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Updated June 8, 2021 - 9:16 PM EDT
Senate OKs $250 Billion Act To Counter China
Blinken Not Sure if Iran Deal Is 'Going to Happen'
  IAEA Chief: Getting Harder to Extend Iran's Monitoring Deal
  Targeting Iran, Strengthening NATO: Major Air Combat Exercise
  Washington's Hypocritical Iran Obsession
Biden Talks to Ukraine PM Ahead of Putin Summit
  Putin Formalizes Exit From Open Skies After US Said Won't Rejoin
NATO Chief Meets Biden, Evokes War Clause
  Pentagon, NATO Launch Jubilee War Games in Baltic Sea
US Sides With Malaysia in Dispute With Beijing
  China Unveils New Legal Weapon to Hit Western Rivals With Sanctions
US Could Close Afghan Embassy if Not Welcome
Global Spending on Nukes Swelled $1.4 Billion in 2020
Biden Keeping Trump's Cuba Policy To Get More Votes
item What Is America's Cause in the World?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Ugly: When Status Quo Apologists Lash Out at Conservative Restrainers  by Kelley Vlahos
item Stability: Media Codeword for 'Under US Control'  by Alan MacLeod
item Washington's Hypocritical Iran Obsession  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The Coming Biden/Putin
Train-Wreck Summit
 by Ron Paul
item The Plight of the Palestinians  by Paul R. Pillar

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Supreme Court Won't Review Male-Only Draft Registration Requirement
Boko Haram Leader Killed on Direct Orders of ISIS
Why El Salvador To Adopt Bitcoin as Legal Tender
Western Views of China More Positive Among Those Aged 18 to 24, Survey Finds
Israeli Election Aftermath
Israel's Knesset to Vote on Approving New Govt by June 14
Coalition Deal: Bennett, Lapid to Dominate New Israeli Government
Top Bennett Adviser Suggests He Has 'Evolved' Beyond Past Inflammatory Rhetoric
Muslim Brotherhood Denies Links to Palestinian-Israeli Party Following Coalition Agreement
Israeli Forces Seal Entrance to Palestinian Village as Settlers Attack Vehicle
Police Bar Right-Wing March Through Jerusalem's Old City
Israeli Captive's Mother Says Hamas Recording Not Son's Voice
Sheikh Jarrah Expulsions Likely After AG Declines to Intervene
Palestinian Mom Fights to Stave Off Punitive Home Demolition
Palestinian Teen Bears Scar of Eviction Battle in East Jerusalem
Palestinian Village Pays High Price in Defense of Its Land
Israeli Forces Detain 17 Palestinians, Including Two Injured Teenagers, in West Bank
Rights Group: What Happened in the 'Torture Room' at Israel's Police Station in Nazareth?
IDF: Officer Who Mysteriously Died in Prison Seriously Harmed National Security
Israel/Palestine & the World
US Will Work With Any Israeli Government, Says Blinken
US Tells Egypt to Secure Israel-Hamas Prisoner Exchange
Moroccan Activists Launch Social Media Campaign for Expulsion of Israel Envoy
China's Ties With Israel Are Tested by Gaza, but Not Sorely
What's Behind Ireland's Support for Palestine?
Tunisian Parliament to Discuss Criminalizing Normalization With Israel
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed
Senior Iraqi Intelligence Officer Assassinated in Baghdad
Middle East
Turkey Shells Syrian Govt Base After Civilian Killed in Attack
Turkey Wraps Up 'Largest-Ever' Version of Denizkurdu Naval Drill
Temperature Rising in S. Yemen as Rivalries Fuel Power Shortage
Iran Cleric Who Founded Hezbollah, Survived Book Bomb, Dies
Egyptian Diplomat Jailed After Ethiopia Dam Comments
Egyptian MP Accuses 'Arab Country' of Financing Renaissance Dam Without Naming It
Death Toll Rises After Burkina Faso Village Attack
Sudan: Dozens Killed in Tribal Fighting in Darfur Region
Kenyan Air Strike in Somalia Allegedly Kills Woman and Child
Libya: Car Bomb Kills Two Security Officers, Injures Five
Assimi Goita: Mali's Commander Who Seized Power Twice
Human Rights Ombudsman Says 58 Killed in Colombia Protests
Haiti Gangs Raid Police Stations for Weapons as Violence Surges
The War at Home
US Supreme Court to Hear Case on FBI Surveillance of California Muslims
Border Patrol Helicopter Just Tried to Disperse a Protest Using Its Rotor Downwash
Rail Union Says 'Sabotage' Caused 2020 Oil Train Derailment in Washington
Gen. Charles Flynn, Brother of Former National Security Adviser, Takes Reins of US Army Pacific
Marine Recruit Dies at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
Drone Refuels Navy Fighter Jet for the First Time
US Air Force Completes Tests of Swarming Munitions, but Will They Ever See Battle?
Xinjiang Government Criticizes US, Says Forced Labor Claim Is 'Card Played by Anti-China Forces'
China Calls on Russia to Hold the Line Against 'US Perverse Acts'
China Says It Lodged Complaint With US at Senators Visiting Taiwan
Navy Picks Pacific Homeport for Future Frigates: Hello, China
Are the Five Eyes Nations Banding Together in United Front Against China?
No 'Magic Bullet' for US Reliance on China and Other Countries in Supply Chain: Biden Admin
US Consulting Allies on 'Shared Approach' to China 2022 Olympics
Senate Poised to Pass Huge Industrial Policy Bill to Counter China
Taiwan Military to Test 105mm US Tank Guns
Taliban Assures Afghan Interpreters on Their Safety
Khalilzad: 'Continuous War' if No Afghan Political Settlement
Center of Ghor's Shahrak District Falls to Taliban
The US Is Now Halfway Out of Afghanistan, Centcom Commander Says
First Cases Against Myanmar's Suu Kyi to End Late July, Lawyer Says
ASEAN Ministers Urge Myanmar to Halt Violence After Slow Progress
Train Barrels Into Another in Pakistan, Killing at Least 51
Indian Navy to Float $6 Billion Tender for Six Submarines
Russia Threatens to Leave International Space Station Program Unless US Lifts Sanctions
Russia Imposes Tit-for-Tat Sanctions on Canadians
Biden Invites Ukraine's President to the White House
Jailed Catalan Separatist Leader Admits Errors, Opens Way for Easing of Tensions
Northern Ireland Working on Border Drone Patrols With EU
EU Veto 'Hostage'-Taking on Foreign Policy Must End: Germany's Maas
French Government Dissolves Embattled Advisory Organization on Secularism
Germany Warns: AI Arms Race Already Underway
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Lift the Criminal Blockade on Yemen

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After Gaza Slaughter, Israel Wants Another $1 Billion Out of the US

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About That 'Real Estate Dispute' in Sheikh Jarrah

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Not Even Past: Dan Ellsberg vs. New Madmen's Theories of Cold War & Press Suppression

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Is the Biden-Putin Summit Doomed?

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NATO's War Against Yugoslavia: The Ghost That Still Haunts Europe

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How's the War on Terrorism Going?

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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The FBI vs.

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