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Updated June 7, 2021 - 9:29 PM EDT
US Commits Billions To Fund Afghan Fighting
  CIA Seeks Bases for Spying, Attacks in Afghanistan
  Afghan Airstrike Kills 12 Allies in Friendly Fire in Badakhshan
  119 Killed, Mostly Afghan Troops, in Deadly Weekend Attacks
Docs: Israeli '67 Plans To Seize West Bank & More
  Israeli Looting in '48 Was Part of a Broader Policy to Expel Arabs
  British Ex-Minister Reveals 'Israeli Control' of UK Foreign Affairs
NATO: China to Back Burner, Russia, Belarus to the Front
  Marines Engage in Arctic War Games With Finnish, Swedish Allies
  NATO Lures Ireland Into Global Military Network
Ellsberg: 90-Year-Old Whistleblower Tempting Prosecution
Houthi Missile Hits Maarib, 17 Killed Including Civilians
How Denmark Became the NSA's Listening Post in Europe
Burkina Faso Attack: At Least 160 Killed in Village Raid
Several Dozen Reported Dead in Clashes in South Darfur
item Taiwan Is a Country in All but Name: Still, That Doesn't Mean US Should Defend It  by Doug Bandow
item Meet the Senate Nuke Caucus, Making the World Less Safe  by Marcy Winograd & Medea Benjamin
item As We Honor Those Who Died in War, Let's Not Add More to Their Number  by Paul Waldman
item Washington Has Yemen Policy Backward  by Annelle Sheline
item Israeli Looting in '48 Was Part of a Broader Policy to Expel Arabs  by Benny Morris
item Israel's New Government Will Deepen Rifts, Not Heal Them  by Jonathan Cook

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Tech Giants Help Israel Muzzle Palestinians
Nigeria Twitter Ban: Government to Arrest Users
G7 Nations Reach Historic Deal on Global Tax Reform
El Salvador's President Says Will Send Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender
Iran Presidential Candidates Trade Barbs in TV Debate
The War at Home
FBI Abandons Demand for Info on Readers of Story on Agent Shooting
US Justice Dept Says It Will No Longer Seize Reporters' Records
Washington Post Publisher Slams 'Unprecedented Assault' on American Media by Biden DoJ
Supreme Court Asked to Review Men-Only Draft Registration Law
As Nations Build 5G Networks, US National Security Fears About Huawei Aren't Broadly Shared, Report Finds
China/Hong Kong
Police in China Apprehend Suspect in Knife Attack That Killed Six and Injured 14
Microsoft Says 'Tank Man' Image Blocking Due to Human Error
Israeli Hosting Firm Wix Removes Hong Kong Democracy Website After Police Order
Politicians Push Beijing Winter Olympics 'Diplomatic Boycott' Across 11 Western Countries
US Envoy Khalilzad Meets Afghan Leaders in Kabul
Explosion, Gun Fight Near Afghan Police HQ in Balkh District
Eleven Afghan Civilians Killed in Badghis Roadside Bomb Blast
Two Afghan Police Chiefs, Six Soldiers Killed in Baghlan
Afghan Schoolgirl Determined to Return to School After Deadly Blast
Afghan Watchdog Seeks Probe Into Targeted Attacks on Hazara Community
Several Killed as Myanmar Forces Fight Villagers in Delta Region
Villages Empty, Civilian Armed Groups Rise in Eastern Myanmar
With Homemade Rifles, Myanmar Self-Defense Groups Take Fight to Junta
Thailand Concerned Over Violence in Myanmar
Karachi: Two Injured as Truck Slams Into Saudi Consulate's Security Checkpost
Pakistan PM Strongly Reacts to Afghan NSA Mohib's Remarks
Singapore Air Force Looks to Relocate Fighter Jets From Arizona to Arkansas
Ukrainian Captain Held in Sri Lanka for Six Years Without a Charge After Excess Arms Found Aboard
Russian Opposition Figure Leaves Country for Ukraine
Merkel's Party Wins Key State Vote in Germany: Exit Poll
Bulgaria to Set Up Its Own 'Blacklist' After US Graft Sanctions
Hungary: Plan to Build Chinese University Branch Protested
Death Toll Surpasses 80 in Attack on Seven Villages in Northwest Nigeria
Boko Haram Leader Is Dead, Rival Jihadists Claim
Two People Killed, Others Injured in Car Bomb Explosion in Libya's South
Libyan Authorities Searching for Abducted Red Crescent Official: Security Source
At Least 11 Civilians Killed in NE Mali: Armed Group
World Bank Pauses Mali Payments After Coup as Leader Warns Against Sanctions
AU Deploys Observers for General Elections in Ethiopia
In Pictures: Children Suffer as Fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray Drags On
