scolding on Yemen  by Nick Danby
item CIA Whistleblower: 'Assange Will Not Receive an Impartial Jury'  Interview with Jeffrey Sterling
item Sanctions Are War
 by Daniel Larison
item The Guantánamo Conundrum  by Karen Greenberg
item Leaving Afghanistan Is Good. Now What About the Other Wars?  by Bonnie Kristian

More Viewpoints

Saudi Delegation Met Assad in Secret Syria Talks
G7 Foreign Ministers Meet Face-to-Face After Pandemic Pause
Dozens Killed in Eastern Burkina Faso Attack
Skepticism at Report Claiming Iran Interfering in Scottish Elections
Netanyahu Seeks Rabbinical Help to Bring Jewish Supremacists and Islamists Together
Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes in Nablus
Amid Fear of Further Unrest, Temple Mount Said Closed to Jews Indefinitely
Hamas Chief Threatens Israel Over East Jerusalem Evictions
Palestinians 'Beaten, Arrested' by Israeli Police as Sheikh Jarrah Protests Continue
Suspected Balloon-Borne Bombs From Gaza Land in Israel's South for First Time in Months
Palestinians Identify West Bank Shooter as US Citizen as Manhunt Continues
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Security Personnel Killed
Militia Threats Forced US Contractors to Flee Iraqi F-16 Base
3rd Rocket Attack in 3 Days Targets US Forces in Iraq
Iraq Summons Turkish Envoy Over Visit During PKK Operations
Iraq's Health Minister Resigns in Wake of Devastating Hospital Fire
Lebanon and Israel Talks Resume Over Disputed Maritime Border
Lebanon Requests Satellite Images for Site of Beirut Blast
Middle East
Swiss Diplomat in Iran Found Dead After 'Fall From Tower Block'
Turkey Ambassador Appointed to UAE as Rivals Ease Tensions
Tiny Ethnic Group Fears Extinction as Tigray War Enters 6th Month
EU Scraps Plan to Observe Ethiopia Election
Almost 5,000 Children Separated in Tigray Conflict: Aid Group
Eritrea's President Visits Sudan Amid Tensions Over Ethiopia
Egyptians Fearful Over Sisi's Latest Economic Reforms
Egypt to Buy 30 Rafale Fighter Jets From France in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal
Suspected Extremist in Kenya's East Blow Up Truck Killing Two
Saudi-Australian Man Was Extradited From Morocco Despite Being 'Cleared of Wrongdoing'
US Vows to Work With Partners to Keep Pressure on Venezuela's Maduro
Venezuela's Congress Names Opposition-Linked Election Council Members
Venezuela Appoints New, Pro-President Electoral Council
Mexico Apologizes to Indigenous Maya People for Historic Abuses
The War at Home
Honeywell Fined Millions Over Exporting Sensitive Info on F-22, F-35, and More to China
Australian Navy Conducts Test-Fire of ESSM Missile Off US Coast
Tech Companies Block Another Leila Khaled Event
Crash in Iraq Helps Unmask Secretive Ultra-Quiet Special Operations Drone Program
US Senators Press Biden Administration for New Yemen Donor Conference
Grieving Parents Excoriate Marine Corps Over Deadly AAV Accident
Armed Suspect Shot Outside of CIA Headquarters Dies, FBI Says
China Calls for 'Basic Etiquette' After Philippine Outburst
Australian General Warned of 'High Likelihood' of Conflict With China: Report
Taiwan and Japan Track China Warship Together in Apparent Team-Up at Sea
Japan Protests Presence of Chinese Research Vessel Near Okinawa
Ashraf Ghani Concerned Taliban Are More Interested in Power Than Peace in Afghanistan
In Wake of Logar Attack, Ghani Says Education Under Threat
22 People Killed in Afghanistan Herat Flash Floods: Official
Myanmar Military Bans Satellite TV, Charges Japanese Journalist
Myanmar Nationals Given 'Safe Passage' to Delhi To Seek UN Refuge
China's UN Envoy: Myanmar Violence Could Lead to Civil War
China: US Should Push North Korea Diplomacy, Not Pressure
Philippines Tells Fishermen to Ignore Beijing's Ban on Fishing in South China Sea
Japan Provides Lifesaving Equipment to Philippine Military
International Official: Bosnian Serbs Seek to Split Country
French Far-Right Leader Le Pen Acquitted After Sharing ISIS Execution Images
German Defense Ministry Dismisses French Offer of Refurbished Submarine Hunters
Norway Sentences Woman for Supporting ISIS by Being Homemaker
UK Veterans Cleared as 1972 IRA Killing Case Collapses
Violence in Colombia Protests Escalates Amid Allegations of Police Excess
UN Rights Office Condemns Colombia Crackdown on Protests
In Pictures: Deadly Protests in Colombia
Mother Searches for Son Believed Killed by Colombia Soldiers
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