Dozens Arrested in Alexandria After Protesting Forced Evacuations
Over 180 French Officials Call on Egypt's Sisi to Release Egyptian-Palestinian Activist Ramy Shaath
Suicide Bomber Kills Two People in Somali Capital
Somaliland Elections: Opposition Parties Win Majority of Seats
Severed Head, Body Parts in Plastic Bags and Kidnappings on Mexico Midterm Election Day
Five Dead in Election-Related Attack in Mexico
Haitians in Mexico See Bleak Choices as They Seek Protection
Colombia to 'Modernize' Police After Protest Violence Criticism
El Salvador Ends Anti-Corruption Accord With OAS, Dismaying US
Israel Election Aftermath
New Lapid-Bennett Coalition Could Be Sworn in as Soon as Wednesday
Poll: Public Prefers Bennett-Lapid Govt to Election, but Few Expect It to Last
'Laughable, Naive': Palestinian Party's Move to Join Israel Govt
Israel's New 'Government of Change' May Mean More of the Same
Naftali Bennett, Israeli Prime Minister-In-Waiting, Has Religious, Pro-Settler Orientation
Israel Domestic Security Warns of Violence as Netanyahu Faces Unseating
Israel: Netanyahu Claims 'Election Fraud' as New Government Prepares to Form
Shin Bet Head in Rare Warning: Stop Violent Discourse Now, Someone Will Get Hurt
Netanyahu Denies 'Incitement' as Political Tensions Boil
Bennett to Netanyahu: Let Israel Go, Don't Leave 'Scorched Earth'
Rabble Rousers Against Israeli Politicians Get Warning Calls From Law Enforcement
Palestinian Naksa Day
Palestinians Mark 54th Anniversary of Naksa Day
One Million Palestinians Detained by Israel Since the 1967 Naksa
Israel's Spy and Attack Drones Invade Gaza Skies (video)
Israeli Forces Beat and Tear Gas Palestinian Runners After East Jerusalem Race
Video: The Moment Al Jazeera Journalist Givara Budeiri Was Arrested in Israel
Al Jazeera Journalist Leaves Hospital Day After Israeli Arrest
Soldiers Prevent Palestinian Farmers From Entering Their Lands Near Bethlehem
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian Child in Kafr Qaddum
Israeli Police Arrest Al Jazeera Journalist in Sheikh Jarrah
Police Seek to Reroute Right-Wing Jerusalem March to Avoid Muslim Quarter
Gantz Calls to Suspend Jerusalem Old City Flag March
Sheikh Jarrah: Israel's Arrest of Outspoken Jerusalem Activists Sparks Outrage
Israeli Ambassador Slammed for Exploiting Death of Young Palestinian Citizen of Israel
Hamas's Gaza Chief Says Next Fight Will Reshape Region, Denies IDF Crippled Tunnel Network
Sheikh Jarrah: Israel Briefly Detains Palestinian Activist Muna Al-Kurd, Summons Brother
US & Palestine/Israel
Oakland Dockworkers Refuse to Unload Israeli Cargo Ship
Blinken: US Committed to Rebuilding Relationship With Palestinian People
'Unfathomable': Activists Renew Call to End US Aid to Israel
Biden Said Considering Ex-Israel Ambassador Dan Shapiro for a Mideast Envoy Role
Israel/Palestine & the World
Israel-Gaza Fighting Reunited Egypt and Qatar
IDF Carrying Out Searches After Suspicious Activity Seen on Lebanese Border
Belfast City Council Calls for Expulsion of Israeli Ambassadors Over Apartheid
Iran's Presidential Candidates Clash Amid Disqualification Row
Iranian Candidates Demand End to Twitter Censorship
Fire at Iran Steel Plant After Blast, No Casualties Reported
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed
Two Drones Shot Down Above Base Housing US Troops
Turkish Air Strike Kills Three in N. Iraq Kurdish Refugee Camp
Erdogan Says Turkey 'Neutralized' PKK Official in Iraq Camp Strike
Five Iraqi Kurd Troops Killed in Clash With PKK Rebels
Danish FM in Iraq for Talks With Senior Officials
Iraq Says Will Soon Clear Energy Debts to Iran
Two Killed After Clashes Erupt Between Palestinian Factions in Lebanon Refugee Camp
PM-Designate Asks Lebanon's Government to Pay Dues to Special Tribunal
Middle East
Jordanian Police Attacked; Anger Over Banned Lawmaker
Omani Mediators in Sanaa as Yemen Ceasefire Talks Intensify
Dutch Woman and Three Children Repatriated From Syrian ISIS Camp
Turkish FM Visits France in Bid to Improve Paris-Ankara Ties
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How's the War on Terrorism Going?

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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